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“… It's okay.

You said your hand slipped My clothes are just a little wet.”


Choi Hyun-Woo, who had been silent for a while, tried his best to smile, and said that.

Apparently, it was the first day and he didn't want to cause any problems, but unfortunately, the other side seemed to have accepted it in a different way.


"Oh, really"


With those words, the male student turned the water bottle upside down on Choi Hyun-Woo's seat.

Because of that, the water poured out with a splashing sound.


"Oh, crazy!"


Han Soo-Young let out a small scream and stepped back from her seat.

I also didn't want my clothes to get wet, so I got up from my seat.


"Are you still okay"


Saying so, the male student threw the empty water bottle behind him.

At this point, Choi Hyun-woo also got up from his seat as if he was angry, and thanks to this, everyone in the class turned their attention to them.


"I think we've never met before.

Do I have a bad memory”


"No We've never met before.

You bastard."



So you're saying you're a crazy person who does this to someone you've never met before"


“Aww, you’re a smooth talker."


The male student murmured and looked around.

Then he slowly looked at Choi Hyun-Woo with a look of satisfaction on his face as everyone's eyes focused on him.


“Did you get a recommendation letter by making fun of yourself like that”




"I mean, I was able to see some things about you because I have some abilities."


The male student looked at Choi Hyun-Woo without hiding his contemptuous expression.


“You're a recommended student, right I couldn't stand it, seeing a bastard with no roots like you brazenly smiling and laughing.

Unlike bastards who live a comfortable life like you, there are only kids who have come up here fiercely.”


After listening to this, I felt like I could understand why he was picking a fight with Choi Hyun-Woo.

His words sounded plausible, but when I saw the malice and joy around his eyes, I thought he just enjoyed slandering, belittling and taunting others.

Thinking about where and how much more they were talking, I looked at the confrontation between the two a little more.


When I glanced sideways, I saw that Han Soo-Young was glaring at the male student with a more ferocious look than usual, as if she was going to kill him.


“So what do you want to say I'm tired, so why don't you just get to the main point and then go away."


“Huh, Are you tired because you're so busy Unlike us, who practice and train every day, you were able to enter the school just by playing around with your mouth.”


It seemed that Choi Hyun-Woo, who was good-natured, was also getting pissed off.

While I was thinking about whether I should just look at it or not, I started weighing for a while.

When I looked around, I saw that some of them looked uninterested, some looked interested, and some seemed to agree with the male student's words, although they were a minority.


'Hmm… .'


In fact, I was a little worried because this development did not exist in the original story.


Would it be better to just stand still

Or would it be to defend the two from the first day to the so-called agro


“Hey, don't go overboard.… !”


"Hey, can I ask you a question"


Of course, the answer was the latter.

Having come to that conclusion, I quickly rushed in before Han Soo-Young shouted.


“What do you mean you saw this guy’s information with your ability”




"No, you said so yourself.

I was able to see it because I have some abilities."


I began to talk in a calm tone.

It was ridiculous to trample on a young high school student, even a guy with blood on his head.


“Doesn't that mean you've read his personal information without permission Whether it's a recommended student, just an entrance exam student, or an escalator-style one...

Anyway, that kind of information isn't part of the basic information, is it As far as I know, it's information accessible only to professors, right”


"Tha, that's....”


That was the answer.

He looked embarrassed for the first time.

I glanced at him with a sneer.


"And I really don't understand, so I'm asking you, what the hell is wrong with recommended students"




"No, honestly, I don't.

People who can write recommendations are subject to rigorous evaluation and renewal every year, and if a student who is admitted with a recommendation gets into big trouble, he or she should be held accountable as well.

By the way, would you put half-baked kids in such a recommendation I'm sure your own career, not to mention your honor, is at stake"


“…  .”


Now he was looking at me with a mixture of annoyance and bewilderment.

Looking around, I saw students who listened to my opinion nodding their heads in affirmation.


“And I don't think that just putting in a recommendation form will just get you through, nor will it get you through without going through the voluntary deliberation process....

How did you get in here without even knowing that basic information What the hell kind of method did you use to get in here"


At my words, I momentarily heard a giggle coming from somewhere, and then, perhaps having heard it, his face began to turn red.


“This cheeky bastard really wants to hear it.”


It was when the male student, who was angry and was about to approach me.

Han Soo-Young, who had been silent until then, stood quietly in front of me.


"If you've had enough of it, why don't you just go to your seat and sit down"


“What the hell is this bitch”


“A bitch Did you bite a mop into your mouth You're a real dirty mouth, Oh, I guess that's why such nonsense is coming out one after another."




"Can't you hear me Shut your mouth.

Because the sound of crushing cans is noisy.”




He burst into laughter as if he was about to lose his tamper.

Then he looked at the three of us with scorching eyes and murmured.


“These bastards, really just don’t know the subject … .”


It was truly an instantaneous situation.

It didn't bother me too much, but when I thought about it more, I realized that it was probably not a good idea to cause problems on the first day.


“Come on, everyone sit down!”


Just then, the front door opened with a loud clang and someone walked into the classroom.


Red hair that was as vivid as wine.

She looked like a model even in plain clothes of white shirt and black pants.

She had such a beautiful appearance that it made me wonder if she was really a professor.

The mysterious woman, who had all these, was smiling confidently, and the students who were still standing quickly took their seats.


The male student stared at us for a moment as if he didn't like us, muttering in his mouth, 'we'll see' and going back to her seat.

I, Choi Hyun-Woo, and Han Soo-Young moved to a seat that was not wet and sat down.


"Nice to meet you, I'm Alice Blessbuck, your professor during this school year.

I look forward to being with you for the next year!"


Applause erupted from all over the place at her loud and courageous introduction.

I also casually applauded and looked around, and the faces of some male students were red.

And I was well aware that it wasn't just because of the professor's outward appearance.


‘Wasn't her mother a vampire’


She was originally a woman who could be said to be the enemy of mankind, but in reality, she was also a passionate teacher who cared for her students more than anyone else.

There was a slight misunderstanding in one of the episodes, as if it was a mystery, with a story that puts her in a position to be the culprit....

Anyway, Alice Blessbuck was at least a reliable person as a professor in charge, so I was able to relax a little.


'Because of her name, users called her a part-timer at the coffee shop....



While I was having these silly thoughts,  she was introducing herself and explaining in simple terms the story of her life here at Orhe Academy.


"Oh, by the way.

I teach alchemy as my main major.

If there are any students here who take alchemy, we can meet after my hours as the professor in charge."


With the words, she handed out the handouts she brought to us.

Looking at it, simple common sense, rules of the academy, name and location of the facility, etc.

It contained detailed information that would be useful to freshmen in many ways.


"Originally, I had to spend hours explaining everything, but isn't it a bit strange to do so from the very first day Therefore, I would like to end the class for today.

You can all go back to your dorms to rest, or you can take a look around the academy with your new friends.

In the meantime, please be sure to familiarize yourselves with the handouts I've just given you."


The students couldn't hide their delight at her words.

It was true that there were some professors who gave hard lectures and warnings from the very first day, but we could say that Alice was a lucky professor, almost as lucky as winning.


"Oh, and before I finish, I'll add one more thing."


Saying that, she looked around, and sure enough, it was me, Choi Hyun-Woo, and Han Soo-Young.

Then she looked at the boy who had a quarrel with us for a little bit longer and said.


"I'd like to ask you to keep this in mind, that armed conflict between students without due cause or procedure is not allowed under any circumstances.

If you really want to see how good you are at fighting each other, do it during practice time."


When she told us not to cause problems, I shrugged and looked at Choi Hyun-Woo.

Then he smiled a little as if not to worry and as if he was ashamed, and Han Soo-Young was looking at Choi Hyun-Woo as if he was still the same.


"It's really over then.

I want to congratulate you all on your enrollment at Orhe Academy and hope you enjoy your first day.”


Saying that, Alice added with the same smiling expression.


"Because a hellish schedule awaits you all soon."


* * *


As I watched the students all walk out, I saw one student who I thought I knew who it was.


After all, It was a class where the main characters were gathered.

I was also able to find some of the playable characters with the exception of Choi Hyun-Woo, Han Soo-Young, and Lee Ye-Eun.


‘What, You're just leaving’


The male student, who we thought would come at us or pick a fight, glanced at us once and left the class with his gang.

As I watched him, Choi Hyun-Woo sighed quietly beside me.


“Thank you for stepping out for me.”


"Huh Oh, what.

It’s nothing.”


“No, if it wasn’t for you, Ji-Hyuk, things would have gone wrong again.”


Choi Hyun-Woo said, a small quiver in the corner of his eyes as if he was used to it and was amused.


“It’s always been like that.”


“Uh, okay… .”


I didn't have anything to say back, so I just nodded my head, wondering if that was the case.

Then, Han Soo-Young, who was carrying a bag next to him, touched Choi Hyun-Woo's arm and said in a cheeky voice.


"Why would you say that"


“Ahaha… .”


What was the reason why I felt somehow familiar with Choi Hyun-Woo's smile with his shoulders slumping helplessly

Choi Hyun-woo looked at me as if he was in pain in the part that Han Soo-Young touched with her fist.


“So, what are you going to do next”


"Well…  .”


Although I answered like that, I had already decided what I was going to do on the first day of school.


“There must be a lot of great facilities out there, so I’m going to go in and do some light training.

I've never really trained properly outside."


Because the initial ability Nogada was the norm among the norms.

[Nogada '노가다' : physical hard work()]


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