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Within the fire attribute territory.

After Liu Yan and the other core members discussed the plan, they immediately got into action.

The three captains each led three teams and set off together.

Members of the Land of Origin team were all curious when they learned there was an operation and a battle.

“Captain, who are we going to attack”

“Are we going to attack the European Federation team or the Red Star Empire team”

“Who are we attacking”

“It should be the Red Star Empire team.

They are slightly weaker.

“Theyre acting so quickly, swift and decisive.”

All the team members were discussing and guessing.

Liu Yan flew in the air with his SS-grade equipment, Gale Boots.

He looked at his team members and explained, “Well destroy the European Federation team first, then the Red Star Empire team!”

After saying this, Liu Yan immediately flew off into the distance.

When the team members heard this, they were shocked.

“D*mn, I thought Captain Liu wanted to attack one team.

I do not expect he wants to fight both teams.”

“First, we annihilate the European Federation team, then the Red Star Empire team.

Isnt this too domineering ”


“Captain Liu is too domineering!”

“Haha, those two teams are going to be in trouble!”

Members of the Land of Origin team were full of admiration for Liu Yan.

Then, under the leadership of Luo Qingcheng and the others, they left the fire attribute territory and rushed to the water attribute territory.

As for Liu Yan, he was using his SS-grade equipment to fly in another direction.

Liu Yan did not stop until he reached a place where no one was around.

Before this battle, Liu Yan naturally needed to raise his strength.

The battle against the European Federation team in the water attribute territory was almost one-sided.

The ratio of numbers was close to three to one, and they had a huge advantage.

The three teams of the Land of Origin team had just finished their battle with the monsters.

Hence, they rested for a while.

Relying on the large number of high-level consumables they had obtained from the treasure chests of various levels, the team members were recovering well.

Although they had not recovered to their peak combat power, they had mostly recovered.

On the other hand, the European Federation team was in a much worse state.

They were still fighting the fourth wave of elite monsters.

By the time they finished fighting the monsters, Liu Yans three teams had already arrived and started the battle.

The members of the European Federation team did not have any time to catch their breath.

This battle could be said to be one-sided, without any suspense.

However, Liu Yan still preferred to pursue stability and a foolproof plan.

On the other hand, Liu Yans combat strength had not increased.

The corpse of Moonshine Qilin was still in Liu Yans intermediate storage ring, and he was sure it could boost his strength significantly.

In addition, Liu Yan also needed to equip and adapt to the SSS-grade special equipment, Wings of Wind God, which could also bring him a great boost in battle strength.

Liu Yan first went to the surface and retrieved the corpse of Moonlight Qilin from his intermediate storage ring.

The corpse of Moonshine Qilin, which was as big as a small hill, was retrieved and placed in front of Liu Yan.

As the corpse of Moonshine Qilin was taken out, the surrounding temperature rose significantly.

Liu Yan, who had Fire Talent, knew that this was the gathering of fire elements, which caused the temperature to rise.

Even a dead Moonshine Qilin could gather the fire elements in its surroundings.

Liu Yan believed there must be a powerful fire attribute treasure in its body.

Liu Yan was full of anticipation.

He quickly used Divine Extraction on Moonshine Qilins body.

A white light enveloped Moonshine Qilins corpse.

After all, it was a level 70 berserk beast with an SS-grade talent.

In the past, Divine Extraction was completed in an instant.

This time, Moonshine Qilins body was too powerful.

The white light took a long time to complete the Divine Extraction.

A series of notifications appeared in front of Liu Yan.

[ Divine Extraction has successfully extracted Moonshine Qilin (potential SS-grade, level 70).

Congratulations on obtaining: Strength 3213, Vitality 4212, Adaptability 2341, Fire Secret Art (SS-grade), Qilin Revival (SS-grade), and SS-grade origin stone! ]

[ Fire Talent (S-grade) has been upgraded to Fire Secret Art (SS-grade).

Automatically comprehended.

S-grade Flame Control has been upgraded to SS-grade Flame Blast! ]

Following the appearance of the system notification, Liu Yans body also underwent a tremendous change.

Moonshine Qilin was a fierce beast with SS-grade potential, and it gave Liu Yan a tremendous boost to his attributes.

With the addition of a boost in his attributes, Liu Yan could feel that his strength and physique had been significantly enhanced.

At the same time, his adaptability had also improved.

The boost in these three attributes alone was already a huge gain.

He did not even know how many precious S-grade cultivation materials he would need to extract to achieve this effect.

If the other awakened ones had high-grade training materials and consumables, they would not be able to achieve such a huge improvement in a few months no matter how talented they were.

And this was only one of Liu Yans gains this time.

After Liu Yan felt the changes in his body after the enhancement, he looked at the rest of his gains.

Just as Liu Yan had predicted, Moonshine Qilin was an extremely powerful fire attribute beast.

After extracting it, Liu Yan obtained an SS-grade Fire Secret Art.

SS-grade Fire Secret Art still had a fundamental difference from S-grade Fire Talent.

Liu Yans perception and application of the fire element had improved.

Previously, Liu Yan could only sense some fire elements around him and use a portion of them.

After Liu Yans Fire Talent had been upgraded to SS-grade Fire Secret Art, his perception range had increased.

He could sense more fire elements.

He could also use almost all of the fire elements.

Liu Yans fire attribute abilities received a tremendous boost.

Liu Yan was happy.

A few of his skills and equipment were related to the fire attribute.

After obtaining the Fire Secret Art, Liu Yans strength increased in many aspects.

Liu Yan was able to upgrade his S-grade Flame Control to SS-grade Flame Blast.

It was Liu Yans first SS-grade combat skill.

Apart from the metal and Wood Secret Art, Liu Yan had never possessed any S-grade skills.

He did not expect that the first SS-grade skill was not extracted but comprehended by himself.

Liu Yan was excited.

He hurriedly looked at the SS-grade Flame Blasts description.

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