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Chapter 1035: Illusion

Following Parsali, several super powerhouses that rushed over were easily knocked down by Zola one after another.

As 1 of the masters of the Holy Light Mountain, Camael naturally couldnt tolerate Zolas presumptuousness.

The white robe on Camael instantly turned into silver armor, and 4 pairs of wings appeared behind him.

His body flickered and broke through the barrier formed by the inscription to appear above Zola.

With a wave of his hand, an overwhelming golden light shot down.


Fairy Dragon drew a circle with the wand on her hand,Secret Shadow.

The golden light seemed to have been wiped away by countless invisible hands, dimming in an instant.

This attack seemed average, but Camael had tested the opponents true strength level.

Although this womans methods were strange and unpredictable, her strength should be less than the intermediate stage of the Demi-God, which was far from him, the peak stage of the Demi-God.

Camael couldnt help but reveal a contemptuous expression.

He punched in the air, and countless beam-like powerful punches like light beams enveloped Zola.

A translucent light shield appeared next to Zolas body.

This light shield seemed to be slippery as the straight light beams were twisted into an arc and slid away.

This was not a simple repel power but kingdom power.

After a fierce attack, crisscrossing cracks appeared on the ground protected by the power of runes nearby.

Zola in the light shield was still safe, but she was obviously in a disadvantage.

Since Zola evoked the space isolation power of the spirit gathering magic circle, those light beams that hit the air did not affect the battle between Isabella and Eudora, nor did they affect Chen Rui.

Chen Rui had already walked to Tiffanys body.

Under the power of reversal runes that he activated, the roots that had emptied her life force poured back.

Tiffanys pale skin began to replenish, and her life force was rapidly recovering.

However, those half-open eyes were still dim as if she had completely lost her soul.


Chen Ruis voice was not loud, but the whole spirit gathering magic circle and the entire Cloud Platform echoed with this voice, infiltrating Tiffanys soul in a special form of vibration.

When Eudora heard this voice, she couldnt help but tremble.

‘Arthur really came for Tiffany! What is his relationship with my daughter from the Demon Realm, and this woman from the Demon Realm…!

While being distracted, Isabella gave her a loud slap in the face.

Eudora was extremely furious and shock.

She had the faith buff from the entire Holy Blessing Summit, so it stood to reason that even if the enemy was stronger than her, she would still be greatly suppression by the special faith power.

However, Isabellas current level of strength was obviously similar to her, but she was obviously not affected by the Holy Blessing Summit.

Instead, Eudora was being easily teased by her.

The conversation between Eudora and Isabella was carried out secretly by compressing the voice.

Eudora was not sure whether Camael heard the abnormality on her side, but a thought in her mind became more and more determined- Kill!

Kill this woman!

Kill Arthur!

Although Isabellas speed was beyond imagination, the real reason why she kept humiliating Eudora instead of killing her was that Eudora, the powerful guardian of the Holy Blessing Summit, was trying to resist on the surface, but she was actually charging a killing move.

“[Holy Body Destroying Evil]”.

This was a killing move unique to the archbishop of the Holy Blessing Summit which could use the body as a medium to condense the usable faith power to deliver the strongest blow.

After this blow, Eudoras body would fall into a state of extreme weakness, but she was absolutely confident to kill Isabella on the spot.

Then she would kill thatArthur! To bury all the secrets forever!

The only thing needed now was charging time.

“Tiffany…” This was the third time he called.

In those dead gray eyes, the eyes that regained a little focus were set on Chen Ruis face.

She looked at him blankly.

The cute and charming girl whom he met in the Bloody Empire market for the first time, and the persistent and strong girl in Mysterious Land appeared in Chen Ruis mind.

However, there was no impression that could overlap with this dreary life in front of him.

He sympathized with her as he sighed and reached out his hand.


Her eyes were still stagnant as if her eyes had lost the ability to turn because they had been dried for too long.

At this moment, a blood-colored dim light emitted from the outstretched palm, causing the sluggish eyes to be pulled by some force and slowly moved over.

When her eyes were set on that little dim light, her dilated pupils trembled violently.

It was a black ring that was emitting a strong light.

“Follow me.”

This voice, this sentence…

Her lips moved, and there was no strength to speak, but a little sparkle suddenly appeared in the dry eye sockets.

“Relax all your minds and accept the power of my guidance.”

Immediately afterward, a warm power poured into her body, and the icy haze that had enveloped her entire soul began to dissipate.

The bindingroots were annihilated, and the trunk that merged with her body was also peeled off.

Tiffany was theeye of the magic circle.

With this change, Camael sensed that the whole spirit gathering magic circle began to shake with a faint tendency to collapse.

He couldnt help being shocked and put away the idea of ​​capturing Zola alive.

A silver spear appeared in his hand.

Spear of Judgement.

This was Camaels strongest artifact.

Although Zolas defensive law was quite clever, containing a combination of 6 elements, he was confident that the Spear of Judgement would penetrate the defense force field and pin the woman to the ground.

The Spear of Judgement glowed with a strong light like a dazzling sun.

Just as Camael was about to throw the instant-kill blow, he suddenly saw the woman in purple clothes below look up.

The 8-winged angel only felt a strange gaze coming straight through.

It seemed to carry some kind of special magic, attracting his gaze.

At the moment when the eyes met, Camael could see clearly that the 6-color light was actually rotating in those purple eyes!

The rotating colorful light had a special power that seemed to attract all the souls.

Although Camael was not good at spirit attacks, he had experienced many battles after all, so naturally he would not be confused by this small trick.

The Spear of Judgement shone brightly, and he broke free from this illusion power.

Yet at this moment, he sensed a great danger.

He saw 6 more rays of light in the surrounding space, which was just like the vision in the eyes of the woman in purple clothes.

The 6 rays of light revolved at high speed, intertwined in an instant, and quickly merged into a transparent colorless light.

[Elements Fury]!

The long and narrow eyes of Elf Kilanya in the distance squinted slightly.

When she experienced Zolas killing move, she was in the Psychedelic Forest.

Now the power of this move was far greater than it was at the beginning, even if she was in the peak stage state, she was not sure to match her.

Father Alucier once said that theElement Goddess Crown and Zola chose each other.

If thats what that thing chose, then the path of the fairy dragon has only just begun… It is indeed worth waiting and seeing.

Camael, who was shrouded in [Elements Fury], felt that he was completely locked on.

As he knew his own strength, he simply gave up dodging and threw the Spear of Judgement.

The spear drew a straight light beam in the air, and the distorted space caused by the inscription array along the way was easily torn open by the indestructible sharp qi.

In the blink of an eye, it had passed through the protective barrier.

The moment the Spear of Judgement flew out, the completely merged 6 colorless rays of light paused for a moment.

The colorless light then turned into nothingness and spread away.

At this moment, the entire spirit gathering magic circle shook.

Near the seemingly soft radiance, all the space annihilated and collapsed into a vacuum that couldnt hold anything.

Even with the isolation power of the spirit gathering magic circle and the protective magic circles were all activated under the command of Vantis, the guests in the distance were still shocked when all of them felt the enormous power.

Outsiders watch the fun whereas Insiders looked at the skill.

Even the powerhouses at the Kingdom level might not have seen the mystery of the battle between Zola and Camael.

Only the powerhouses at the Demi-God level could understand.

Stanwells facial expression had gotten pretty unsightly.

Previously, he was still thinking that he was not necessarily Zolas opponent, but now when he saw this scene,not necessarily had becomesure.

Let alone that Zola could compete with Camael at the peak stage of the Demi-God, the power of this blow is enough to kill me a dozen times!

As expected of the top genius of dragons!

However, Zolas current situation was not good either.

Camaels Spear of Judgement directly pierced her protective shield.

Although the dragons had strong bodies, the fairy dragon was the weakest one.

Under Camaels full strength, she would most likely be injured or even dead.

This time, Stanwell was uneasy again.

Although he had a grudge against Meria, it was the dragons internal conflict after all.

Zola could be regarded as the dragons greatest hope for the future.

If something happened to her, it would be difficult for him, theonlooker, to explain to the Dragon Emperor.

Thevacuum part of the air was quickly filled by the nearby space and disappeared, then the figure of Camael appeared.

The original heroic 8-winged angel looked battered.

The silver feathers scattered everywhere.

There were a few obvious distortions on the silver armor.

There was a blood mark on his shocked and angry face.

The woman who hadnt reached the intermediate stage of the Demi-God, actually delivered such an unexpectedly powerful blow.

She even altered the space.

If it wasnt for my 2 talents in defense and space, Im afraid I would suffer badly.

However, the opponent will also either be injured or dead after being hit by that Spear of Judgement.

Camaels gaze was set on the ground below, and he saw a silver-white spear pin there.

With it as the center, there were cobweb-like cracks all around.

The cracks were dozens of meters in diameter.

However, thecorpse of the woman in purple was not seen.

There was no trace of blood or other traces as if she had disappeared out of thin air.

At this time, on the other side of the field, Eudora, who had been charging for a long time, finally made a move.

She suddenly turned into a body of light, and countless powerful white lights burst out, like thousands of sharp swords, instantly piercing Isabellas body .

Surprisingly, Isabella did not scream as she imagined.

She just trembled slightly.

Her body gradually became dim and disappeared just like a phantom!

Witnessing this scene, Camael finally realized that his Spear of Judgement missed the target.

He couldnt help but burn with anger.

He set his eyes on the onlyenemy who was still on the field, the guy who fooled everyone, Arthur!

TL: Now if they escape as planned, Eudora will suffer the consequence…

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