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Hearing Lin yuelans words, County Magistrate Zhou had mixed feelings.

He was the one who had threatened Lin yuelan, but in just a moment, they had been threatened! Moreover, he had been threatened to the point of being helpless.

Previously, he had heard his son say that this child was smarter than others and that he should not be too careless.

Otherwise, he would fall into a trap.

At that time, he had thought that his son was exaggerating.

No matter how smart she was, she was still a child.

There would definitely be negligence in this and that.

However, in reality…

County Magistrate Zhou asked seriously, “What kind of cooperation is it ”

Since she had already handed over the farming method to someone else, there was no doubt that she could not cooperate with him on this matter.

Lin yuelan smiled faintly and said, ” County Magistrate Zhou, I can promise you that as long as the farmers in An Ding County are willing, they can use my method to farm.

I cant guarantee that the harvest will be more than eight stones, but as long as the farmers are diligent and serious, they can at least achieve a yield of four to five stones per mu.”

County Magistrate Zhous pupils contracted violently when he heard that.

He was obviously in disbelief.

County Magistrate Zhou continued sternly, “Then what do you want me to do ”

Lin yuelans words were hinting to County Magistrate Zhou that there were conditions to fulfill all of this.

Therefore, County Magistrate Zhou was also smart.

Lin yuelan said, ” Lord Zhou, since you heard that everyone bought the method from me and not from someone else, do you know the reason ”

County Magistrate Zhou did not know about this.

Yan Lin didnt know what the truth was.

He couldnt buy the method, and Lin yuelan had cut off all the methods he could find or buy from other people in the Lin family Village.

Therefore, Yan Lin had no idea why everyone bought the method from Lin yuelan and not from others who bought it.

Since he didnt know, he couldnt tell County Magistrate Zhou.

Although County Magistrate Zhou did not answer directly, the puzzled expression on his face was enough to explain everything.

Lin yuelan said bluntly, ” because anyone who buys the method from me will get a kind of potion that I specially made for the growth of rice.

“The medicinal water can guarantee a yield of more than six stones per mu.”

County Magistrate Zhou was shocked.

There was such an inside story.

Lin yuelan continued, “In the beginning, no one believed that they could buy the real method from another person, so they came to me directly.

However, as more and more people bought it, everyone understood that in order to have a high harvest, the potions in my hands were indispensable.

And they can only buy it from me.

County Magistrate Zhous face was solemn and he didnt say anything.

He knew that this wasnt what Lin yuelan wanted to tell him.

He also knew that what she was going to say next might be the key.

County Magistrate Zhous guess was right.

The following words were the key to Lin yuelans words.

This was also the real reason why she had entered the county city to see County Magistrate Zhou.

Lin yuelan said very seriously, ” Lord Zhou, I can give you the method for free, but for the medicinal liquid in my hand if you want a better harvest, you have to go to the Lin familys medicinal shop to buy it.”

County Magistrate Zhou was a little surprised.

“the Lin familys medicine shop ”

The sudden mention of the Lin familys medicinal shop made County Magistrate Zhou a little confused.

Lin yuelan nodded and said, ” the Lin familys medicine shop was handed over to me by my grandfather.

Its now in Ning An Town.

Im planning to open a branch in the county, County Magistrate Zhou.

This is another cooperation between us.

You can sell these methods or give them to the farmers in An Ding County for free to improve their living standards and improve your political achievements, but, ” Lin yuelan changed the subject, ” I need your guarantee that all of this only happens in An Ding County!”

County Magistrate Zhou was taken aback.

“What do you mean ” he asked.

Lin yuelan said, “Its simple.

I want all of this to be kept a secret until that person hands the method to the higher-ups.”

County Magistrate Zhous face darkened when he heard this.

He gritted his teeth and said, ” Lin yuelan, you want me to seal the mouths of all the people in the county Do you think thats possible ” Even if it was a small town, he couldnt block all the news.

Not to mention, this place was much larger than a small town in terms of area and population.

Besides, the neighboring counties were only a stones throw away from each other.

Many people were related to the neighboring counties.

It was impossible to guarantee that they would not talk about such a topic.

In short, in the end, sealing the mouths of the entire Countys people was simply a more difficult task than ascending to heaven.

This little girl was actually whimsical and wanted him to do this.

It was simply too infuriating.

At this moment, Zhou wencai also felt that this was impossible.

He asked very seriously, ” Miss Lin, you want to seal the mouths of all the people in the county but this seems to be impossible.

Do you have any ideas to prevent the news from leaking out ”

County Magistrate Zhou once again looked at his son in a daze, not knowing what he meant by this.

Lin yuelan said, ” Young master Zhou, prevention is better than cure, dont you think”

The father and son didnt know what kind of riddle Lin yuelan was playing.

Zhou Wencais mind went blank for a moment before he quickly reacted and said rather modestly, ” Miss Lin, what do you mean ”

Lin yuelan replied, ” its very simple.

Lord Zhou can give an order for An Ding County to compete with the other counties to determine the best agricultural County and the top ten best farming experts.

If An Ding County is selected as the best agricultural County, then the tax of the entire County can be lowered by 50%.

The top ten best farmers will be rewarded with 300 taels, 150 taels, 100 taels, and so on.

When it involves their own interests, anyone will protect their favored secrets.

Lord Zhou, dont you think so”

Hearing Lin yuelans words, the father and son were simply dumbfounded.

Even Jiang Zhennan lowered his eyes, revealing a look of surprise.

“Are you saying that I should lie to my own people ” County Magistrate Zhou asked sternly, after he regained his senses.

The competition with other counties, the rewards for the best farming expert, and so on were all matters of little importance.

If he was exposed, how would he explain himself as the official

Lin yuelan thought for a moment and said, “With my methods, the farmers of An Ding County would win.

Then, you can reveal that its because the other counties didnt have the farming method exclusive to An Ding County.

Lord Zhou, what do you think of this”

This would explain why the people of An Ding County didnt show off their new farming methods to the people of the neighboring counties.

“Ah, this method is really awesome!” County Magistrate Zhou didnt answer, but Zhou wencai was already excited.

During the competition, people would be guarded against their competitors.

Who would talk to him about their own resources without any scruples when they were on guard

County Magistrate Zhou thought it through and immediately smiled as he stroked his beard.

“not bad, not bad.”

But then he asked again, “Than the silver reward …” He didnt want to provide that money.

He didnt want to, and neither did Lin yuelan.

Lin yuelan said, ” Lord Zhou, you have to pay for this.

You are the official!”

Then, without waiting for County Magistrate Zhou to react, she continued, “If you want me to fork out this sum of money, I can, as long as you agree to a small condition of mine.”

County Magistrate Zhous face darkened!

At this point, he didnt think that Lin yuelans so-called small condition was really a small condition.

County Magistrate Zhou asked without changing his expression, “What conditions ”

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