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Chapter 1414: I Am a Miracle DoctorTranslator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

The girls in the room were pampered young ladies who spent a lot of time caring for themselves.

Their figures were not too thin, but it was not possible for them to be deficient either.

They were not children of ordinary families!

Such loaded words from Xia Xibei were simply alarming.

It couldnt be that something bad has happened, could it

That girl was also very angry and her complexion was horrific, but a closer look also revealed the panic in her eyes.


“Youre talking nonsense!” she cursed angrily.

“What deficiency! My body is perfectly fine!”

She wanted to rush up and slap Xia Xibei.

However, before she could do so, Xia Xibei already laughed, “Im not talking nonsense, your health is not good now.”

She looked innocent, taking the initiative to walk up to the girl and hold her wrist.

The girl tried to pull out her hand, but to her surprise, Xia Xibeis grip was not too strong, but it was so tight that she couldnt move!

This really alarmed her!

As she struggled, the next moment, Xia Xibei came up to her ear and said something.

She stopped, her face full of shock and doubt.

The others watched their movements with bewildered faces.

What were they doing

What did Xia Xibei say How come she stopped making a scene

Xia Xibei had recognized the girls identity.

After taking the pulse, she immediately recognized the girls identity.

She was a daughter of the Han family and a girl who had been raised as a hearth.

Obviously, she was not a good girl.

Moreover, her physical condition was much worse than Tang Luos because she had just had a miscarriage not long ago.

However, the vital energy in her body was not too much of a problem and she was likely not used for cultivation.

Xia Xibei laughed with everyone, “This ladys health is really not too good, a little deficient.

It cant be helped that her weight loss is excessive.”

When these words came out, the others suddenly looked odd.


Everyone couldnt help but look at the girl.

She was indeed much thinner than before, and everyone thought something had happened to her, but it turned out that she had lost too much weight!

The girls name was Han Hui, and she was very uncomfortable being sized up by everyones eyes.

However, thinking about what Xia Xibei just said, she didnt continue to struggle.

On the contrary, she had a little more hope.

She proudly shook off Xia Xibeis hand, “Humph! So you have some skills!”

Looking at her typical attitude, it dawned on everyone.

Xia Xibei was right!

“Of course I do.”

Xia Xibei smiled and turned to the others.

“This young lady, your period is not normal, right”

The person she was pointing at was startled, “How do you know!”

Her period was not normal, and every time her period came, it hurt like hell.

She had been to the doctor before, but the treatment was not very effective.

“I can see it,” Xia Xibei justified, “But it does not matter.

I can help you regulate it, and you will be fine in the future.”


“Of course.” Xia Xibei nodded confidently, and pointed to another girl, “As for you… Your digestion is not very good.”

“How do you know!”

The girl also drew back a breath.

“Ive said it before, Im a miracle doctor,” Xia Xibei smiled.

“So, the reason I can return to the Qi family is that I am a divine doctor!”

These words made the crowds expressions complicated.

She was… Really a miracle doctor

At such an age, she was actually a miracle doctor

However, what she said hit the mark, and everyone had to admit her strength.

In this way, everyones attitude has changed.

After all, who would offend a miracle doctor

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