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It could be said that back then, she was a fully deserving genius and a legendary existence.

She had already shocked the world.

Under the circumstances where no one thought highly of her, she successfully killed her way out of the encirclement as an outer sect disciple until she became the Heaven Mending Saintess respected by everyone.

Such a legendary record had never appeared for many years.

No one questioned her strength.

Similarly, Ye Qiu wouldnt question it.

He knew very well that the reason why his precious disciple could break her record was mostly because of the terrifying effect of the Heavenly Fire Lingzhi.

And the cold woman in front of him was a true monster.

She did not use any natural treasures.

This record could be said to be peerless in history.

She was the true chosen girl.

With this persona, with her terrifying talent and strength, she would be the female lead no matter where she went.

“Haha.” Thinking of this, Ye Qiu smiled faintly and shook his head.

He didnt continue to dwell on this problem.

At this moment, Yaya had successfully broken through the boundary of the Five Realms and successfully broken through to the Cardinal realm.

As she broke through, the cyclone in the surroundings gradually dissipated, and she finally woke up.

She did not continue to break through because her master had instructed her that cultivation was not something that could be done in a day.

She had to cultivate the Dao and the heart to comprehend the Dao of Nature.

If she broke through too quickly, her foundation would easily be unstable, causing her to lose her conscience and go astray.

Now that she had broken through too quickly and did not know what the Dao was, it was very easy for problems to arise.

Yaya always remembered her masters words and obediently stopped cultivating.

“Master!” Yaya could not hide the joy in her heart and shouted happily when she woke up again.

It was difficult for her to calm down after breaking through several realms in a day.

If her father found out, he would be so happy that he wouldnt be able to close his mouth.

She finally understood that in the entire Heaven Mending Pavilion, the one who could truly be considered a good master was not those old men, but this young master in front of her.

She was glad that she was lucky and that those old men did not choose her back then.

Yaya is very excited now.

She wished she could jump up and hug her master to share her joy.

However, after she came back to her senses, she realized that there was a peerless beauty standing beside him.

In an instant, Yaya was stunned.

Who was she

“Wow… so beautiful.” Yaya subconsciously said when she saw Ming Yues beautiful face.

Even a girl like her could not resist such a heaven-defying appearance and that otherworldly temperament.

She was too beautiful, like a snow lotus blooming alone in the snow.

She was dazzling, making it impossible for one to look away.

Yaya had no intention of being stingy with her praise.

She looked at Ming Yue and then at his master.

She realized that the two of them were standing side by side in front of her.

She fell into a reverie.

One of them was elegant, while the other was cold and aloof.

They were like an immortal couple and were very compatible.

Yaya subconsciously said, “Are you my mistress”

As soon as these words were spoken, Ye Qiu, who was about to speak, was stunned.

Ming Yues cold face revealed a trace of embarrassment.

“Mistress” Ming Yues mouth twitched when she saw the fellow beside her from the corner of her eye.

She recalled the woman on the divine mountain who was not inferior to her in terms of talent and appearance.

Forget it.

Ming Yue glanced at Yaya and replied coldly, “No.”

“Ah!” Hearing her denial, Yaya was stunned for a moment.

She looked at her master, who was still laughing, and immediately understood something.

From the looks of it, she really wasnt her mistress.

Knowing that she had called her wrongly just now, Yaya stuck out her tongue awkwardly, looking very cute.

Ming Yue did not take Yayas offense to heart.

Childrens words carried no harm.

She could not argue with a little girl.

Then, she explained, “Your mistress is someone else.

Youll see her when you have the chance.”

“Really” When Yaya heard this, she immediately became excited again.

Master was so outstanding.

What kind of existence was the woman who could subdue him For a moment, she began to look forward to it.

She looked at Ye Qiu as if she was saying, Master, tell me, where did you hide Mistress

Hearing this, Ye Qiu smiled awkwardly.

He rubbed his nose and didnt explain.

Speaking of which, he had not seen his wife for a long time.

He wondered if she had come out of seclusion.

“Alright, lets talk about it in the future.” Ye Qiu said indifferently and changed the topic.

Then, he said, “Let me introduce you.

This is your idol, the Saintess of my Heaven Mending Pavilion.

Come, call her Martial Uncle Ming Yue.”

“Ah!” As soon as these words were spoken, Yaya was instantly shocked.

She looked at Ming Yue in disbelief.

This cold and aloof woman was actually her idol, Fairy Ming Yue

Oh God.


At this moment, her heart was completely moved.

She did not expect to see this legendary woman so close in her life.

In the past, she had never dared to think that she would really be able to meet Ming Yue one day.

However, today, her dream came true.

Not only did she see Ming Yue, but from the looks of it, the goddess in her heart seemed to have a good relationship with her master.

“Heavens, I actually saw the living Fairy Ming Yue.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the corner of Ming Yues mouth twitched and she sweated profusely.

What kind of words are those What did she mean by a living Ming Yue Could it be that the people you saw in the past were all dead Ming Yue

Even Ye Qiu was shocked by Yayas words and was speechless.

“Damn girl, what are you saying Quickly greet Martial Uncle Ming Yue.”

Yaya immediately reacted and stuck out her tongue, knowing that she had said something wrong.

She hurriedly said, “Yaya greets Martial Uncle Ming Yue.

Martial Uncle, Im sorry.

I misspoke just now and offended you.

Martial Uncle, please punish me.”

Ming Yue didnt argue with her when she saw her admitting her mistake seriously.

There was no need for her to flare up at a little girl.

She only replied indifferently, “Okay, theres no need to be so polite.

Get up.”

Hearing this, Yaya immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed that this Martial Uncle Ming Yue was not as unreasonable and ruthless as the rumors said.

She was still very kind.

“Hehe, thank you, Martial Uncle.” Yaya smiled happily and hurriedly stood up from the ground.

“Haha!” Ye Qiu also smiled in relief at her performance.

Then, he said, “Alright, todays cultivation ends here.

Overall, todays gains are not bad.

From tomorrow onwards, you will come here every morning.

You will reflect three times a day to seek the Dao and cultivate your heart.

“Remember, dont play around and neglect your homework.

Ill come and see your gains in a month.

If everything goes smoothly, Ill teach you other powerful immortal techniques.”

As he spoke, Ye Qiu arranged her cultivation plan for the next month and let her go back and rest.

Before Yaya left, she was still a little reluctant.

She turned around every three steps and stared fixedly at Ming Yue.

Ming Yue felt a little embarrassed.

She didnt know what this wretched girl was thinking.

Before she left, she muttered.

“They clearly look very compatible, but shes not my mistress.

Ah… what a pity.”

Although the voice was very soft, Ming Yue and Ye Qiu heard it.

The atmosphere instantly froze.

It was terrifyingly awkward.

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