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“Do you like it If you like it, I can give it to you.”

Ye Qiu smiled faintly.

This immortal peach tree had been planted for several years.

Unfortunately, its growth period was too long.

Ye Qiu couldnt wait for it to bloom and bear fruit.

Therefore, this thing could only be regarded as Violet Cloud Peaks inheritance and passed down from generation to generation.

He wanted to see who would be lucky enough to get the fruit in the future.

Lian Fengs heart trembled when she heard Ye Qius words.

However, after thinking about it, this suited his style of doing things.

This guy had always been generous, especially to her.

As long as it was something she liked, this guy would risk his life to get it back and personally give it to her.

“Forget it! The immortal peach blooms every three thousand years and bears fruit every three thousand years.

Im afraid I wont be able to wait until then.”

Lian Feng gradually lost interest and turned around.

Zhao Waner walked over and said, “Mistress, lets go.

Ill bring you to see the beautiful scenery of our Violet Cloud Peak.”


Lian Feng didnt refuse.

She came this time to understand the place where Ye Qiu had lived for many years.

Ye Qiu didnt participate in their fun.

Instead, he watched silently.

Peaceful days always pass quickly.

In the past few days, Zhao Waner brought Lian Feng to tour the entire Violet Cloud Peak.

On this day, Ye Qiu sat alone in the Qianqing Hall.

Someone suddenly came from outside the mountain and broke the original silence.

“Martial Uncle Ye, the Sect Master sent someone to inform you that you can go to the Jade Pure Hall to discuss matters.

Theres an emergency.”

Ye Qiu was stunned and puzzled.


After a moment of silence, Ye Qiu said, “Okay, I understand.

Go back and report first.

Ill be there soon.”

“Alright, Martial Uncle, I will take my leave.”

The disciple of the First Peak bowed respectfully, then left the hall and returned to the First Peak.

After he left, Lian Feng and Zhao Waner walked out of the back hall.

“Looks like something unexpected has already happened! I already had a feeling that the infusion of heavenly water was just the beginning.

This calamity is far from as simple as we imagined.” Lian Feng said coldly as she looked at the dim sky, her eyes filled with thoughts.

Ye Qiu was also deep in thought.

He had discovered some secrets before the sky collapsed.

Behind the so-called calamity, there seemed to be a pair of big hands silently pushing all of this.

Lian Feng also had a premonition, so she did not attack.

She chose to quietly watch and wait for the situation to change.

Today, Meng Tianzheng suddenly summoned him.

Ye Qiu immediately understood that this change had already begun.

Then, he said, “Come, follow me to the Jade Pure Hall to take a look.”

“No… I cant appear now.”

What puzzled Ye Qiu was that Lian Feng refused Ye Qius request and chose to hide herself.

This seemed to be the reason why she came to Violet Cloud Peak this time.

It was because she was the famous Goddess of Heaven.

No matter what she did in the Heaven Domain, others would know.

Therefore, she chose to return to Violet Cloud Peak with Ye Qiu.

During this period of time, she didnt do anything but tour around as if she didnt care about anything in the world.

Ye Qiu vaguely understood her intentions.

Then, he smiled and teased, “Alright, then stay at home and wait for me to come back.”

Lian Feng rolled her eyes at him and didnt say anything.

Instead, she silently returned to the back hall.

She put away her usual playful heart.

Today, she was very abnormal and actually began to cultivate.

Ye Qiu silently watched her leave.

He was extremely worried.

After hesitating for a long time, he finally stepped onto the path to the Jade Pure Hall.

In less than half an hour, Ye Qiu had already arrived at the Jade Pure Hall.

At this moment, other than Ming Yue, who was still in seclusion, and Lin Qingzhu, who was still sleeping, almost everyone was present.

Among the younger generation of disciples, there were many outstanding figures.

They all stood silently in the hall, waiting for instructions.

As Ye Qiu slowly stepped into the hall, everyone looked over and bowed in unison.

“Greetings, Martial Uncle Ye.”

“Un,” Ye Qiu replied indifferently.

In a flash, he appeared on the throne of Violet Cloud Peak.

After he sat down, before anyone else could speak, Ye Qiu asked, “Senior Brother, if you have anything to say, just say it.”

Ye Qiu knew that this matter must be very serious when he saw Meng Tianzhengs incomparably solemn expression.

After a while, Meng Tianzheng slowly stood up and said, “This morning, Qingfeng sent back news from outside the mountain that there the disciples of the Heaven Mending Sect who were searching for refugees

were all attacked by an unknown force.

My Heaven Mending Sects disciples suffered heavy losses and countless casualties.

“According to Qingfengs description, he once fought with this unknown force and discovered that there was a strange aura on the other party.”


As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of Qi Wuhui and the others instantly changed.

“Strange aura Could it be that the dark dregs from the strange source have made a comeback again”

Everyones faces turned pale.

They had not forgotten the most difficult battle the Heaven Mending Sect had fought back then.

They did not forget that because of this strange source, the entire Eastern Wasteland was in chaos.

Countless people died and were injured.

It could be said to be a huge purge.

Hearing these familiar and sensitive words again, it pulled everyones thoughts back to many years ago.

“The Strange Origin”

Hearing this, Ye Qiu didnt say anything and pondered.

Back then, he had suspected that this dark force would make a comeback sooner or later after forcing the Seven Strange Kings back.

However, he did not expect them to come so quickly.

Moreover, they took advantage of the current Heavenly Water Calamity to get involved and completely chaos the entire world.

“Damn it! This group of detestable dregs actually dared to kill my Heaven Mending Sects disciples.

Their crimes are really unforgivable.

Senior Brother, give the order.

My Heaven Mending Sect is irreconcilable with the darkness.”

The more Qi Wuhui thought about it, the angrier he became.

“No, the enemy is in the dark and we are in the light.

The situation is extremely disadvantageous to us.

“This time, the other party is clearly targeting us.

Before we find out the other partys exact location, we cant rashly send out more disciples.

Otherwise, the final outcome will only be a one-way trip.

“The most important thing now should be to recall all the disciples of our sect.”

Lu Feng was relatively calm.

He was not an impulsive person and had always been steady.


“Senior Brother Lu is right.

The situation in the Great Desolate World is unstable.

We can only protect ourselves first and ensure our strength.

Only then can we seek more in the upcoming changes.”

Lu Fengs suggestion was instantly agreed by the others.

“Junior Brother Ye, what do you think”

Meng Tianzheng didnt agree or disagree.

Instead, he asked Ye Qiu.

Ye Qiu glanced at him and said, “Senior Brother, you didnt call me here just for this, right”

Yes, from the start, Ye Qiu had suspected that Meng Tianzheng must be hiding some secrets.

Meng Tianzheng immediately laughed and said, “Haha, Junior Brother Ye is indeed worthy of being Junior Brother Ye.

You guessed correctly.”

Meng Tianzheng couldnt help but praise.

He regained his solemn expression.

“Thats right.

Other than this, theres another important matter that concerns the life and death of my Great Desolate World.”


As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was shocked.


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