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Ch63.2 - Song Zhi Xu: Ran Ran, I’m not wearing your nightgown


In the end, Song Zhi Xu went to the shelf not far from the cashier and took a few small rectangular boxes and put them in the shopping cart before paying for them together.

The supermarket staff helped the two of them bring their things to the car and after the back seat and trunk were full.

With Lin Ran still had a bag full in his arms which barely fit Lin Ran sat on the front passenger seat while he kept eating the potato chips and tried to feed some to Song Zhi Xu. 


Song Zhi Xu drove and didn’t eat, after a while, he somewhat helplessly reminded him.




“Ran Ran, you can’t eat too much.

You’ve eaten two bags already, you won’t be able to eat dinner when you get home later.” 



Lin Ran blinked his eyes and took several more slices again before obediently putting the rest of it in the back seat.


He just couldn’t resist eating them more and more afterwards.

Lin Ran wouldn’t think about it when he wasn’t eating them, but he couldn’t stop even a little once he ate them.

Licking his lips, Lin Ran cautiously asked Song Zhi Xu.

“Then can Ran Ran eat strawberry cake if Ran Ran won’t eat dinner” Just now, Song Zhi Xu had bought him a strawberry cake at the supermarket that he couldn’t take out right now because it was in a bag.



Song Zhi Xu: “Of course you can’t.”



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But Song Zhi Xu forbade him to eat more so he only ate less than half of a small cake before putting the rest in the fridge and waiting for dinner to start again.

After eating, Song Zhi Xu went upstairs to pack his suitcase.

Lin Ran blindly followed him, taking all the things he felt were important and stuffed it into Song Zhi Xu’s suitcase as he wanted Song Zhi Xu to take it with him.

Song Zhi Xu helplessly took them out for him and put them aside, “Ran Ran, I am not going to wear your nightgown and I don’t want your slippers either, so you don’t even have to put it in for me.”


Lin Ran stood on one side while holding his nightgown, lowering his head and said in a small voice, 


“Won’t Song Zhi Xu miss Ran Ran”



Song Zhi Xu was stunned and paused but finally took one of Lin Ran’s nightgowns and put it in his suitcase. 


After he finished packing, he took Lin Ran to his study room and taught him how to use the computer and how to make the video call as well, so he could conveniently talk to Lin Ran.

Only when Lin Ran had learned it, did the two of them go back to their room to take a shower and go to sleep.

When he went to the supermarket in the evening, Song Zhi Xu bought something on the way, so he inevitably pressed and bullied him again in bed, until Lin Ran’s eyes were red and he fell asleep; only then did Song Zhi Xu stop satisfiedly.

He carried Lin Ran into the bathroom to clean him up, hugged him in bed while sleeping for two hours before he got up, took his things silently and left.


The assistant came to pick up Song Zhi Xu and took him to the airport.

On the way, Song Zhi Xu looked at the direction of the villa with some reluctance, thinking in his mind that he would have to install surveillance in the villa when he returned, so that he could see Lin Ran anytime and anywhere. 


If he left Lin Ran alone at home like this right now, he would be worried.


When Lin Ran woke up the next morning, Song Zhi Xu was no longer in bed.

The bedding beside him had also become cold. 


Lin Ran froze for a moment, then immediately sat up from the bed, put on his nightgown, ignored the soreness in his legs and searched around the villa with his bare feet, until he found that Song Zhi Xu’s suitcase had also disappeared, then he stood lost in the same place and stared blankly.


Song Zhi Xu had told him before he went to sleep last night that he would leave in the middle of the night, but this morning, he was anxious and in such a hurry that he had forgotten about it when he just woke up. 


Lin Ran stood for a long time, waiting until his legs had lost their strength, only then he went back to his bedroom.

He used his mobile phone to video call Song Zhi Xu, but the other party didn’t answer.

Lin Ran was a little disappointed as he sat on the bed hugging himself tightly.

Lin Ran stayed in his room until it was almost noon.

He went downstairs and on the dining table was the breakfast Song Zhi Xu had made for him before he left in the middle of the night.

Lin Ran used the microwave to heat it up, then he ate it by himself and sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, hugging his fish bowl and sunbathing without moving.


By noon, he saw a car parked outside the courtyard.

It wasn’t long before the courtyard door was opened and the assistant walked in carrying a box of lunch.

Lin Ran bit his lip, hesitated for a moment before gathering the courage to get up from the floor and walk to the door, opening it when the assistant put down his lunch and knocked a few times to remind him that he was ready to leave.

He asked in a small voice, “Song Zhi Xu’s mobile phone, did not answer, do you know where he is” The assistant was also a little surprised that Lin Ran had taken the initiative to speak to him.

He froze and immediately said, “Boss, he’s probably still in the plane.

He’ll definitely call you back when he has time.” 


Lin Ran nodded his head and said, “Thank you” took his lunch inside and closed the door.



Lin Ran had no appetite since Song Zhi Xu was not there, so he just put his lunch on the coffee table and didn’t eat it, but he took his mobile phone, waiting for Song Zhi Xu to call him back as he sat next to the home telephone’s side.

He sat there from noon until late afternoon, even when the assistant brought him his dinner, he did not receive any call from Song Zhi Xu.

Lin Ran held on to his two portions of foodbox and continued to wait again. 


It was already dark outside and the villa was very quiet.

Lin Ran was afraid as he hugged himself tightly and whispered Song Zhi Xu’s name.

He didn’t know how long already it had passed for the unlit living room to be reflected by the moonlight coming from the floor-to-ceiling windows before his mobile phone suddenly rang.

Lin Ran immediately picked up the phone and when Song Zhi Xu’s face appeared on the other side, Lin Ran finally couldn’t help but cry out loudly.


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