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Ch63.1 - Song Zhi Xu: Ran Ran, I’m not wearing your nightgown


Song Zhi Xu was just joking and chatting with Lin Ran, but now he was not in the mood anymore. 


After hanging up the phone, Song Zhi Xu looked at Lin Ran sideways, somehow not knowing how to say it to him, and hesitated for a while yet still couldn’t say anything.

On the contrary, Lin Ran, who had just listened to the assistant’s words yet did not understand what they were talking about, so he took the initiative to ask Song Zhi Xu.

“Song Zhi Xu, what is ‘go on a business trip’”




Song Zhi Xu opened his mouth and said, 



“It’s when I have some company matters and need to leave for a few days.” Two of them just came back, Song Zhi Xu didn’t know if he should take Lin Ran on a business trip or not.


He knew that Lin Ran would be timid in unfamiliar surroundings.

Previously, even on the first two days the two of them stayed inside the hotel, Lin Ran was almost constantly glued to his side, even to the point that when he took a bath, he had to be able to see him.



But when he was on a business trip, he definitely could not stay by Lin Ran’s side all the time, so Song Zhi Xu was a bit hesitant as to whether he should leave Lin Ran at home or take him with him on the business trip.



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Because he didn’t know what to do either, he was afraid of being in an unfamiliar place by himself without Song Zhi Xu yet he didn’t want to not be able to see Song Zhi Xu for several days.

It was only when the car was in front of the courtyard and Song Zhi Xu drove the car into the villa that Lin Ran asked again in a small voice, 


“Then can Ran Ran take Xiao Guai there”


“No, can’t.

I have to go by plane.

Xiao Guai doesn’t have a seat ah.” Song Zhi Xu stroked Lin Ran’s while feeling distressed for him but still said seriously, “If you wanted to bring the turtle on the plane, we must do the consignment first and to do the consignment, need to issue a quarantine certificate.

Now, it’s simply too late and moreover a palm-sized small turtle consignment, if it’s lost and can not be found, that’s why we have no way to bring Xiao Guai on the plane.” 


Lin Ran leaned close to Song Zhi Xu’s side nervously, even when he returned home and saw Xiao Guai and Xiao Guai’s wife.

Lin Ran didn’t talk to them much and always stayed close to Song Zhi Xu.



The two sat down on the sofa.

Lin Ran sat in Song Zhi Xu’s arms and thought for a while longer, only then Lin Ran said in a low voice, 


“If Ran Ran follows Song Zhi Xu, will Ran Ran become a trouble for Song Zhi Xu” Lin Ran knew he couldn’t keep following Song Zhi Xu.

Whenever he went, he didn’t dare to go anywhere or stay by himself.


“No way, Ran Ran will never be a bother.” Song Zhi Xu stroked Lin Ran’s head and kissed him again. 


Lin Ran thought about it and still tried hard to smile.


“Ran Ran won’t go, Ran Ran will wait at home for Song Zhi Xu to come back.” Although Song Zhi Xu did not say anything, Lin Ran knew that if he went Song Zhi Xu would worry about him, and then there would be no way for him to work properly.

Song Zhi Xu looked at Lin Ran with some surprise, but still agreed to him in the end. 


“Then I’ll leave my assistant behind, let him come and bring you food.

For the home’s garbage, you just need to put it at the front door and let him throw it away.

I’ll also ask Mu Qingting to come over to see you from time to time, is that okay”


Song Zhi Xu did not say that he would let Mu Qingting come over to stay with Lin Ran, because he knew that Lin Ran was not able to accept living alone with Mu Qingting yet, so it would not be as good as if Lin Ran was at home by himself, just like when he was at work during the day.

Lin Ran nodded his head and said in a low voice, “Ran Ran can go out.

Ran Ran can throw the rubbish.” 


It was not that Lin Ran could not go out, since he had already memorized the roads inside the villa area and knew where the garbage bins were, he was just afraid of people.

However, because there were not many people living in the villa and people there didn’t go out often, Lin Ran went out to throw away the rubbish several times; usually he didn’t meet anyone, even if he did, he would just run away from them.

Song Zhixu smiled and stroked Lin Ran’s head.


“My darling, that’s so great.” 


When he was praised, Lin Ran squinted his eyes and smiled happily, and then rambled on and on to Song Zhi Xu about the time when he went out by himself.



Song Zhi Xu listened while picking up his phone and sending a message to his assistant to book the latest flight.

He will be leaving at midnight, and getting off the plane there just in the morning so he could go straight there to discuss. 


The assistant originally wanted him to leave tonight so that he could rest and get over jet lag, but since Song Zhi Xu said so, the assistant booked the flight according to Song Zhi Xu’s command.


In the evening, Song Zhi Xu went to the supermarket and bought Lin Ran a bunch of snacks and fruits, as well as some ingredients for tonight.

It was only after the purchase that the two found that they had bought two shopping carts full of food. 


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