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The last sentence successfully caused the siblings faces to change.

Nan Yuxings face had shock mixed with anger.

He was shocked because he didnt expect the other party to be so unruly! He was angry because that man actually said such words filled with insults and humiliation to his younger sister!

On the other hand, Nan Yiyis eyes widened in disbelief.

She had been doted on since she was young.

Not to mention being insulted, she hadnt even heard something harsh.

Now that she was suddenly scolded in her face without any form of concealment, she took a long time to recover her senses.

After reacting, her face rapidly flushed red, and there seemed to be something crazily swarming in her chest, about to break free!

“Y-you…” She wanted to retort, but even her voice trembled.

That was because she felt very complicated.

It was the first time she liked someone, but she didnt expect that before she could even state her thoughts, the other party directly said such words.

This impact was too huge, causing her not to have the time to even be angry.

She was just stunned.

Nan Yuxing hurriedly turned back to glance at her.

Seeing such an expression, his heart ached. Since when did my precious sister suffer such humiliation! 

“Sir, youre being too overboard with your words!” Nan Yuxing raised his voice, and his surrounding aura started moving! “Yiyi just casually said something, yet you were so harsh with your words! Is bullying a woman what a gentleman does!”

Rong Xius expression changed.

“She should suffer it after saying such words.

Rather than scolding other people here, why dont you go back and properly reflect on how you should change your precious sisters habit of being so uncourteous.”

The other party offended him time and time again, and he was long annoyed by them.

If it werent because he had to produce this armor, he wouldve been rude to them the day before.

“You—” Nan Yuxing was so enraged that smoke was emitting from his ears. I havent seen such an unruly and ill-disciplined character in a very, very long time! Yes, such a young royal armory refinement master was indeed outstanding! However, this doesnt mean that we are afraid of him! 

“It seems like youre not planning to apologize” he asked with a boom.

As he spoke, unconcealable murderous intent swirled.

Upon seeing this, Nan Yiyi hurriedly went forward and pulled his arm.

“Big Brother! What are you doing!”

Nan Yuxing frowned.

“He insulted you.

Of course, I want to teach him a lesson and avenge you!”

“I, b-but I…” Of course, Nan Yiyi knew what he meant.

In the past, she had also often sought his help.

However, this time was different!

I-if Big Brother hits him, t-then wont the other party really treat me as his enemy 

She was angry, aggrieved, and frustrated.

However, she didnt want to be completely on bad terms with the other party because of this.

Big Brother has always been ruthless in his actions.

If he kills him or makes him handicapped… 

“This isnt his fault either.

Why are you hitting him!” Nan Yiyi bit her lips and glanced at Chu Liuyue vengefully.

That gaze was very easy to understand—If one has to be blamed, she is the one to be blamed! If not to protect her, he would definitely not act in such a manner. 

Chu Liuyue was confused. I didnt even speak from start to end.

Why did I suddenly get dragged into the fight 

How could Nan Yuxing not know what his younger sister was thinking She is just reluctant! 

Nan Yuxing expected better from her. Ive already said it in such a harsh manner, and my attitude is explicit, yet she is still stubborn! At this point, she is actually still speaking for him What nonsense! 

Originally, he wanted to let Nan Yiyi move behind and take action himself.

However, Nan Yiyi grabbed his arm tightly and refused to let go no matter what.

Nan Yuxing was angry and annoyed.

In the end, he could only clench his teeth and harshly knock against Nan Yiyis head.

“You, you!”

In the past, he just felt that she was a little spoiled and wilful, but he didnt know she could do so much for a man!

This disappointed him greatly!

The atmosphere between the two siblings instantly fell into a deadlock.

“Eldest Young Master, Second Missy, the sun is up.

The poisonous gas in the Red Soul Woods has dissipated.

Its time to go in,” said Elder Wu Peng at an appropriate time, breaking the stalemate.

Elder Bai Tong hurriedly added in to be a mediator: “Yeah, yeah.

We only have a very short amount of time to pass through this Red Soul Woods.

Young Master, Missy, we had better hurry.”

With this, it was considered as giving them an out.

Nan Yuxing clutched Nan Yiyis wrist and dragged her toward the Red Soul Woods.

“Lets go!”

We came here to do important things! As for that unbecoming man… Ill think of another way to deal with him when this ends! 

Nan Yiyis wrist hurt from being clutched, and she tightly knitted her brows.

However, she knew that her big brother was enraged, so she didnt dare to say anything more and could only follow him.

The two elders followed, with one at the front and the other at the back.

When the two parties brushed shoulders, Elder Wu Peng looked at Rong Xiu with deep meaning.

Rong Xius gaze was nonchalant and calm as if he had never cared about them.

Chu Liuyue blinked and looked at their back views. Rong Xius reputation is considered to have been spread far and wide in the God Residence Realm, and many big shots have seen him before.

These two people look like they have quite high statuses, but they dont seem to recognize Rong Xiu. 

“What are you thinking about” Rong Xius voice came over.

Chu Liuyue looked back in deep thought.

“Nothing much.

I just feel that… their background doesnt seem simple.”

The four people hid their auras very well, but she instinctively felt that they werent weak.

The more important thing was that they didnt seem… very shocked when they personally saw Rong Xiu producing a royal Yuan instrument.

One had to know that those few aristocratic families had risked being enemies with Ling Xiao Academy just to snatch the Chi Xiao Sword in Ancient Feather Abyss.

At that time, they still thought that the Chi Xiao Sword was a royal Yuan instrument.

It showed just how distinguished a royal Yuan instrument was to these people, such that they could risk paying such a big price.

But to these people… From start to end, they didnt seem to be envious of the royal Yuan instrument at all.

In such a situation, they either knew that they couldnt fight against them, so they wouldnt even have such thoughts, or… such an item wasnt that precious to them.

Judging from their arrogant attitudes, it shouldnt be the first option.

But if it is the latter… that would be interesting. 

Chu Liuyue had stayed in the God Residence Realm for quite some time.

She knew that royal Yuan instruments were extremely precious to quite a few aristocratic families and even top-tier ones.

What status do these people exactly have to behave in such a…

“That elder in black should be a supreme Armory Refinement Master,” Shangguan Jing retracted his gaze and boomed.

Previously, he had been staying behind the rocks.

Additionally, the people involved in the conflict were Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu, so the few of them didnt pay much attention to him.

“A supreme Armory Refinement Master, yet hes the accompaniment of those two people” Chu Liuyue raised her eyebrows slightly. Interesting. 

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