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At the entrance, the black and white Blood Luminescent Beast walked in valiantly, maintaining the imposing manner of a “Magical Region Beast”!

However, when it saw Mo Chus familiar figure, its posture and demeanor were all thrown into the clouds…

“Ao ao!” With a fawning howl, Roundy ran towards Mo Chu, its two claws grabbed onto Mo Chus calf without letting go!

Sob, sob… it was all that hateful human Ning Yiyuans fault.

He left me in the Magical Region and ran away, leaving it separated from Little Chu for almost a year.

Thinking about it now, it was a bitter tear!

This kind of behavior was simply too inhumane!

At this moment, Roundy had clearly forgotten the joy it felt when Ning Yiyuan sent it to the Magical Region, crushing the other magical beasts, as well as the delicious Spirit Food that was stuffed into a few pockets…

“Awooo –” Grabbing Mo Chus calf, Roundy began to sob incessantly, recounting Ning Yiyuans sins.

Not only did Ning Yiyuan mistreat me, he even deliberately ostracized me! He must be jealous that I was more favored than him, which was why he was in such a hurry to get rid of me…

Roundy, who was incomparably proud, started to howl, as if saying, “This is the only reason.


Ning Yiyuan, who was following behind Roundy, felt very helpless.

‘Please, is he someone who would be jealous of a magical beast

Roundy was sent to the Magical Region because the situation was too complicated at that time, and Little Chu was pregnant.

However, this little fellow was also extremely troublesome.

From time to time, it would throw itself at Little Chu.

This kind of behavior could easily hurt Little Chu and the child in her belly…

In addition, when Little Chu was pregnant, Elder Liu and Zhong Wen gave official advice, saying that pregnant women should not have too much contact with animals…

After considering the two, Ning Yiyuan let Roundy stay in the Magical Region for a period of time.

As for jealousy and fighting for favor… Hehe! How could he do such a thing

In order to make up for this little guy, Ning Yiyuan even went to find a few of his own kind.

It was not easy to gather them all together just so that Roundy could have a good companion…

“Could it be… that you and your little companions arent having fun”

It was fine if Ning Yiyuan did not mention this, but once he mentioned this, Roundy immediately exploded, okay

How could they be good companions They were clearly extremely vicious bandits! Relying on the advantage of numbers, they had plundered more than half of his Spirit Food stock!

Thinking of this, Roundy almost cried out…

Tell me, how hard did it have to live in the future At first, it was so extravagant that it could take whatever it wanted to eat.

But in the future, it had to live frugally every day… it could not be any sadder!

“You didnt give Roundy any Spirit Food” Mo Chu turned to look at Ning Yiyuan.

Roundy had been fed by her since long ago.

Ever since it ate Spirit Food, the bloody raw meat in the past could not even enter its mouth.

Hearing this, Roundy could not help but shrink back… As expected, Ning Yiyuan glanced at her and curled her lips.

“How is that possible I send food to her once or twice a week.”

Otherwise, if this little guy really got angry, who knew what would happen!

“Huh” Mo Chu snorted softly from her nose and her eyes fell on Roundy with a hint of reproach.

The little guy could not be bothered to report Ning Yiyuan anymore.

He kept complaining on behalf of himself, “Awoo! Awoo!”

Yes, Ning Yiyuan did supplement it with food every week, but the problem was that every time it got the hot Spirit Food, it was almost snatched away by the other Blood Luminescent Beasts before it could hide anywhere…

“Ah… Ah –” The little sister who was in Mo Chus arms stopped crying at this moment.

It was the first time she had seen such an adorable animal.

Her eyes widened in surprise, and her two lotus-like hands extended toward Roundy…

Hearing this soft and soft voice, Roundy shifted its gaze from Mo Chus face to her arms… This was an amazing sight!

Its bright red eyes instantly lit up!


Such tender little fellows.

They were fair and tender, just like the glutinous rice balls that Little Chu had cooked for them back then.

Their bodies also carried a faint fragrance.

Apart from that, there was also a hint of Mo Chus scent…

It was because of this sense of familiarity that Roundy accepted these two little fellows at once.

It also responded with a few cries!

Thereupon, Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan several people did not know whether to laugh or cry to see these three little fellows chatting happily!


Ow, ow, ow, ow!

Its like a symphony mixed together.

It could not get any more interesting!

The appearance of Roundy thoroughly attracted the attention of the two children.

They were struggling to get down, ready to interact with Round.

Elder Ning was still a little worried when he saw this, but Ning Yiyuan waved his hand.

“Dont worry, Grandfather.

Ive already asked Elder Liu and the others.

It wont be a problem for us to interact with them once or twice.”

Thus, Roundy and the two children happily played together…

The two childrens legs were still very soft.

At this moment, they were half-leaning on Roundys body.

Their tender little claws touched Roundys fur, and the delicate feeling made them cry out repeatedly! Wah! It was so comfortable!

Seeing that the children had finally stopped crying, Mo Chu could not help but let out a soft sigh…

No wonder in the 21st century, she had heard others say that children were not easy to take care of.

Now, it seemed that there was some truth to it.

But even so, Mo Chu still could not let go of these two treasures…

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