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The wild boar with four tusks protruding from it was more agile and bigger than ordinary wild boars.

Above all, its jet-black color fur gave it a sense of intimidation, like a lone horse striding across the battlefield.

What was more surprising was the fact that the boar had a stirrup hanging in the middle of its body, and on top of that stirrup was a goblin clad in old-fashioned armor.

"Go, Goblin! Goblin is riding a wild boar!"

“We can see that.

What else can you do other than scream”

Jin Ye-Seul, who looked at the screaming male student with contempt, responded coldly, and tapped the ground with her shoes.

That it was her signal right before the fight.

And Yoo Ji-Hyuk knew well that it was a habit that came out when she was in a bad mood.

“I don’t think there's only one!”

“First, stick together!"

At someone's cry, they began to gather around the bonfire.

Behind the four tusked wild boar, ordinary wild boars followed.

And on top of them, too, were the goblins, which made everyone realize that the current attack was not an ordinary one.

“Don't worry, the numbers are similar! If the front row blocks them and the back row cuts off the mobility from behind, and calmly reduces the number...… .”

“Hey, hey! Where are you going! You can't scatter like that now! It's dangerous!”

At Lee Yu-Na's urgent cry, everyone's eyes turned to that direction for a moment.

And there, they were, the five of them, running away in a hurry.

Lee Yu-Na, who looked at them as if she couldn't believe it, muttered in a trembling voice.

“… It's a lie, right Why is it always...… .”

“Now we have fewer sides.”

“We can’t help it.

It's not always possible to fight in an advantageous position.”

Even as Ivan said that, he looked around with cold eyes.

They continued to circle around as if surrounding them, making noise and communicating with each other as if they were looking for a gap.

Then, three of them broke out of the group and headed in the direction of the boys who had just run away.

“Oh, they’re all about to die with a hole in their back."

“Jin Ye-Seul!”

“I haven't said anything wrong.”

Jin Ye-Seul murmured bluntly at Lee Yu-Na's reprimanding cry.

In the midst of this, Kim Yoo-Hyun lifted the halberd and said while looking around warily.

“There is something strange about them.

They don't seem to want to attack us."

“Now that I see it, the weapons…… .”

The only thing the goblins were carrying was a blunt hook without a blade.

While he was wondering why they were carrying those things, a goblin suddenly hung it in the tent and pulled it down.

Then, as if not to fall behind, other goblins drove their wild boars and crushed the half-pulled tent.

Lee Hyun-Seung, who saw this, shouted in surprise.

“He, hey those bastards are ruining our bed and everything!”

Hearing his voice, Kim Yu-Hyun's eyes blazed.

Two bonfires.

He quickly stretched out his halberd and swung it widely through a fishless bonfire.

The lit firewood and sparks flew through the air in a dizzying manner, disturbing the goblins' vision.

Taking this as a signal, Ivan fired the magic bow, and Lee Yu-Na made a large chain weight with chains and threw it.

Watching the two goblins who had been hit by the attack vanish like smoke, Ivan muttered as if he understood.

“Summoned creatures.

‘Unusual creatures’ live there, and he told us to be careful when sleeping at night…… .”

Lee Hyun-Seung pulled something out of his pocket and threw it in the middle of the goblins.

Then, Han Soo-Young quickly gestured with her finger as if she were firing a gun, and something shot out of her finger.

The glass bottle shattered in mid-air, and white powder flew out.

Seeing that the movement of the goblins and wild boars that were covered by it was in disorder, Yoo Ji-Hyuk drew his dagger.

"Great… !”

There was a hand that wrapped around him from behind as he muttered and was about to rush.

It was Jin Ye-Seul who grabbed his waist tightly and stopped him.

She stared at Yoo Ji-Hyuk, who was staring at her as if he didn't understand, and whispered quietly.


I'll do it.

Saying that, Jin Ye-Seul just walked out with her bare body without her shield and sword.

She heard Lee Hyun-Seung and Kim Yoo-Hyun shouting when they saw her, but it didn't matter to her.

Jin Ye-Seul's situation is very.

She was very annoyed.

Whether it's because Lee Yu-Na, who she was close to, was foolishly struggling alone and leading the group.

Or the way all the guys who were her group were pathetically tucking their tails and running away.

Or how the place where she was supposed to sleep tonight had been destroyed by mere beasts and goblins.

Those were only secondary reasons.

The reason she's so angry now that she doesn't know what to do is because of what happened with Han Soo-Young when she just went to find firewood. 


When Jin Ye-Seul kicked to her side as hard as she could, a wild boar and a goblin flew into the air.

Seeing that, Lee Hyun-Seung opened his mouth blankly as if he were dumbfounded.

What did she say to me

Yes, she said she had confessed to him a few days ago.

And when I asked her why she said that to me, she smiled and said.

Well, just know that.

Because you won't feel good to hear things like that later, that I liked him first and that you took him away from me.

Isn't that right


The neck of the goblin riding on top of the wild boar that was rushing was broken, with a loud crack.

After kicking it, Jin Ye-Seul pulled her leg, spun around in the air and stuck the wild boar on the ground, which had been used as a stepping stone.

Saying that, she gently brushed her hair and showed her earrings. 

The fact that he had given it to her was a fact that Jin Ye-Seul knew very well.

She was ashamed that she almost fell for her open provocation.

And she punched a tree with her fist and smashed it right in front of her, with the intent to shut her mouth.

Yes, like this right now.


As her fists smashed the skull and dug inside, the wild boar trembled and died immediately. 

As the wild boar stopped, the goblin on top of it was pulled by inertia and floated in the air.

And Jin Ye-Seul, who caught the flying goblin as it was, ripped its face off with her palm.

There was a sound of skin ripping.

It's mine.

It's mine, it's what I should have.


Why does everyone keep trying to take what's mine

Why is everyone doing such terrible things to me

It was one of Jin Ye-Seul's most hated acts to have someone tamper with her property.

When she was young, her older sister broke her doll and she broke her arm.

When she was young, her younger brother tore her cherished notebook and she plucked out his fingernails.

Then guess what will happen to who tries to snatch what she has been wanting all her life right in front of her eyes

She avoided the hook swinging at her by moving one step sideways.

It was swung right next to her ears and there was the sound of the wind.




She reached out and grabbed the goblin with her hand.

She grabbed the goblin by the ankles, and the goblin struggled, so she slammed it into the ground, and fortunately, it quieted down.

Jin Ye-Seul smiled a little.

She liked being quiet.

Then, she threw it away, blocking the view of the other goblins.

She twisted in midair and swung her foot, precisely cutting the goblin's body and ripping its neck on the other side.

She didn't stop.

She grabbed the molars of the wild boar that was rushing, and threw them while twisting her body.

In Jin Ye-Seul's hand, there were the molars of the wild boar that had been uprooted.

After looking at it for a moment, Jin Ye-Seul approached the boar that was struggling on the ground.

“This is yours, isn't it I'll give it back to you.”

You can't take something that belongs to someone else.

she muttered to herself.

When the molars were stuck upside down in the place where they were, the wild boar screamed and soon turned into smoke and disappeared.

As she watched, her hair, which had been a little stiff, seemed to loosen.

That's right.

I'm not the kid I was then.

How troublesome was it to just break her sister's arm and pluck out her brother's fingernails 

And as much as she didn't want to admit it, really didn't want to admit it, but Han Soo-Young was also the object that Yoo Ji-Hyuk thought was quite special.

On top of that, the bothersome Choi Hyun-Woo was standing next to Han Soo-Young.

She felt the need to calm down more.

And she felt the need to look further.

Who said that

A gentleman's revenge is not too late, even if it takes 10 years.

It was just the right words for her current situation.

"Look out!"

The next thing she knew, a wild boar with four tusks was rushing at her.

Jin Ye-Seul didn't feel the need to avoid it.

She stood still and grabbed the molars of the wild boar.

After a while, the boar's momentum weakened and Jin Ye-Seul put all her strength into her hands.

Yeah, what am I anxious about

After all, I'm the only one who knows his secret.

I'm the only one he approves the talent of and gives wholeheartedly.

There was no need to be anxious.

Realizing that fact, Jin Ye-Seul just laughed.

It'll be mine over time anyway.

There is no need to be anxious anywhere.

If others cherish and protect it in the meantime, that would be good, too.

She came to that conclusion.

She was smiling as she watched the goblin swing his hooks towards her head.

Immediately, something intangible pierced the middle of the goblin's chest as it passed by her head.

Noticing that it was the magic that Han Soo-Young fired, her smile cracked a little, but that was all.


Jin Ye-Seul lifted the wild boar and threw it onto the rocks with a shout of energy.

The black wild boar that collided with the loud sound also trembled and turned into smoke and disappeared.

Jin Ye-Seul stood in the middle of the mess.

It was when most people were looking at her nervously.

She still smiled and said, looking at Yoo Ji-Hyuk.

“Ji-Hyuk, did I do well”

At that sight, Yoo Ji-Hyuk nodded slightly.

“Yeah, good job.”

With that, he approached Jin Ye-Seul and asked if she was hurt anywhere.

Jin Ye-Seul shook her head and said that she was fine, and asked Ji-Hyuk with a bashful smile whether he was hurt anywhere.

“…… .”

Han Soo-Young, who saw that, also smiled a little.

But Lee Yu-Na who was standing next to her couldn't smile at all.

* * *

“Ou, I’m still trembling…… .”

“Why did she pretend to be weak until now… ”

“Do I know I heard that there were some people who bullied her.

What will happen to them now”

"Well…… They'll either get ripped, tear, or cut, right"

Kim Yoo-Hyun and Lee Hyun-Seung whispered as they cleaned up the shattered debris and built a temporary shelter with the branches cut at Ivan's order.

Ivan clashed with the women and quickly caught a few fish, and Yoo Ji-Hyuk skillfully prepared for the meal, perhaps because he had done it once.

Lee Yu-Na dragged the dirty Jin Ye-Seul, saying she would wash her, and Han Soo-Young followed them, saying that she would serve as their escort and guard.

Thanks to them, it became the men's duty to clean up the messed-up camp and build temporary shelters to replace the shattered tents.

However, no one was dissatisfied with the fact.

First of all, it was mostly Jin Ye-Seul alone who had prevented the surprise attack earlier.

Above all, Kim Yoo-Hyun and Lee Hyun-Seung did not take their lives lightly enough to complain even after seeing her monstrous strength.

When the fabric of the shattered tent was removed and the frame was placed on the temporary shelter woven with wood, it looked quite plausible.

Kim Yoo-Hyun and Lee Hyun-Seong bumped their fists and looked at their works with proud eyes.

Then, a whispering voice was heard.

“… So, no matter how confident you are in your own strength, don't go out alone.

What are you going to do if you ever get in danger”

“But I am fine.”

“That's not what I meant! I mean what if, what if!”

“Well, I'll think about it then.”

"You're really… !”

Lee Yu-Na was nagging next to Jin Ye-Seul and Han Soo-young was walking a little away from the two.

“I can take a breather now.”

“That’s right.

Hey! It's done, everyone, come and eat!"

Yoo Ji-Hyuk, shouted out as he hit Ivan's shoulder once, who showed a very little sign of being tired, but acted as if he had suffered a lot.

Then, Kim Yoo-Hyun and Lee Hyun-Seung, who were fighting over who made it all, approached quickly.

Jin Ye-Seul and Han Soo-Young also headed straight to the bonfire, as if they were quite hungry.

Only Lee Yu-Na hesitated and looked at them with envy from a little distance away.

“Why aren't you coming You aren't going to eat"

“Uh, huh Me too"

When Yoo Ji-Hyuk called her as if he was puzzled, it was Lee Yu-Na who was more puzzled.

When he nodded to Lee Yu-Na, who pointed at herself with her finger, she approached with hesitation.

Jin Ye-Seul grabbed Lee Yu-Na's wrist, pulled her, and made her sit down next to her.

Lee Yu-Na glanced at her surrounding, worried that other people might feel uncomfortable about her.

"Go ahead and eat.

You have your share."

"Uh…… I haven't done anything."

“What are you talking about You helped me earlier."

When Kim Yoo-Hyun said so, Lee Hyun-Seung nodded.

The two of them were already holding the skewer with the fish on it.

"Here you go."

Han Soo-Young picked a skewer with a particularly large fish and handed it to Lee Yu-Na.

Lee Yu-Na, who was looking at it for a while, carefully accepted the skewer.

Come to think of it, I haven't had a proper meal today.

As soon as Lee Yu-Na recalled that fact, she was struck by a fierce hunger.

Unable to hold it in, she took a big bite out of it.

“Oh, hot!”

"What are you doing…… .”

Seeing her struggling with soot on her nose and corners of her mouth, Jin Ye-Seul muttered as if she was dumbfounded.

Lee Yu-Na diligently moved her mouth as she let out a hot breath.

"Delicious…… .”

Mumbling like that, Lee Yu-Na continued to bite into the fish.

Jin Ye-Seul, who was staring at her from the side, spat out loudly.

“You look like a squirrel."


Han Soo-Young unknowingly nodded her head and agreed with Jin Ye-Seul's words.

Lee Yu-Na moved her mouth hard whether or not she knew that the people around her were staring at her.


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