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I followed closely behind him as he hurriedly walked.

Then, I recalled the contents of the quest I checked on the game console before falling asleep yesterday.



― Taking off the false accusation.



― Choi Hyun-Woo and Han Soo-Young were able to deliver the goods successfully after all sorts of hardships.

But the joy will be short-lived, and the two will be drawn into a situation where they are suspected of being thieves.

Please help to prove the innocence of the two.


And keep that in mind.

Without your help, the two will never be free.



[Success Condition]


1) Defend when either of them is accused of being a suspect.


2) Prove the innocence of the suspect and find out the true culprit.


[Success Reward]


1) Choi Hyun-Woo and Han Soo-Young's fixed favorability.

(Fixed favorability refers to a favorability that does not change no matter what action you take.)

(If you have a high fixed favorability, they will be willing to tolerate your actions, even if it's against their beliefs.)



[Additional Success Condition]


1) Catch and hand over the culprit of the case.



[Additional Success Reward]


1) Differential compensation will be paid according to the contribution.


'I thought I might be accused, but fortunately, that won't happen.’


I did think the reward was a little salty, but I decided to be satisfied with the fact that I could accumulate fixed favorability of the two suppliers of pearls.


‘Besides, it is important to check who is being framed.’


Choi Hyun-Woo and Han Soo-Young could be said to be pearls of this world, but paradoxically,  one of the two was the main characters and the other was bound to be a supporting role.


The two childhood friends appeared together even in the prologue quest, and among them, the one chosen as the playable character.

The so-called protagonist takes on a more active role and the other side takes on a passive role.


'I think it's better to get closer to the main character.'


As I was thinking that, before I knew it, General Jang stopped in front of a room.

The room I followed him into was the security room, a place I wouldn't normally come to.


"You're here"




There was already a man who appeared to be a security guard sitting down and fiddling with something.

After fiddling around a few times, the CCTV footage from that time appeared.


"Do you have a record"


"Yes, I've just checked.

Do you want me to play it now"


"No, I'll wait until other people come."


As soon as General Jang finished his words, the door swung open and a group of people entered.

There was the director with a stiff expression in front of them, followed by Choi Hyeon-Woo and Han Soo-Young with a similarly stiff expression.

And finally, a worried-looking Amelda accompanied him.




“You don’t have to get up.”


When the security guard tried to get up from his seat, the director gestured him down.

Then asked him in a solemn voice.


“You said you have a clear record, right”


"Yes, that's right.

I checked it until just now."



Let's have a look then."


And when the security guard looked at him as if to ask 'would it be okay', the director nodded.


“They are all trustworthy.”


“… Yes.



I did not miss the strangely distorted expression on the guard's expression for a moment.

Knowing what was going to happen next, I could understand his feelings.


“Then I will play it.”


As soon as the security guard operated the device, a video that looked like yesterday's record started playing on the big screen.

Soon after, Choi Hyun-Woo let out a dazed voice without realizing it.




On the screen, there was a clear picture of Choi Hyun-Woo tearing off the warehouse containing the goods and putting them in his pocket.


* * *


Seeing that, I nodded slightly.


‘So the main character is Han Soo-Young.’


It would have been much easier if it was Choi Hyun-Woo.

With that thought in mind, I slowly looked around.


The room was engulfed in an uncomfortable silence.

And the first one to break out of that uncomfortable silence was the director with a gloomy expression on his face.


“Say something.”


Choi Hyun-Woo stuttered and waved his hand at his tone as if he would spit out any excuses if he would listen to him once.


“N, not me.

It's not me, director.


Why would I steal...….”


“Then why are you in the video”


"That's… .”


"Please wait a moment."


Han Soo-young, who had been silent next to him, stepped forward sharply asking back.

In the meantime, she moved as if covering Choi Hyun-woo with her body and said.


“Why would he steal it If he really was going to steal it, he would have done a lot of trickery in bringing it here in the first place!”


"How am I supposed to know the details"


General Jang said so and took a step forward.

Han Soo-Young was still standing in front of Choi Hyeon-Woo while her body flinched.


“If you are so innocent, let's go through the investigation first.

Then it will be revealed whether you are innocent or not.”




Next to him, the director cut off his words.

He squeezed the space between his two eyebrows.


“It’s something that must be kept as a secret.

It must not be known to the police or anywhere else.

That's why I deliberately asked the kids who weren't official personnel or hunters for this...

… .”


Of course, it was bull**.

From Amelda's point of view, there was no way she would want someone else to intervene.


However, General Jang, who was not aware of the situation, nodded his head as if he knew what he was doing and took another step forward.

Han Soo-Young turned away with an impatient look on her face.


“I’m sorry, Ms.



But Amelda was already standing there, blocking the exit.

Choi Hyun-Woo grabbed Han Soo-Young with a resigned expression and pulled her behind him.

At least he seemed to be trying to keep her from getting caught up.


‘Let’s see.’


At this rate, Choi Hyun-woo would be locked up in a solitary cell for interrogation, and Han Soo-Young would also be watched.

However, Han Soo-Young would demonstrate her ability here to find out the contradictions of evidence, and eventually would prove Choi Hyun-Woo's innocence.….


This was the first episode and prologue of 'Clouds on the Horizon'.

Originally, it would have been a story that would have taken at least half a day to complete.


‘It's a pain in the ass, how long do I have to wait’


There was nothing that could distort the original story just because I came out now.

There was no need to wait, so I opened my mouth quietly.


“Wait a minute, Chief.”


At my restraint, he looked at me sideways.




“Isn’t something a bit strange”


I said so and pointed to the video of Choi Hyun-Woo.

"Isn't that the place with the most security facilities, starting with CCTVs  I'm sure it's like that no matter who looks at it."




"There were a number of people who spent time here yesterday, besides me, and they couldn't hear the security bell ringing.”


At my words, General Jang put on an expression that seemed to ask me to say more.


“And you know that there are many security systems in the storage room besides CCTV, right I know there are a couple more, and there are probably more devices I'm not aware of.

Either mechanical or magical.”




“But I couldn't understand how he was only caught on CCTV while stealing without getting caught by those devices.”


Unlike the world I lived in, this world was a world of advanced studies that could not be explained scientifically.

Of course, there were also magical tools and alarm magic in the security device.

Although this was not a very important institution on the surface, it was a place managed by the government as a place of discipline even if it rotted, and it was an archive where even private companies were involved.


In other words, it meant that there were a lot of security devices in this place than anywhere else.

And breaking into a place full of such things was something that many people could not dare to do.

Only then did General Jang turn his head and look at me.

If you think about it, it was because there were not one or two strange things.


“Besides, the reason Han So-Young just said is also psychologically correct, isn’t it There is also objective evidence that he was late for the appointment and got involved in various incidents along the way.

To be honest, if you're going to steal, shouldn't you just steal it then Why did you have to come all the way here”


"I think that's because of trust.

If it's lost there, shouldn't those two be responsible for it"


Amelda, who had transformed into the director next to me, said so.

I was cautious about what he said, but I made a direct rebuttal.


“But to official personnel and hunters...

So wasn't there a lack of paperwork  I think it is ambiguous to ask the subject of matter to take the responsibility.”


"So what do you want to say”


Amelda, in the form of the director, said to me with an annoyed look.

I muttered as I acted slightly perplexed.


“No, so in short, what I mean is that there's something that doesn't make sense to me, so let's check it out properly."


After I finished speaking, I looked around.

If I was stuck here, I had to choose a slightly more troublesome method.

Fortunately, however, my opinion seemed to have persuaded people except for the director.





General Jang, who had been a good friend of mine since the day I arrived here and had been following me around a bit, nodded while making a spitting sound.

And the security guard, who had helped me several times and said that I was like a brother to him, also looked plausible.


Three against two.

This side was the majority.

On top of that, Amelda, who had taken the form of the director, had to play the role of a 'fair, simple, and benevolent director.'




After agonizing for a while, the director sighed.

Then, Choi Hyun-Woo and I alternately looked at each other with sharp eyes.


“For now, it would be better to do what you said.

However, Choi Hyun-Woo's personal affairs should be restrained.”


Han Soo-Young was about to say something at that but immediately shut her mouth.

She was wise, so she seemed to have noticed that this situation was for the best.


"Then I'll keep an eye on him."


General Jang raised his hand and stepped out.

It was an action that expressed his willingness not to be troubled by this situation.

I picked up a cable tie that was on the table and approached Choi Hyun-Woo.

"Hold out your hand."


In my words, Choi Hyun-Woo put his hands forward without saying a word.

Even if you tie him up like this with a cable tie, it would break off in no time if Choi Hyun-Woo put his strength together.

But that didn't happen.

It was only a formality, but everyone knew the meaning of this action well.


If Choi Hyun-Woo refused to comply with the current procedure and tore off the cable tie, he would be cornered as a criminal.

As I slowly tightened the cable tie, I mumbled softly only enough to be heard by him and Han Soo-Young.


“I've done all I can.

The rest is up to you.”


At those words, Han Soo-Young stared at me and closed her eyes deeply as if she was grateful.

As I stepped back, General Jang made a clapping sound and clapped his hands.


“Choi Hyun-Woo, you come with me.

And you…  .”


“I'll prove Hyun-Woo's innocence.”


Han Soo-young spoke in a determined voice.


"And if I go around alone, you'll definitely suspect me, so please put someone next to me from the beginning to watch me."


At her bold remark, General Jang burst out laughing as if he was dumbfounded and looked at me.

“Ji-Hyuk, you go with her."




An unexpected opportunity.

I was just thinking that.


“Ji-Hyuk can't do it.”


It was the director.

He cleared his throat when everyone's eyes focused on him.


“It’s not that I don’t trust Ji-Hyuk.

However, he seems to have overlooked the fact that he is a part-timer and is no different from ordinary people.”


In other words, if Han Soo-Young decided to attack, I would have no choice.

In short, it seemed that Choi Hyun-Woo and Han Soo-Young had already been confirmed as culprits.

Han Soo-Young's face, who understood the meaning, turned red with anger and shame, but this time again she remained silent.


General Jang nodded his head as if he was the same as what the director said.

There was certainly no contradiction in that statement.

Meanwhile, Amelda, who was guarding the door, raised her hand carefully.


“Um, if it’s okay, I’ll take over.

Even though it looks like this, I'm also an academy student....”


"Oh, will you do that"

General Jang welcomed, but I nodded silently.


Well, there was no way she would let things work out easily.

In addition, it was not strange considering that it was Amelda who took on the role of surveillance and assistant by her side in the original story.


“That's, okay.”


The director nodded as if he couldn't help it.


“You have until 8:00 p.m.

today to find some sort of evidence to prove your innocence and bring it to me.

I'll give you a little grace as I have a relationship with your master."


* * *


There were a total of five pieces of evidence that Han Soo-Young had to find and prove.


First, Choi Hyun-woo in the video was right-handed, but Choi Hyun-woo was left-handed.

Second, the door of the destroyed warehouse was also destroyed by a right-handed person.

Third, as I said, it was only caught on CCTV while all security devices were disabled.

Fourth, the director, who avoided sweet food due to Diabetes ate as many as seven candies in half a day.


‘Finally, Han Soo-young found the director who was imprisoned with advanced detection magic and brought him back.’


In fact, if there was only one last piece of evidence, wouldn't the previous evidence be completely useless


Even though I thought so, I had no choice but to think that it was just so because the story of the original story went like that.

In the first place, there were only a handful of people, including Han Soo-Young, who could use the 'advanced detection magic' itself at this point.

In the case of Choi Hyun-Woo, he was able to temporarily resonate with the sword and hear the sounds of all things.

Either way, it was a story that had nothing to do with me.


In other words, there was nothing more I could do.

Currently, the director was trapped in a special space, and could not be found by common means.


The fact that they found, and rescued him in the first place was to prove that the two of them were different from most academy students.


Thanks to this, Amelda was also caught because of an unexpected situation, and Choi Hyeon-Woo was eventually freed from the accusation.

This was the end of what was to happen.




Returning to the lounge where I was staying, I sat in a chair and sighed.

I ran the simulation over and over in my head, but I could tell that I was more nervous than I thought.

I seemed to have been secretly worried about what to do if something went wrong.


I did everything I could.

In fact, the situation was better than the original, so Han Soo-Young could do the rest alone.


With that in mind, I put my hand forward.

Then, according to my gestures, the branches of the World Tree and Henir's shadow came out languidly.


“I don’t have time, but I have to practice.”


To be honest, I wasn't even worried about Amelda at this point when I had these two.


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