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The sound of an explosion rang out.

Most people would have dismissed it as just an accident, but there were those who realized that this was a harbinger of the incident.

The first to move was Ahn Joo-Hyuk and Fujiwara Reiko, members of the Ten Strongest and leaders of the six guilds.

They had to do a lot of things.

In a short time, people had to be evacuated, and enough people had to be deployed to prevent another problem from occurring.

Immediate action had to be taken to distinguish the casualties at the scene, and further casualties had to be prevented, not to mention finding out the cause of the explosion and eliminating the cause.

The explosion.

It was such an explosion that the eardrums of people in the distance were ruptured.

It was impossible to even estimate how many casualties there would be in the vicinity.

“…… .”

“…… .”

Each of them muttered something as if they are competing, refining their mana.

The first to react was Fujiwara Reiko, an old woman with a fan in her hand.

“It’s time for the meal.”

With those words, white wings spread out from behind her.

No, it wasn't wings.

It was a myriad of papers.

Those that looked like crosses and those that looked like people were floating around behind her.

After watching them for a while, the old woman gently placed her hand on Ahn Joo-Hyuk's back, who was right next to her.


She connected the path of mana through the place Ahn Joo-Hyuk deliberately left open.

At that action, Ahn Joo-Hyuk, as always, only felt slightly dizzy.

He was able to do what he intended to do without difficulty.

He soon became a light.

A warm light began to flow from every corner of his body, and his mana flowed out from the source.

And that light traveled through him to her, and soon began to flow to the countless papers floating behind her.

The paper drawn by Reiko Fujiwara could hold the magic and power of others.

The papers with the power of recovery that squeezed Ahn Joo-Hyuk's mana almost to the limit were flashing with a strange light.

As her fingers moved, a huge number of sheets of paper that could not be counted began to cross the air, turning in different directions.

Rushing directly to the scene to assess the situation again and try to take action would inevitably cause delays.

Not only the rescue of the victims, but also those who hid within the academy had to be dealt with.

So, the two boldly gave up on the latter.

The two stared blankly at the result of squeezing their mana to the limit with an exhausted look.

All that was left was left to the other four colleagues.

“…I'll be fine, right”

“What, huff.

You mean”

“You know.”

"Well…… .”

The old woman muttered, struggling to catch her breath.

“Of course, I hope not, but...

It didn't feel right.

In any case, whoever it is, the child will suffer quite a lot.”

Ahn Joo-Hyuk nodded his head at those words.

"I know.

You can't get used to it if you want to."

Suspecting your colleagues and setting traps again.

* * *

At the moment when a loud noise resounded, the people gathered in the vacant lot looked at one place in an instant.

They were all different in race, age, and gender, but they all had one thing in common: they had the same mark on their body and each had weapons.

And the fact that they burn themselves under the same belief.

“It seems the time has come.”

The woman who was leading what seemed like dozens of people, murmured as she looked at her watch.

Two men and one woman stood in front of her.

“Shall we start moving now As we have promised before, when you find your target, make sure you capture him alive, or else tell us."

“Don’t worry.

Even though we look like this, we live on trust alone.”

The man smiled as he chewed gum with a snap sound.

Behind him, a man with a black mask covering his mouth and a woman holding a cylinder was making an expression as if she wanted to finish it quickly.

“Then, you take care of yourselves as promised”

When the man reached out his hand, the woman who appeared to be an executive of Thorns Cross Society paused for a moment and soon held his hand.

After a while, she bowed her head and led the people she brought to head somewhere.

The man who was watching the scene spit out the gum on the floor and said as if giving orders to the two people standing behind him.

“This time, you two move together.

I'll move alone.

You guys assassinate and I steal the item.

I'll make contact with the rats that are hiding."

“What do you want to do with the fanatics and the psychopaths”

"Are you sitting down saying that's a question" 

At the woman's words, he snorted as if it wasn't even funny.

“It's none of our business whether or not these assholes go after them.”

At his words, both the man and woman smiled.

It was because it was what he said.

* * *

“It’s time.”

Isaac, who had been eating the hot dog even at the moment of the explosion, ate all of it and got up from his seat.

Dmitry stood around him like a stone statue.

“How is the situation”

“Everyone is waiting for the professor’s orders.

Our brethren are hiding outside the academy and waiting.”

The brethren that Dmitry referred to were, unlike them, those who had the appearance of a monster rather than a human.

According to the originally promised plan, if there was a disturbance inside the academy, the Red Case would cause a bigger disturbance, and in line with it, the brethren would be sent from the outside and stirred.

Issac nodded his head and said in a calm voice.

“Tell them to go back.

The situation has changed due to sudden variables, so today’s big event is canceled.” [Note: '거사'- this also means: Revolt, Revolution, etc.]


At Isaac's words, Dmitry immediately dialed in.

A voice filled with anger came from the phone, but Dmitry just repeated the same thing.

After a while, Dmitry hung up and looked at Isaac.

“Can you tell me why”

“Simple calculation, Dmitry.

It's a simple calculation really.”

He spread his fingers up.

It was a habit when teaching students in Urea.

“First, we know for sure that they are trying to take advantage of us, but we don’t have to be beaten.

I'm looking forward to them thinking we're stupid, and attracting attention by setting things up arbitrarily.”

After the index finger, he unfolded his middle finger.

“The second is because it's enough to have just me, Dmitry, and three of our children to achieve our goal.

Where is the need to instill alertness in people in order to work with a large number of people to do a job that is sufficient on a small scale It's all about doing the job efficiently.

As I've emphasized to you many times.”

Dmitry nodded his head.

Finally, he unfolded his ring finger.

"Lastly, the third one."

Then another roar was heard in the distance.

It wasn't an explosion, but a voice that contained an even greater threat.

Dmitry turned his head and then clenched his teeth in surprise.

Because even though he already knew it, his body did not.

There was a black dragon in the sky.

It was not the dragon that is considered evil in the West, but the very dragon that is worshiped in the East.

It flew around like a spiral from the sky and looked down at the earth as if observing.

Then, at one point, as if the dragon had set its target, it changed direction in the blink of an eye, and Dimitry who had been blankly watching it, finally breathed out a small breath.

It was an unrealistic sight.

“Dmitry, do you really want to fight something like that”

Isaac, too, murmured as he looked at the dragon floating in the sky as if it was ridiculous.

“That is the last reason.

When there are six monsters standing here, it's literally like dog death for our brethren to rush to this place.

Because I do not want my brethren to be consumed in that way.”

And can you believe it

The fact that that dragon only occupies the middle of the six.

* * *

Ernest, a member of the Red Case's infiltration and espionage team, diligently moved his feet.

He could hear the constant roar outside, but it didn't matter to him.

Numerous thoughts were running through his mind.

'Esmeralda, that traitor bitch...… blow it all out.

I still can't calm down.'

Of course, he didn't think their leader would be found, but once the others found out that he had been hiding, the mission was already as good as a failure.

He did not hide his hatred and contempt for Esmeralda, who was especially trusted by their leader.

‘That's why we're ridiculed by those bastards.’

It was an open secret that the waterer team and the infiltration and espionage team did not get along well.

On the one hand, they taunted them as pathetic little rats looking for a hole, and on the other hand, they despised them as a pleasure killer with broken frontal lobes.

Already their team had failed once.

And because of Esmeralda, there was enough risk that even the leader's mission would fail.

So at least for this time...… .

‘At least I have to make up for this by myself.’

That thought became the driving force that made Ernest move alone.

It had been a long time since he had found out where the relic was hidden from what he heard at the conference hall and from the investigation conducted overnight.

If he could find the relic and destroy the relic that originally Esmeralda had to destroy, he would still be able to face the leader.

He walked around carefully and removed the security devices.

To him, these things were easier than breathing.

Like that, the door opened and...… .


In front of him was a white armor, not a relic.


A silver-haired woman in white armor, to be precise.

Laura Hartmann.

The woman called the Paladin was here.

“You're finally here”

Laura murmured in a gloomy voice.

Ernest panicked for a moment, but he didn't show it at all.

If he had panicked like this, he would have been dead long ago.

“Guild Master, I think you should come quickly.

There is currently an attack at the academy.

Quickly ........



Laura cut off his words and looked at him.

“You really…… you were really a good subordinate and colleague.

You've saved my life many times, and brought me out of danger more often than that.

I trusted you so much that your name was never left out whenever I was selecting someone to succeed me.”

With those words, she slowly drew her sword.

It was so natural that for a moment Ernest did not realize what was wrong.

“But how…… Yes, what the ** is this What a wonderful person you were...… .”

With those words, she closed her eyes with difficulty and then opened them.

Her eyes were glistening with tears.

"Although selfish, I had hoped it wasn't just my kids."

"Now, wait a moment.

Hold on, Guild Master.

This is a misunderstanding.

I think I know what you are misunderstanding...… .”

Ernest felt something on his back as he was stepping back.

When he turned around in a hurry, something like a white wall was blocking his way out.

It was originally the ability the Paladin used to protect her comrades.

"You're misunderstanding, Laura! I can explain everything, really!”

Ernest overturned his memory and said what would shake her most.

However, the Paladin just looked at him with unshakable eyes.

“What and how are you going to explain this”

“This is a misunderstanding.

I know.

That it deserves to be doubted.

But I took orders from someone else...



Laura whispered quietly.

“You underestimated us too much.

No, actually, we all wanted our worries to be useless.

So I just…… I was trying to let it go.”

She lifted her sword slowly.

Ernest still believed in a ray of hope.

He had long since given up the option of fighting her and winning.

“The idea that someone close to us might have a spy was something everyone had already thought.

I just turned away because I didn’t want to believe it.”

She murmured still in a gloomy voice.

No, it wasn't a gloomy voice.

It was anger.

She was furious now.

“The six of us had already talked before we gathered, so we dug a trap to filter out spies in the conference room.

Thinking that if we talk about the relic, you will definitely take the bait.”

The paladin raised her sword and muttered quietly, very quietly as if issuing a sentence.

“I won't kill you.

I will cut off your limbs, but I will leave you with your tongue, so you don't need to worry."

Because there are so many words you can spit out with that mouth.


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