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Chapter 54

The six guilds played a very important role in the original story.

In the setting, the six guilds had a blood alliance relationship, and each guild master was one of the ten strongest.

In a word, if the wills of those six guilds were united, they would be so powerful that even the Association or even a nation would not be able to do anything recklessly.

The Ten Strongest was a name that carried that much weight.

… However, this was only the case with the setting, and their treatment in the original story was like a death squadron, as I said before.

Lee Myung-Joon died before the original story even began.

Of the remaining five, two died in the middle of fighting the Seven Evil, which was released from its seal on the day the first Seven Evil was unsealed.

The remaining three either died or went missing due to getting entangled in various incidents, and the ending that all of them were going to die did not change no matter how the story progressed.

At this point, it was kind of sad.

When the guild masters died in the game, their henchmen took over the position, and in the process, the guilds became at odds with each other, or in the worst cases, even confronted each other.

And depending on the story's development or choices, there were cases in which they became absolute allies or potential enemies.

The only good thing was the fact that all six guilds had a common enemy.

The evaluation of the six guilds could be summed up in one sentence.

A group that deals with parts that the main character alone cannot solve or care about.

And, of course, the more their bond remained unbroken, the better things were for me.

The stronger their power, the stronger the checks against the Red Case and the Thorns Cross Society.

That was why I decided to deal with this traitor case, which was the direct cause of their division…….

‘What should I do’

I never expected that all the guild masters would come.

Is this another butterfly effect brought about by Lee Myung-Joon's survival, or is it caused by something else

It was meaningless to even think about it now.

The cause didn't matter.

What mattered was how to take advantage of this situation that had changed.

“…… .”

The biggest events in the academy are Guild Invitation, Commemorative Festival, and Year-End Exam.

In each of these three events, one major antagonistic group emerges.

Red Case, a villainous group.

Thorn Cross Society of Cultists.

And, although they hadn't appeared yet, the Big Watch, who had turned against humanity and joined hands with the monsters.

These three were also the three main antagonists in the original story, Clouds on the Horizon.

If Han Soo-Young is considered the center of the story, it is more likely that Red Case will appear this time.

But I quietly shook my head.

The Thorn Cross Society, which should not have appeared yet, had long since appeared.

If so, there was a good possibility that the Big Watch would also appear.

Maybe all three...… .

After thinking about it, I took out my cell phone and sent the message I had saved to Jin Ye-Seul.

Originally, I would have to tell her separately while watching the situation, but since the situation was like this, it could not be handled alone.

‘Now, which one’

Red Case.

Thorns Cross Society.

And Big Watch.

It was unclear which of the three would appear, but the situation wasn't that bad.

No, it could be said to be better.

That's because all the six guild masters were here.

Honestly,  if they were in their right minds, they wouldn't be doing anything crazy right now.

Then, I had no choice but to wait while gathering information for a while.

"Shall we start moving Ji-Hyuk, you stay here.

I will go over there.”

“Yes, don’t worry.”

At my answer, the senior burst into laughter as if he liked it.

“It’s nice that you are so friendly.

Then I'll leave it to you."

With those words, he walked a little more inward, almost running.

The place certainly looked more difficult than this one, but his back looked so excited that anyone could tell that he wanted to see the guild masters up close.

"Please don't come out of the line.

Please stay in line.”

Obviously, most people flocked to where the guild masters were, so there wasn't much to do where I was.

I repeated my words mechanically, waving the safety stick moderately.

If I had worked part-time instead of as a temporary student council member, I would have gotten a lot of money.

I was thinking like that.


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