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The next morning.

I was sitting in the waiting room of the archery club, which was less busy than the first day.


"Coffee, green tea, and orange juice.

What would you like"


"Water is fine."


“Then me too.”


She carefully brought the water in front of me and sat silently across from me.

Her light green hair fluttered in her ponytail with every move she made.


“Junior Yoo Ji-Hyuk.



She was much younger than the original me, but somehow I felt I was dealing with older people.

I looked at her with a relaxed look and answered quietly.


“You can talk to me casually.”


“No, that.

I'm more comfortable this way."


Lee Ye-Eun.

She was the next head of the World Tree clan, and also the priestess of the World Tree.

She was one of the playable characters and was also the one who should have been the original owner of Branch of the World Tree.


Also, like Ivan Hunt, she uses a bow as her main weapon.

Unlike Ivan, who fights with sophisticated magical control, a vast amount of mana, and attributes granted by the Spirit King's blessing, she is the type of person who leads the situation by making the battlefield itself advantageous to her.

In addition, as a member of the World Tree clan, she was able to use useful buffs and spells on her party members.


… That's the general description of her.


‘The problem is that I am a freshman now, and there's no direct connection with me at the beginning of the semester.’


It could be said that there was little contact between her and me.

Once when I tried to get the branch of the World Tree in the past, and once in the club room a few days ago.

At this level, I was almost a stranger.


In addition, Lee Ye-Eun, considering her personality, was even more reluctant.

She wasn't the kind of person who would try to get close to someone she was not familiar with, by asking them to meet her alone like this.

She probably called me this way because she wanted something or wanted to know something


‘And it must have been because of yesterday.’


Other than that, there was nothing.

The problem was how far she looked and how far she knew.


“… I'd like to apologize for calling you like this so early in the morning.

And thank you.

Thank you for coming even though it was a sudden appointment.”


"It was a request from Senior.

We're in the same club, and above all, you're in the student council.”


“This is my personal matter and has nothing to do with the student council.....

I'm sorry.

If you thought there was that kind of pressure...



She was a little taken aback by my words and bowed her head politely.

It was only then that I realized that she was not the type to take a joke.


“It was just a joke.

You don't have to apologize like that."


"Oh, I see."


She nodded her head slightly.

Then she bowed her head politely to me again.


“Today I have to thank you and apologize to you, both privately and publicly, so I asked to meet like this.”


“Thank you and an apology”



You once told me about the store that sold the by-products of the World Tree before.

It was the start, and was an opportunity to drive out the shops and merchants who were doing illegal things in the area."


She opened the bottle of water with a click.


“It had been a headache for a while.

I didn't know that she was doing that without any fear of getting caught.

Thanks to you, I was able to handle one annoying task.”


“…… .”


As I listened to her, the first thought that came to my mind was that it was too lame for an excuse.

And, unbeknownst to me, she smiled a little as if it had appeared on my face.


“Actually, this is just an excuse.

The main point is because of what happened yesterday.”


“Oh, yes.”


“I think you have noticed to some extent.

The relationship between the Thorns Cross Society and our clan has become a bit complicated."


“Is that something I can hear”


I pretended not to know and asked her.

It was because I instinctively knew it would be something bothersome.

I still have a lot of work to do, but I wanted to refrain from getting caught up in it.


“Actually, it’s one of the secrets, but honestly, everyone who knows it, knows it.

I'm not comfortable keeping my mouth shut even to a person who has been caught up in it and threatened by it.”


“…… .”


“As it turns out, the damage caused by the Thorns Cross Society was in a way caused by our negligence.

And when I checked, I found out that even two freshmen were involved yesterday, along with junior Yoo Ji-Hyuk.

I apologize for that."


She bowed her head again.


"I'll be straight to the point.

If it's all right with the juniors, I'd like to compensate them, to some extent, as an apology for what happened yesterday."


Actually, her words weren't that strange.

The current head of the Thorns Cross Society was a man who was a member of the World Tree clan, and a relative of hers.

From her point of view, it must have been something she wanted to tear up and kill right away.


She was particularly proud of being a member of the World Tree clan, so she might have hated the man even more.


This was because the man currently possessed the branch of the World Tree in one hand, and at the same time had the ability to grant the power of the World Tree to others.

Lee Ye-Eun hatred for the man who uses the power of the World Tree to lead a group of crazy fanatics had appeared several times in the original story...… .




Wait a minute.

I stopped thinking for a moment.



Come to think of it, Lee Ye-Eun and the head of the Thorn Cross Society.

The two received the same branch of the World Tree in their bodies, but their ability to bloom was different.


In the case of Lee Ye-Eun, the ability to make the surroundings to her advantage, the so-called encroachment.

On the other hand, in the case of the men of the Thorn Cross Society, it was the ability to bestow one's powers on others.





As soon as the thought came to me, I let out a sigh of relief.


Why did I have the illusion that my abilities would be the same as Lee Ye-Eun

I didn't even know that I was having such a ridiculous illusion because the ability that first appeared was no different from that of Lee Ye-Eun.


‘Then I can roughly understand what happened yesterday.’


The absorption of all the power of the man who was an executive of the Thorns Cross Society.

Was that my ability

The details would be revealed only when the dormant branch of the World Tree wakes up a few days later, but...… .







When the question was resolved in an unexpected place, I felt a little refreshed.

Thanks to this, I was able to take a closer look at the current situation.


'I'd rather not get involved now.'


After thinking about it for a while, I came to a conclusion.

Lee Ye-Eun was the next head of the world's most influential clan called the World Tree Clan.

Ahn Do-Hoon also had the title of being a descendant of a leading conglomerate, but compared to her, he was somewhat pushed back.


And above all, unlike Ahn Do-Hoon, she was a person who had consistently stood out as the successor by attending various events from an early age.

Frankly speaking, it was better not to get involved with her like this.

It would have been better if I had been able to afford it, but not now, when I had so much to take care of.


If I used yesterday's work as an excuse, I might be able to get some good equipment, cash, or even a skillbook from her.

However, without any preparation or coping, and without knowing what her purpose was, this kind of entanglement had to be avoided as much as possible in the current situation.


‘Besides… .'


Honestly, I could roughly predict why she was doing this to me.

The World Tree, or one of the Thorns Crosses.

If it was the former, maybe one of her guards mentioned that they could feel the power of the World Tree in me, or if it's the latter, maybe it was the conversation with the executive that I had roughly passed over...….


I thought it would be roughly that.


"No, I'm fine since I wasn't hurt.

And to be honest, it wasn't senior's fault either."


"But… .”


In a way, it was fortunate that the branch of the World Tree was dormant.

In addition, Henir's Shadow had the ability to instinctively hide the owner's energy or presence.

Still, just in case, I gave myself the debuff of her Banshee's Necklace before I met her.


‘If she can feel the energy of the World Tree even after this, I should insist that I have just drunk the mineral water of the World Tree.… .'


Thanks to that, I felt like my body was more sluggish than usual.

To be honest, I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.


"It's really okay.

It's enough that you apologized directly to me like this."


Saying that I got up from my seat.

Then I pretended to look at my watch and bowed my head to her.


"I'm sorry.

It's almost time for the ordinance.

I'll be on my way now."




Lee Ye-Eun followed me and stood up from her seat and looked worried for a moment.


“Then you're welcome to come by any time.

Tell your friends I'll see them later…..




Then I'll see you later."


I bowed my head once more to her and immediately walked out of the waiting room.


* * *





Seeing the back of him hurriedly exiting the waiting room, Lee Ye-Eun stood up and tapped the table.

The expression on her face, which reminded one of reluctance somewhere, was cold, unlike before.


'Of course, you're wary of us.'


In the first place, she didn't think that he would loosen his boundaries on her.

She had only met him today to find out the reason why he was wary of.

If he was a member of the Society, he had good reason to be wary of her.

But if it was for another reason......


“…… .”


She was still tapping her finger on the table.


"Did you feel something"




A voice came from the air at her question.

The voice of a mature woman spoke to her in her businesslike manner.


“I didn't feel anything.

At least it doesn't seem that he was baptized in the Thorns Cross Society.”


"Is that so"



So I tried to broaden my senses a bit more...  I couldn't sense anything related to us.”


“Nothing at all"



Not even a little."


The voice answered firmly, and after a while, hesitated and asked back.


“If you want, I can dig around in the back for a while.”


Lee Ye-Eun pondered for a moment and then shook her head.



Unless it's someone from the Cross Society, there is no need.

There is going to be a big event there soon, so it's better not to do anything unnecessary."


"Yes, I understand.



With those words, the buds on the shelf nearby fell with a thud.

Lee Ye-Eun, who had been staring at it, slowly sat down in her chair and thought.


‘The thing I saw yesterday was definitely a World Tree.’


The only people who could accept the power of the World Tree into their bodies in a normal way were those who inherit the same blood as her.

And among them, only a few were able to root and grow the branch of the World Tree in their bodies.


Currently, the only people in this world who had a branch of the World Tree rooted in their bodies were her father, who was currently unconscious, and the man who was a traitor to her family and clan.

There were only two of them.


'That's why I thought he was baptized in the Cross Society.'



Then of course the only person who could use the power of the World Tree would be someone who had been baptized in the Cross Society.

If it was the case, she would have rushed in without question.


However, Yoo Ji-Hyuk's case was different from those of the baptized people she had seen so far.

So she checked just in case, and she had just been confirmed that he was not baptized.

It meant that he had nothing to do with the Thorns Cross Society.


'Surely… .'


The World Tree was not the only plant-based ability that existed.

The distance between them was also too far, so she might have been mistaken.




It was definitely a World Tree.’


She could instinctively sense that he had something to do with the World Tree.


Yoo Ji-Hyuk.

Muttering his name quietly, she tapped her fingers in a different rhythm than before.

Then, this time, an honest male voice was heard.


“Yes, lady.”


Unlike her, who was loyal to her family, this man was her vassal was solely loyal to Lee Ye-Eun.

Therefore, she still gave the order in a gentle voice.


“Yoo Ji-Hyuk.

Find out some information about the boy.

Do it legally.

Don't cross the line for no reason and make things troublesome.”




"And… .”


Lee Ye-Eun hesitated for a moment.

And quietly added, recalling the elegant private lives of the members of her family members.


“…About the members of the family.

Do you understand what I mean”


She wondered why.

As she looked at Yoo Ji-Hyuk, she felt an unknown emotion.

She had no way of knowing what that discomfort was.





Then, good luck.”


With those words, she stood up.

It wasn't empty words that she couldn't afford the guild invitation ceremony to be held in a few days.


* * *


I was barely able to get to the classroom before the ordinance began.

I immediately made my way to Choi Hyun-Woo's side, which was empty.


“Haaam… .”


As soon as I sat down, I yawned and Choi Hyun-Woo, who was sitting next to me, looked at me.


“You look tired.”


“I had some work to do.

So, I had to wake up a little early.”


"In the morning"


Choi Hyun-Woo looked at me with an unexpected expression.

And Han Soo-Young, who was sitting next to him, said as if she were scolding me.


"Be careful.

If you're late, you're the only one who'll lose."


"I know.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”


I replied roughly, relaxing my stiff body.

Han Soo-Young was about to say something more, but she closed her mouth with a look of dissatisfaction.

Choi Hyun-Woo smiled awkwardly and patted her lightly on the shoulder as if to comfort her.


In the meantime, Professor Blesbuck opened the door and walked in, waving her red hair as usual.


‘How come it seems that I only talked with her every time during the ordinance and at the end of the day.'


I wanted to visit the club as an excuse in the near future.

If not for her, I would be in a position where I had to get help from Cass Lyle, so it would be easier to get help if I got a little closer.


"It is a good day.

To put it bluntly, today I have the news you have been waiting for.”


She paused for a moment, then, satisfied that the students were focused on her, opened her mouth.


“Do you remember the last time we had an accident and practice was suspended for a while, and we were only doing theory classes There was a lot of talk about many things, but starting today, we have resumed practice.”


At these words, I heard a buzz of voices for a while.

Most of them sounded happy, but in particular, Choi Hyun-Woo, who was next to me, looked unusually elated.


“Training is scheduled to resume this afternoon.

Also, I would like to inform you that other activities, including club activities, are now possible.

After classes are over for the day, there will be no restrictions on whether you train, go to the club, take a break or have a leisure time.”


Come to think of it, did I mention that the training time is being controlled for a while

It seemed like Choi Hyun-Woo grumbled at the passing words.


“And one last thing to announce.”


When she tapped the blackboard, a list appeared in large letters on the screen.

As soon as I saw it, I knew what the list meant.

And it wasn't just me, it was everyone in the classroom.


“Each of you has been assigned an advisor for your practical training.”


She said, clapping her hands when she heard a buzzing sound.


“Remember everything accurately and make sure to visit your respective advisor during the afternoon training session.

You'll be spending most of your training time with them.”


I checked the list.

And I couldn't help but frown.


'That person is definitely....



[Yoo Ji-Hyuk] ― [Abel Grossman]


‘… Fuck.’


As soon as I saw the name, I had no choice but to swallow the profanity that was about to come out of my mouth.


Abel Grossman.

She was also called a geek, and she was unusually the type of hero who handled numerous weapons without any main armament.


And she was also Jin Ye-Seul's advisor.


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