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‘You useless bastard!’


Lee Yu-Na clenched her teeth as she thought while chewing her words.


Did you say it was Na Il-Jun

Even though they were in different classes, he did so many stupid things, and his rampage was so crazy that even she knew his name.

In addition, he was also well known for the fact that he was thoroughly trampled by his classmates who received an 'E' grade.


Maybe that's why he ended up in the same group as her.

She didn't want to brag, but she had the title of being top in the whole school, albeit jointly.


Come to think of it, half of her party members were like him, with personality flaws and ambiguities.


'If anything, he's in a position better than me.'


Ivan Hunt, who was a co-top student with her, was instead assigned a girl who had been taking on the lowest rank in the entire school since middle school.

Still, there was only one person, and she would move obediently as she was told.

She hated anyone like him who lived on his own flair and was overconfident in himself.


When she looked at the party members, she thought that she was really unlucky, but who would have thought that was just the beginning

As soon as they entered the dungeon, it suddenly swallowed them as if they were snakes in disguise.


She was surprised, but she didn't take any action, thinking that this was what the class was about in the first place.

And as soon as she woke up, she could sense that something was wrong.


And the next thing she knew, the party was already scattered.

Except for Na Il-Jun, who was right next to her.


From the moment she woke up, she was able to somehow endure the fact that she was left alone with Na Il-Jun, who was constantly grumbling.

However, she could not stand his foolish behavior, screaming at the sight of a monster that anyone could see was extremely dangerous and drawing its attention.


“What are you doing, avoid it!”




If she could, she would just let him die, but she couldn't.

Lee Yu-Na also threw herself away, kicking Na Il-Jun's side, who was absent-minded even though the huge old tree rushed in.




Seeing the fist that was powerful enough to make the rock wall dent with a roar, she was convinced again that something was definitely wrong.


‘Even a graze is going to turn my bones into powder.’


With a small click of her tongue, Lee Yu-Na quickly began to roll her head to get out of this situation.

It had been a long time since Na Il-Jun, who was panicking next to her and started running away in a hurry, had already been counted out of force.

If there was at least one vanguard in front of me that would draw its attention..… .




While she was thinking about it, a male student appeared from the blind spot of the old tree.


Jumping high without anyone stopping him, he went straight down the back of the old tree diagonally.

With the sound of iron hitting bluntly, she saw the old tree scream like the sound of the wind as he tried to raise his fist toward her again.




Lee Yu-Na quickly casted a spell, squeezed out her mana, and turned it into a weapon.

It was materialization magic which was similar but of a different form than Ivan Hunt's magic bow.


“Get away from it!”


While giving a warning to Choi Hyun-Woo, the male student who had intervened on the way, she immediately fired the weapons she had made at the old tree, like missiles.

She shoot out numerous types of weapons she could think of such as swords, spears, steel bars, and sickles but the old tree shook its hand as if it was just annoying.

Seeing that, that alone blocking her attack, Lee Yu-Na clicked her tongue.


'As expected, something made quickly would not be powerful enough.’


However, that didn't mean that she could invest time in it recklessly.

If she was late to distract its attention, the male student who came to help would soon collapse, and then she would also be crushed like dried filefish(Jwipo).




In the end, she had no choice but to continue the meaningless war of attrition while waiting for the reinforcements that she didn't know when would arrive.

So, gritting her teeth, Lee Yu-Na continued to squeeze out weapons.


She was doing that.

Lee Yu-Na and Choi Hyun-Woo.

She felt a strange sensation ride down her entire body, regardless of which of the two was first.




Feeling a chill down her spine, Lee Yu-Na tried to get out of the way, but she couldn't.

It was because the old tree made another terrible sound as if it had been timed.

She knew without seeing the blood dripping from her left ear as she was too late to cover her ears.


"Ah… !”


Lee Yu-Na, who had been dodging the whole time, groaned automatically in the pain that she could feel from her ankle side.

As she looked down, she found her ankles were tied to a vine like a branch that broke through the ground.

It must have taken advantage of the moment when her body was sluggish.




"Watch out!"


Shouting like that, Choi Hyun-Woo immediately tried to move to help her, but he was also in a hurry to avoid the vines that were breaking through the ground and walls.


“No, this!”


She struggled to escape somehow, but the more she did, the harder the branches constrained her body, like a spider's web.

It was dangerous, as soon as she realized that, she could hear the terrible sound again.


And when she looked up, she saw the huge tree swinging its fist right at her.

Lee Yu-Na let out a small sigh.




I'm going to die.

Will my body be intact if I'm hit by that fist with all its strength

It was when Lee Yu-Na was blankly staring at the fist that was flying towards her.




It sounded as if the air was being expelled.

At the same time, with a roar, a brightly shining arrow pierced the wrist of the giant tree.


Then the trajectory of the giant tree's fist changed as it flew, and even when it was hitting right next to her, she was unable to move due to the impact.




With a dazed sound, Lee Yu-Na turned her head to the side to see Ivan Hunt staring at her with his magic bow deployed.


How did that guy...…

As she was muttering like that, a male student who had somehow approached her, cut off the vines that were binding her ankles with a dagger.


"What are you gawking at"


“Uh, huh”


The male student, who chastised her, immediately grabbed her and threw himself backward.


‘This guy is definitely…… .'


Who was it

As if to answer Lee Yu-Na, who was thinking about it, Choi Hyun-Woo's welcome cry was heard.




Yoo Ji-Hyuk.

Yes, the E-rank male student who beat Na Il-Jun.

This was him.


Lee Yu-Na quickly looked over the male student who grabbed her back with a new look.

And feeling the energy flowing from his body, she immediately concluded.


‘… How can this be an E-rank’


With that thought, Lee Yu-Na was able to vent a sigh full of the meaning that she was fortunate to live in any way.


* * *


‘Well then, now…… .'


I thought as I stepped back with Lee Yu-Na, who was in a crisis.

When I took out my phone and looked at the screen, I saw a flashing number appearing like an electronic display. 


[Current Kill Contribution Ranking


1) Choi Hyun-Woo ― 0.34 %

2) Lee Yu-Na ― 0.21 %

3) Ivan Hunt ― 0.08 %]


'Fortunately, it looks like it's just started.'


I pulled out my dagger and looked at the giant tree.

And I took a look around.


Choi Hyun-Woo smiled and lifted his sword once towards me.

And as soon as Ivan Hunt woke up, he immediately grasped the situation and gave appropriate cover fire.

It was dangerous just now, but it could be dealt with as an all-rounder.


‘Okay, that’s enough.’


With this much of a member, I should be able to stick Nidhog's fang inside the giant tree.

It was even better since there were few eyes to pay attention to.


“Thank you for saving me.”


"Huh Oh, yeah."


I quickly looked around, answering like that.


The structure was like a hunting ground, with many paths converging like a bottleneck towards a large square.

Once you entered it, it would block the way out so that you could not escape.

This was the first time I had seen this scene.


'The details are slightly different from the original.

At this rate, it will be difficult for other people to break in.’


This was convenient for me, but it didn't seem like that for the others.

As if to prove that, Lee Yu-Na, who had just passed the near-death crisis, asked me with a slightly pale complexion.


“I'm really grateful for your help, but...  Aren't we the only ones here"


“Of course not.”


I pointed back with my finger.

There was Jin Ye-Seul, who could be seen from a distance trembling as if she was dancing, and a shrunken Na Il-jun, who must have gone there at some point.


“There’s one more over there.

There's one in your side, too.”


“That’s really reassuring.”


Lee Yu-Na replied and spread her hands in the air.

Then, as if spreading out a fan, daggers that were in double digits, appeared in the sky.


As Lee Yu-Na gestured, they were shot out one after another, which appropriately covered Choi Hyun-Woo and distracted the giant tree.

She seemed to be just focusing on the cover, perhaps realizing that her attack couldn't properly shock it.




On the other hand, Choi Hyun-Woo was avoiding giant trees and branches as if he were performing a stunt and occasionally attacking it.

The damage was negligible, but it was obvious that Choi Hyun-Woo was the one who was getting the most effective hits.


“…… .”


On the other hand, Ivan used the arrows he had created over time to relentlessly target only the limbs and joints of the giant tree.

Thanks to this, the movement of the giant tree was barely shifted, and Choi Hyun-Woo was succeeding in attacking by appropriately utilizing the deviation.


'Choi Hyun-Woo and two people covering him.'


It was also the most efficient way.

If we had enough time, we might even be able to defeat it with these three.


‘But that's not possible.’




Suddenly, the giant tree began to scream.

The other three flinched at the change and backed away, but I immediately rushed towards it as if I had been waiting for it.


“Wait, Ji-Hyuk! It's dangerous!"


Choi Hyun-Woo tried to dissuade me by shouting like that but I didn't stop.

It was because I knew very well that this moment when that guy would be most helpless.


‘To put it simply, it's that.’


The start of phase 2.

And from that moment on, the guy would turn so violent and powerful that ordinary attacks wouldn't work and there would be no choice but to run away.


However, it would take some time before it would change that way, and it would be completely defenseless.

The threatening roar it just made, was nothing more than a bluff to hide that fact.




I immediately hung on the back of the guy as if clinging to it.

And the other three also quickly began to take action, perhaps realizing something after seeing it just roar, even after me sticking to it.


‘I can’t even scratch it with a dagger.’


Not when I didn't have the skill or strength like Choi Hyun-Woo.

I quickly pulled out Nidhogg's fang that was hidden in my arm and held it in reverse.


“It’s time for a massage, asshole!”


And I started hitting it on the back as hard as I could.

With a popping sound, I could see the guy's outer skin was being scraped away.




Just as I thought the roar of the guy's scream became even louder, Choi Hyun-Woo jumped low and cut the ankle of the old tree.

It was certainly not my illusion that the blade of the sword he was holding was shining.


Seeing that, unlike before, it left a large scar on its body, Choi Hyun-Woo smiled a little and continued to swing his sword.


‘Lee Yu-Na and Ivan, I think they are preparing for something big.’


Glancing sideways at it, I kept hitting it on the back.

Then, with each cut I made, I saw the strange pattern grow larger and larger.


‘It's about time.’


Suddenly, the giant tree stopped roaring and suddenly began to tremble.

Realizing that there was not much time left, I pulled my arm back as if driving a wedge.




Was it my imagination, or did the information window seem to glow like a game, appeared in front of my eyes


[Hunter's Mark is used!]


[All accumulated marks will be removed!]


[Inflicts additional shock to the opponent!]


Then, as if breaking glass with a hammer, the place I hit, shattered.

And I shoved Nidhogg's fang deep into its body as if I were riding on the momentum.


'Done… !’


Now all I had to do was wait.


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