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With a total of four years of education and a total student capacity of nearly 10,000, Orhe Academy is the largest and most prestigious hero training institution in the world.


The number of freshmen at Orhe Academy is 3,000.

However, by the time they graduate in their 4th year, there will be less than 2,000 left.

In short, this means that at least a thousand students will be eliminated in the middle.


There are many reasons for the elimination.


Committing serious misconduct.

He may be physically injured or disabled to the extent that he can no longer keep up with the class.

Or he himself doesn't want to be at the academy anymore…


It is natural, but one of the reasons is the accumulation of warnings due to several poor grades.


However, since the children who came to this academy were at least chosen from among the most famous and brilliant students in the whole world, it could be said that they rarely receive academic warnings due to poor grades.

But the problem was the fact that I might be in that rare case now.


“Alchemy can also be said to be a comprehensive, interdisciplinary collection of several studies.

Along with the astrology of Mesopotamia in the past, Egyptian craftsmanship and magic, and ancient Greek philosophy, including mystery ideas and magic, theology, and myths, appeared in ancient alchemy, and this extends to modern alchemy… .”


Eventually, I decided to join both Alchemy and Archery.

In the meantime, I returned to the dormitory after receiving a quite thick book from Cass Lyne, saying it would be better to dig it up because it was a basic book, and since there was nothing much to do, I flipped over the cover to take a look.


And it's like this from the first page.

I don't even know what the hell I've read.

I had to admit at this point that I was thinking too easily of alchemy and stuff like that.


'It's crazy, really.'


It was not for nothing that only Ivan Hunt and Lee Yu-Na, who were tied for first place in writing with Han Soo-Young, were able to choose the auxiliary ability of alchemy.

I leaned back on the chair, grabbing my head, which was already starting to throb.


‘I can't quit now.’


I couldn't give up on alchemy, both in terms of story and in terms of various efficiencies.

If I had to pick a substitute, it was only magic or spirits, but in the case of magic, it would be more difficult than alchemy, and in the case of spirits, the affinity was too low to be polished.


‘It can't be helped’


For now, I'll try to do as much as I can.

With that in mind, I was about to read the book again when I was startled.




Mandragora that I put in a glass and barely cared about.

The guy, who would normally be floating in the water with a carefree attitude was staring at me.

It wasn't me to be exact, but at a book, I had opened called Introduction to Alchemy.


When I moved the book a few times, the part that looked like the guy's face moved together.

It looked like he was reading the book.

Finding it strange rather than being reluctant, I carefully lifted the glass and placed it closer to the book.


“…  .”


Then, as if swimming, he wriggled in the water and pushed his face into the glass cup.

Then he began to stare at the book.

Perhaps it was my imagination, I even thought he looked like a human being.


'That's interesting.'


I watched him for a moment, unconcerned, and then turned my head back to the book.

As I was reading something I didn't understand, I saw something written in elegant handwriting in one corner of the book.


[Avicenna's glue is slowly mixed with Alaune's mercury in a ratio of 3: 1, and the vapor that comes out of it, is distilled and added to the reagent, which makes it a little more stable.

However, it was noticeable that the total amount that could be extracted was significantly reduced.

I'll have to find out if there's something with similar effects to this.]


“What are you talking about”


I shook my head, clicking my tongue at the sound of catching a floating cloud.

[Note:* The sound of catching the floating clouds → is used for those who pursue or say a vague, absurd, or false thing.]

It's probably a note left by the person who was the original owner of this book, but I wondered if there would be a day when I could roughly understand what this meant.

Then, something flashed on the cell phone on my desk.


‘Settings book.’


There were obviously a lot of functions other than the setting book, but the setting book alone was so vast that I didn't look for it properly.

I immediately reached out and operated the cell phone.

As I searched every nook and cranny of the simple window that looked as usual, I saw a window with the words [Q/A] written on it.


No way.

Even though I thought so, when I pressed it reflexively, the screen immediately changed.

It was a blank screen with only [Q/A] written in the middle of the top.

When I was wondering what it was, a sentence immediately appeared on the screen.


[Fernel's Tears Powder has the most similar effect.]




I made a voice involuntarily.

I immediately rummaged through the book and found another note, and in the meantime, it was a bonus that Mandragora, who was in a glass cup, looked at me as if protesting.


[What if it is revealed that the water of life of Lymundus is actually not very effective compared to the raw material in its natural state If it was just a difference in efficacy depending on the state of processing, it would be possible to process it more effectively.

Now, there is only one step left to solve.

Over time, it is divided into jelly-like solids and lime water, is there any way to prevent this What should I add]


When I looked at my cell phone again, a different sentence appeared this time.


[Accurately, if 0.3 ml of oil obtained from the whiskers of a catfish that is exactly 180 days old is added based on 100 ml, it can be maintained without any side effects.]


"Holy **."


When I tested for other subjects, the answers immediately popped up every time.

To be sure, I also checked the results in the question booklet provided in each dormitory.


‘If you use it well, from the written test to the riddles of the dungeon… Anyway, I don't have to worry about it in many ways.'


If I use a watch or a small terminal instead of a cell phone, I will be able to use it more freely.

Because no matter how much so, I can't just pull out my cell phone and use it when I take an exam.


‘Now that I have money, I’ll try to find something suitable for it.’


As the worries disappeared in an instant, I could feel the tension melting away.

It's late, so I'm going to sleep now.

Meanwhile, I noticed that Mandragora was still reading the book.


“… .”


I couldn't help but pause for a moment at the sight of him reading his book without a care in the world.

After a while, I left the book behind and lay down on the bed without even turning off the stand light.




Tomorrow will definitely be a more tiring day than today, so I should get plenty of sleep.

I closed my eyes quietly with that thought.


* * *


“In other words, it can be seen that the actual strength of monsters does not necessarily match the risk rating.

Currently, even though you can catch monsters sufficiently in groups, there are cases where you have to be designated to a higher risk rating due to your personality or characteristics.

Of course, there are cases where it's the opposite.… .”


I barely held back my yawn and blinked to chase away the drowsiness that was rushing in.

Unlike yesterday, most of today's classes were only indoors, that is, theory classes.


I was exhausted after sitting in my seat and listening to nothing but explanations from this morning until now.

When I looked around, I could see students already dozing off beside me.

In the meantime, Han Soo-Young, who still looks fine, was waking up Choi Hyun-Woo, who was sitting right in front of her.


"You all look bored.”


The professor, who looked around, said so and tapped the desk a few times.

Then he sighed as if he couldn't help it.


“To wake up, let’s talk about something you might like.”


He added that he was planning to go loose as it was the first class anyway, but looking at the reactions of the surrounding students, it certainly didn't seem like that.


“All monsters are graded from S rank, which requires the concentration of national power, to F rank, which can be captured by the general public.

But, there are cases where ranks are not counted among these monsters, can anyone tell me about this case”


Someone raised their hand.


“If it is newly discovered and has not yet been compiled, and if it is recognized that the grade needs to be readjusted, I understand that the existing grade will be temporarily initialized."


“That's precise.

And there's another one, does anyone know that"


It was quiet this time.

I knew it, but I didn't want to say it.


“As for the last one, above S rank...  So, to put it simply, grades are not given when there is no further meaning to be graded.”


Come to think of it, that professor looked quite old.

If so, perhaps he may have heard of or seen traces of them.


“And there have been only seven such cases so far.

Fortunately, there is nothing left now because all of them are dead or unresponsive.”


And those seven monsters will all appear within 4 years at the latest.


The Seven Evils.

It can be said that they are the strongest beings in the Clouds on the Horizon, as well as the last boss.

Ariman, my top priority target and the one I had to kill, also belonged to this Seven Evils.


‘Every time one seal is broken, the next one is broken, and the relay is continued in that way…  .'


In the original story, it is impossible to prevent a few seals from breaking.

Each player character has a different story, so even though the details were different, the overall flow was pretty much the same.


‘For example, two of them have already been broken.’


One will be broken in the next two months, and since two have already been broken, the collapse of the seal cannot be prevented.

Fortunately, I still remember how to deal with the other remaining four.


‘I can’t stop the collapse anyway.’


If that's the case, then I should prepare everything and kill the other four as soon as they are released.

In the case of the two creatures that were released first, the method of killing them was rather tricky than using force.


‘It's meaningless to make a fuss right now.’


I was just doing what I could do right now.

I would have come out when I had to step up anyway.


* * *


There are several reasons why the application rate is the highest not only in Korea, where Orhe Academy is located, but also worldwide.


Among them, factors such as the biggest and largest scale, excellent technology, and thorough education method can be cited as one of the reasons.


And most of all, the reason most students apply with this in mind is the fact that there are many active heroes who have made a name for themselves after graduating here at Orhe Academy.


And one of the ten strongest heroes in Korea, along with the nickname of the heroes' model.


Lee Myung-Joon, who was praised to the extent that it is difficult to find a hero that powerful even when looking around the world, was also one of the representative graduates of Orhe Academy.



You just woke up”


Lee Myung-Joon, who had been invited to Orhe Academy as a temporary advisor, listened quietly to the phone in his room.


“She hasn’t uttered a single word yet… It doesn't matter.

No one thought she would open her mouth anyway.

Keep a close eye on her to make sure she doesn't do anything weird."


It would be troublesome if this leaked out, but Lee Myung-Joon didn't care.

It had been a long time since he had already confirmed that there were no eavesdropping or other electronic devices with his own abilities, and it was because he had even made a magical barrier with the help of another colleague.


"Any peculiarities to report"


Lee Myung-Joon's eyes narrowed at the voice coming from over the phone.


“She was poisoned… But no one was able to decipher it.”


At first, he thought it was a suicide poison, but from what he heard, it didn't sound like it.


‘Come to think of it, definitely...



Lee Myung-Joon remembered that the report only wrote about the two people who succeeded in attacking her.




I'll look into it."


A certain male student's face appeared in his mind.


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