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‘E Vs.



Even in the original story, fighting with opponents with different ranks was a common occurrence, so I didn't panic.


Someone stronger than you, someone similar to you, someone weaker than you.

By looking at how to deal with each situation, you can understand the person's fighting sense and style.

I already knew that this was one of the main purposes of this time.


'But it's E rank.'


To be honest, the fact that my rank was almost at the bottom of the list was a result that I had expected to some extent.


This was because the measurement of combat ability represents the sum total of an individual's basic physical strength, career so far, and talents or skills expressed during the academy life.


However, in my case, the abilities that appeared outwardly were almost like those of ordinary people, and since I had just entered high school, there was no way I could have had a career in the past.

In addition, the talents, skills, and arts that I currently possess were all acquired after the measurement of ability was completed.

Therefore, it was not difficult to grasp the fact that they were also results that were not reflected.


Perhaps that was why Choi Hyun-Woo looked dubious for a moment at my rank that appeared on the electronic display, and then nodded as if he understood it immediately.



So damn shameful..



On the other hand, Na Il-Jun, who would spar with me, seemed to think I was comical.


“Rank E Oh, **.

Is that a rank you can get No, is it possible to get in with such rank like that” 


Na Il-Jun began to make a ruckus as if he was asking everyone.

Ignoring the ranting, I grabbed the pair of daggers, the main weapon of my choice, in various ways.


However, I had no experience or memory of using daggers, so there was no way I could take a proper posture.

I held the two daggers in opposite hands and swung my hands as I had seen somewhere.

I decided not to worry too much about it, thinking that no matter why I went, I could always go to Seoul.


['No matter why I went, I could always go to Seoul' '모로 가도 서울로만 가면 된다고'  The end justifies the means.]


While I was slowly preparing, Na Il-Jun was still sarcastic with a ridiculous look.


“Anyway, you bastard who doesn’t deserve it.

Did you make fun of me that day Trusted one of your friends What is he doing with you bastard But what should I do You really **ed me up today, you bastard...



“If your weapon is the tongue, you should go there.

Why did you come here”


I looked at him as if it was ridiculous and spat it out like that.

Then I felt like I heard a snap somewhere and something was breaking off.


"Oh, bast..



Na Il-Jun muttered a small swear word and pulled out a sword about the length of a medium sword from his back.

Is that the weapon he chose at the academy

It's exactly what it says in the setting book.


‘But in this case, shouldn’t the dagger be attached to each other’


As I complained to myself like that, I tensed my body.


I couldn't use the branch of the World Tree, Henir's Shadow, and Nidhogg's Fang here.

So the only skill I could use was the ‘Hunter's Mark’, but the problem was that I had never practiced it, let alone using it in a real battle.


Fortunately, my physical abilities were much higher than he thought, and I already knew his fighting style.


‘Also… .'


I also have a Banshee necklace that Lee Myung-Joon gave me.

In the end, I'm glad he gave me this.


[When infused with mana, weakens a single opponent who is hostile to the owner.]


In the current situation, it was natural to weaken the opponent.

The image of infusing mana was not difficult in itself, as I had learned it to some extent while dealing with the branch of the World Tree and Henir's Shadow.


‘Is this how you do it… '


As I gently raised my hand holding the dagger, I gripped the necklace as if to cover it, and infused mana as I was told.

Immediately, I could see Na Il-Jun suddenly fixing his sword a few times, but I didn't know if it was really because it had weakened his ability value.


'Let's see.

It clearly said in the setting that he would open the way while fighting with a heavy sword and attack by throwing a dagger if there was a gap.’


I guess I'll have to face him a few times to find out more.

As I was thinking like that, Na Il-Jun immediately swung his sword at me in an honest manner.




The moment his sword crossed with the dagger in my hands, I couldn't help but tilt my head.




Just in case, I blocked his attack with just one hand this time.

And I was able to conclude immediately.


‘The sword is light.’


Even though he was swinging the sword, I was able to follow with my eyes without difficulty.

In fact, when I had effortlessly blocked his sword twice in a row, he took a few quick, crackling steps backward.


"Oh, I guess you had some basic skills to join this academy"


“…  .”


There are a total of seven ranks for students, ranging from the highest, S rank, to the lowest, E rank.

In simple terms, C rank meant that he was just about average, but there was a setting that the standard of the Orhe Academy itself was about half a level higher than the other academies.

In other words, if Na Il-Jun go went to a normal place, he would be measured as a student equivalent to a B rank.


This meant that if you excluded experience and other things and just considered ability values, he could run in the field even if he was in charge of cleaning the bottom right now.


‘Is the weakening ability better than I thought, or is it that my ability value is high…  .'


I didn't know which of the two, but there was something I found out in the short engagement just now.

It was the fact that the current Na Il-Jun was an opponent that I could defeat without difficulty.

I calmly turned the dagger in my hand and rushed towards him without warning.


"Cowardly bastard..… !”


I immediately swung my dagger at him, aiming at his face.

In my opinion, it was a sloppy move, but for Na Il-Jun, it seemed to have come a little differently.


“Oh, crazy!”


He faltered as he said it, barely able to hold on.

As I recalled Esmeralda's image in my vague memories, I began to move along with those memories.

Even though I was just copying the form that remained vaguely in my memory, Na Il-Jun was just helpless.


I was well aware that this wasn't because of my excellent technique, but simply because my physical specifications such as strength and agility were superior to Na Il-Jun.


‘I think it's better to just push it then.'


As a result of rough competition, this guy Na Il-Jun wasn't particularly skilled.

Then I don't have to worry about that, such as him countering or his power that can catch me off guard.

Having made that decision, I immediately threw the dagger I was holding in my left hand at his face.




He bearly managed to dodge the dagger I threw.

It was a throw with no technique or anything, but it was quite powerful because it was loaded with a lot of power.

Of course, it would be meaningless if it couldn't hit him, but I didn't expect it to hit him in the first place.




He had already figured out from the previous engagement that I was superior to him in strength and agility.

Perhaps that was why he seemed to realize that he was caught by me only after his wrist was grabbed.

As if to quickly get out of my grasp, he began to use his arrogance, but I was one step ahead of him and pulled him hard, throwing him off balance.


I kicked Na Il-Jun's leg, who was reflexively trying not to fall, and he fell down on his face.

I quickly climbed on top of him and hit him in the middle of the back with my knee.




He groaned with the sound of air being expelled.

Without stopping there, I stepped on the wrist holding the sword as if trampling on it.

Even I thought it was a sloppy posture.

However, the difference in power was so great that he was overpowered by me without being able to move.




I stood up at the sound of a loud whistle along with the shout of the professor, in charge of the referee.

It was only then that I realized that the surroundings, which had been noisy for some time, had become quiet.


“… … .”


Na Il-Jun didn't say anything and just kept his head down on the ground.

I was about to say something, but I just glanced at him and went on my way.


"Great job."


"What kind of trouble." 


As I walked out of the sparring area, Choi Hyun-Woo welcomed me.

I could feel the students around me looking at me, but I pretended not to notice and continued the conversation with Choi Hyun-Woo.


“But, is it possible to find the right advisor for a person with just one class today”


I overlooked it in the game, but it was not a very reliable method when I thought about it.

Just now, in the case of me and Na Il-Jun, I just wielded the dagger blindly and won through a physical fight, and Na Il-Jun was helplessly defeated.


What the hell can you find out from the match just now


“Well, I don’t know either.”


Choi Hyun-Woo burst into a friendly smile and shrugged.


"But they wouldn't say that it's the best academy in the world for no reason.

So you don't have to worry too much”


Choi Hyun-Woo, who said so, made a small 'ah' sound.

When I turned my head, Choi Hyun-Woo's name appeared on the electronic display this time.


"I'll be back.”


And one thing was for sure, at least Choi Hyun-Woo hadn't changed much, whether it was in the game or here in reality.


[Choi Hyun-Woo (RANK S)]


The opponent was a B-rank male student whose name I had heard for the first time.

He was probably just an extra.

I quietly prayed for his well-being.


* * *


Today's class was filled only with morning classes, that is, the spar to select an advisor.


That didn't mean that we were supposed to take it easy.

In our case, we were given a guidebook, but essentially, as we had been told on the first day, each student had to spend this afternoon busy.


The idea was that the students should be able to develop their own future, but at this level, it was almost as if they were left to their own devices.

With that in mind, I sipped my coffee with plenty of sugar in it.


"By the way, Soo-Young, how were your results today"


The three of us were sitting on an outside terrace, which was used as a cafe and a lounge for students.

When Choi Hyun-Woo, the largest size of iced Americano and was drinking it like water, opened his mouth, Han Soo-Young gave a rare smile.


“It was an easy win.”


“As expected, I also won all three times.”


"And you"


“Two wins and a tie.

Don't think of me as a monster like you.”


I also had to fight against two other opponents except for Na Il-Jun.

The female student holding the long sword was defeated without difficulty, but it ended with a draw against the male student holding the spear.


‘But I'm glad I didn't get a bad grade.’


Fortunately, there seemed to be a little hope in the selection of my advisor.

In fact, it was even more fortunate because it was a problem that I had vaguely considered.


‘To ask Lee Myung-Joon, he doesn’t use a dagger at all, and I think I can learn body arts from General Jang… .'


I suppose it would be better to take a class from the advisor that would be introduced at the academy first.

If the need arose, I could just ask Lee Myung-Joon to introduce me to a dagger master.


“So, is that it for today's class"


While I was thinking that, Choi Hyun-Woo, who was sipping on an iced Americano next to me, started a conversation as usual.

Then Han Soo-Young, who was sipping and drinking a cup of hot tea, answered.



But, as I heard from the professor, there are very few opportunities to visit the club in advance except for this afternoon, so it would be better to go today if possible.”


“Well, the kendo and hunting club rooms are almost next to each other, so it'll be quick.

How are you guys”


When he asked while chewing the ice cheerfully, Han Soo-young answered, joking around with a teabag.


“The reading club is the library, so I can go there anytime, so I’m only going to the magic exploration section today.

I'm a little busy today."


When Choi Hyun-Woo looked at me, I quietly put down the empty glass.


“I also want to go to a reading club later.

I'll go to alchemy and archery club today, and if I don’t like it, I'll join something else.”


“Oh, then why don’t you come into kendo or hunting It's better to go together if possible."


"I'll keep that in mind."


In response to my answer, Choi Hyun-Woo looked at the clock on one side of the lounge and began to organize his seat.


"Than shall we start moving now When you're done, let's get together at a separate restaurant or train together."


At those words, I unknowingly distorted my expression.


“You are not tired”


"Not at all."


It wasn't empty words, but it really looked like he wasn't tired at all.

Realizing that he had really monster-like stamina, I also got up from my seat.


Alchemy and archery are quite far apart, so it was better to move slowly as Choi Hyun-Woo said.


‘So where should I go first’


I vaguely thought about it as I rubbed my arm, which was slowly getting muscle pain.


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