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Chapter 155

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Jin Ye-Jeong's death.

Even though she was scheduled to die, it was too sudden.

Most of all, maybe it was because of the memories of talking together and forming a strange bond of sympathy with her until a few days ago.

I seemed more shocked by her death than expected.

Even I could feel that my expression had subsided.

'But how the hell did it happen….'

It is unknown to whom or how she died.

Because, even in the original story, Jin Ye-Jeong's death was mentioned as if it were just passing by.

First, I left a text message to Jin Ye-Jun saying I would call him in the afternoon and looked ahead.

There, Isaac McDowell was receiving the microphone with a smile.

― Hello, students of Orhe Academy.

My name is Isaac McDowell, a professor of Urea.

I can't hide my sincere joy to see the seeds of these young heroes who will be responsible for the future, and I don't know what to do.

He began to speak in a voice that was pleasant to listen to, yet somehow felt trustworthy.

As is probably the case with the leaders of any organization, there was something about their words that contained the power to captivate and persuade people.

And Isaac McDowell was one of those born with that gift in particular.

― Although we are taught under different roofs, in the end, our roots and essence are one.

Everyone, future heroes, future hunters, future saviors....

He has a total of four disciples.

I remember that each of them, with the exception of Dmitry, had unique abilities.

The ability of the stocky man called Breakvilles was the ability to transform his body into a fortress.

Emilia, that Latin woman, had the ability to control her weight.

And the man, whose name I can't recall, had the ability to nullify impact and channel it to the ground.

And Isaac McDowell was able to use all the abilities of the other three disciples at the same time, except for Dmitry.

His ability to duplicate an opponent's abilities under limited circumstances was his greatest feature, and of course, he had his own unique abilities apart from the ones he duplicated.

… in a word, he was a really annoying guy to deal with.

— … that is why we will all become one mind, one heart, and one strong will, to be the justice, the shield, and the law of the world!

At one point, Isaac McDowell's speech seemed to have ended.

As soon as his speech was over, applause erupted from everywhere.

Although some may had done it out of formality, I also found a few students in places enthusiastically agreeing with his opinion.

― Then, lastly, I will introduce this individual and leave.

He held out his hand toward one side, clearing his throat.

The sound of clicking shoes seemed to resound with exceptional clarity.

― A member of the Ten Strongest, the Guild Master of the Guild Blue Sap, and the greatest wizard of this era, who received the title of Great Witch! It's Miss Evangeline Lohengrin!

Then a loud cheer rang out.

When I glanced to the side, Han Soo-Young was also looking quite expectant, with a twinkle in her eye.

The sound of clicking shoes.

And Evangeline Lohengrin appeared with her picturesque blond hair fluttering.

She looked around, accepted the microphone from Isaac McDowell, and quietly opened her mouth.

― I'm Evangeline Lohengrin.

It's nice to meet you.

Soon after, the sound of cheers and applause followed.

After waiting for a while for the students to calm down, she continued.

― For one month, I will be giving a lecture on general theory of magic here at the Orhe Academy.

Please take care of me from now on.

She paused for a moment.

― A while ago, Professor Isaac McDowell said a great thing.

Everyone is united and moving forward with one mind...

good words.

However, I would like to speak in a slightly different direction.

She coughed a little and continued talking.

Here I did not miss the slight twitch in Isaac's eyes.

― Everyone, don't leave yourself to a set framework, try to carve out your own path and find what you think is the answer.

Find your individuality, find your specialty, what only you can do, what only you can accomplish....

Evangeline Lohengrin raised her head and made eye contact with each student looking at her.

― As some of you may know, there was a time when I actually chose to be a swordsman rather than a wizard.

There was a time when I strongly believed that I could never be a wizard.

But now I am the recipient of the excessive title of Great Witch.

She exhaled slightly.

― Everyone, believe in yourself.

And believe in the possibilities given to you.

The girl with the sword is now a wizard, standing shoulder to shoulder with the heroes of this era.

Next is you.

May the blessings of mana be with you in your future.

After saying that, she slowly bowed her head.

Leaving behind the loudest cheers and applause ever, she turned around and returned to her seat.

It was in the meantime.

Her voice resounded clearly in my ears.

[Later, can you go to your dorm room, fold a paper crane with red paper, and wait for me I have something urgent to tell you.]


I nodded slightly.

I could instinctively feel that the reason she came here had something to do with Jin Ye-Jeong.

* * *

“I'm suddenly very confused."

At my request, Rev Dunkinson looked really puzzled.

He was sitting in front of a small table, not the desk given to the student council president.

"So, let's get this straight."

He tapped the table with the pen he was holding.

“Don't ask for details, and make a document that will allow a student to come and go legally in and out of the academy for a few days, and of course, have their attendance handled properly."

He nodded.

“And not for one person, but two.”

"Yes, exactly."

"Hey, it's perfect ultra vires, so if I do something wrong, I’ll really be screwed up, you know”

He fixed his posture and looked at me.

“Don’t you know that the former student council president got caught while embezzling money and was criminally charged I'm not kidding, there is no such thing as turning a blind eye here just because you are a student.

And if I get caught in that way and draw the line, I can’t even dream of belonging to a guild or company.”

“Then I'll hire you.”

“… that's not what I meant.”

He let out a small sigh.

Then he shook his head and muttered.

“How come you're worse than Lee Ye-Eun….”


I stared at him.

To be honest, it didn't matter if there were documents or not.

If I didn't have them, I could just leave without permission.

This was just to get rid of the slightest bit of concern.

"Are you going to do it, or are you going to refuse If not, I'll just find another way."

“… this kind of gambling doesn't suit my character.”

He murmured, scratching his head.

Then he nodded and looked at me.

“Come back tomorrow.

I'll get it ready for you.”

“That means….”

He had a speechless expression on his face.

“Well, it's not like I'm embezzling or doing anything strange… I can roughly fudge it by saying that one or two people will be sent to do social activities.

There's a guy who can talk well, so I'll have to buy them a meal and ask them."

"Thank you."


He let out a small sigh.

“I was trying to repay the favor, but it looks like my spine was pulled out and eaten….”

“There is nothing in the world scarier than debt.

Because the interest keeps piling.”

“You talk as if you've been through something”

“… well.”

He nodded as if he understood.

Then he tapped the table with his pen.

Realizing that he was asking me to leave, I bowed my head to him and walked out of the student council room.


Walking down the long hallway, I quickly dialed the number left on the message.

Soon I heard the voice of a young boy.

The boy's voice was very subdued.

― Hello Is it Yoo Ji-Hyuk-ssi


Nice to meet you."

― Yes.


There was a moment of silence.

I wondered if he, over the phone, was roughly the age of a middle school student.

“Can I hear what you were saying”

― Actually, I don't know either.

It's just that my sister...


I could hear the sound of sniffing.

― Suddenly, a letter arrived.

It said that if anything happens to them, I should contact Second Older Sister, and a man named Yoo Ji-Hyuk and tell them… it also asked to attend and keep the seat.

And two days after I received the letter, my sister died….

Jin Ye-Jun exhaled in a trembling voice.

― I never thought that's what it meant....

“Who else knows about this besides me”

― No one knows except me.

In the first place, the letter...

came through the communication magic created between me and my eldest sister.

Jin Ye-Jun answered in a still sniffing voice.

I thought it was strange that he was the younger brother of Jin Ye-Jeong and Jin Ye-Seul, but I suddenly realized that such a reaction was normal.

There was no younger brother who would be unaffected by the death of their own older sister.

Especially if they're as young as a middle school student.

“… it’s too late to say this.”

― What...

do you mean

“I know it is not polite to say this over the phone, so I will see you soon, but I hope you will understand."

May the soul of the deceased rest in peace.

— …….

After a while, I heard a sobbing sound.

I stopped walking and waited until he calmed down.

― I'm sorry.

Sorry… heuk.

Before long, he murmured in a nasal voice.

―By the way, could you pass this on to my second older sister too… I couldn't get in touch with her at all....

“… yes.


For a moment I wondered if I should tell him that she was missing from today, but I barely managed to stop.

The burden was still too heavy to hand this to a young boy.

“Then I will see you soon.

For more details, if possible....”

― Oh, I'll send it to you on this phone.

With a snuffle, he added quietly.

― And this is a burner phone, so you won't be able to reach me even if you call me again...

Please understand this just in case.

"Of course."

I nodded.

On the other side of the phone, the phone hung up with a voice saying, I'll see you at the funeral then.


I stared at it for a moment and let out a long sigh, unable to hide my complicated mind.

Meanwhile, from the inside, I heard Svengali chattering about something again.

I couldn't properly understand what he was saying, but I could definitely hear him saying that she had been punished for playing with the human mind ambiguously.

I smiled a little at his words.

* * *


From the inside, his screams resounded deafeningly.

Covering my ears was no use, so I just continued what I was doing with a frown.

[St, stop! Forgive me! Please, pleasse! I will never speak without permission again...… Gaaaah!!!]

“I warned you, bast*rd.

So, why can't you understand what people are saying"

I could hear Svengali's screams constantly from the inside.

Leaving his now-accustomed screams behind, I pulled out a thin, long branch of the World Tree and handed it to Laune, who was looking at me.

“Try it once.”


At my words, Laune tilted his head, but put the branch of the World Tree together like a straw and put it in his mouth.


After a while, Laune, with his eyes wide open, looked at me as if surprised.

Then, he began to suck on the branch of the World Tree so hard that I could hear a sucking sound.

Through the branch of the World Tree, fragments of Svengali, which I had mushed, were flowing.

[Ga, aaaaaaaa… Geugeugeuak...….]

Suuuuuh. (sucking sound)

From the inside, I could hear the groaning of Svengali, who sounded as if he were about to die, and from the side, Laune sucking the branch of the World Tree excitedly.

After a while, Laune, pounding his body with his roots, as if saying he had enough, gave me back the branch of the World Tree.

"Are you full You can eat more."


But he shook his head as if saying he had enough.

Then, he walked into the tank and lay down on his back on a bed made of spirit stones.

At the end, seeing the guy shaking his roots as if saying he were growing well, I naturally smiled.

[Ug, Ugh...Keuheuk....]

And I whispered quietly toward Svengali, whose existence was nearly half gone from earlier.

“Now I think you and I can have a constructive and ideal conversation, but what do you think”

[Fr, from now on….]

He muttered in a quivering voice.

[I'll be… car, careful with my mouth...



I nodded.

With this, I won't be hearing his crap for a while.

Thinking that I should have done this before, I picked up the red colored paper in front of me and began to fold it to make a paper crane.

It was when I put the folded paper crane on the table and waited for a while.




Suddenly, I heard someone's voice.

Evangeline Lohengrin.

It was her voice.

[You're more dexterous than I thought...]

At one point, her voice came from the paper crane, which was flapping its wings.

And then the paper crane flapped its wings in the air a few times and stared precisely at me.

[Long time no see.

You've become more manly than before.]

"Thank you."

[Um, first of all, thank you for believing in my words and preparing like this.

Actually, I was really worried earlier about what to do if you didn't prepare it.]

I'm actually a very petty person, so I keep these things in mind for a long time.

Evangeline muttered so.

[Then, where should I start….]

The paper crane continued flapping its wings, then shook its body slightly as if it had made a decision.

[Jin Ye-Jeong, you have met that child before, haven't you]


[… and you know what happened to that child recently]



The paper crane shook its body.

Then stopped flapping its wings and said, putting its body on the table.

[I'll start with the main point.]

That child was a double agent.

She began to speak quietly, starting with those words.


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