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Chapter 1995: General versus General, Knight on the MoveTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

With a rumble, the four-armed monsters entered the ruins of the base and crawled through various gaps.

Then, the noise grew louder.

Suddenly, lightning fell from the sky and blasted a hole in the ruins.

The ruins exploded, and a large number of four-armed monsters were sent flying by bluish-white lightning.

Thor, who was surrounded by bluish-white lightning and whose eyes were blazing white, rushed out of the ruins.

A hammer in his left hand and an ax in his right, he roared, “Ahhhh~”


Such an eye-catching appearance immediately drew everyones attention.

The four-armed monsters immediately turned around and charged forward like ants.

Thor didnt care about these bug-like monsters.

He swung his hammer and ax in a circle and sent the overly enthusiastic four-armed monsters flying.

A huge figure rushed over and smashed into Thor with a shield in one hand and a giant claw in the other.

It was Thanoss subordinate, Cull Obsidian.

Clang! Clang! Hammer and ax clashed with shield and claw, and Thor was immediately restrained.

Nebula and the other three generals only glanced over; they had no intention of helping Cull Obsidian.

These few individuals werent united, and were in fact very competitive.

It wasnt like Cull Obsidian was about to be killed by Thor, and he hadnt asked for help.

They couldnt be bothered.

Then, there was a commotion in another part of the ruins.

Another bunch of four-armed monsters was sent flying.

Then, a red streamlined suit of armor shot out and hovered in the air.

Looking at the four of them, it immediately cursed.

“Sh*t, its you again, Squidward.

It looks like I have to kill you again.”

On the other side, a thin figure also floated into the air and stared coldly at Tony.

He wore a gray robe and had gray skin.

He didnt have a nose, and only had blackish-gray eyes and a mouth.

This person was none other than one of Thanoss generals, Ebony Maw.

The address “Squidward” was clearly directed at him.

He had nothing to say to this foul-mouthed person.

He simply raised his right hand and flicked.


Tony, who was hovering in the air, smashed into the ruins like a cannonball.

Before Ebony Maw could feel smug, a red-orange plasma beam shot out of the hole which Tony had made.

Ebony Maw only had time to wave his hand to block, before he was also sent flying.

Tony charged out.

“Squidward, if thats all you got, you wont survive this episode.”

Despite his arrogant words, he had already deployed multiple auxiliary plasma launchers behind him.

Together with his palm cannons, he blasted an even thicker red-orange plasma beam at Ebony Maw, sending him smashing into the ground.

Nebula and the remaining Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight still didnt make a move.

They were only responsible for blocking the Avengers to make it easier for the four-armed monsters to find the Infinity Glove.

Apart from Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight, who were husband and wife, nobody would be bothered to help each other.

A moment ago, Scott stuck his head out of a pile of sand under the ruins of the base.

The advantage of being small was that while other people were in danger everywhere, there were gaps everywhere for Scott.

Lukes voice rang out on his comms.

“Scott, are you alright”

Scott relaxed when he heard the voice.

“Im fine, Bruce.

But what happened”

Luke said, “Nebula used a Quantum Tunnel to bring an alien battleship here.

I think it belongs to Thanos, since hes sitting not far from the base and watching the show.”

Scott: “WTF”

He didnt understand why Nebula would do that, even though the woman herself had said that she was a strange person.

But no matter how much she didnt like her looks, it shouldnt be to the point of killing all the Avengers for revenge, right

Luke said, “She might not be the Nebula you think she is.”

As a master of clones and king of aliases, Luke had never felt that nobody could be replaced.

He already had a super disguise at the genetic level.

Could replicating a modified android like Nebula be harder than a complete replication of a living being

When you eliminated all the impossible, whatever remained, however improbable, had to be the truth.

Besides, Luke had been able to come here from 2012, so why couldnt another Nebula come from 2014

He had been thinking about this since the first day he arrived — who could be sure that someone in another universe had to be a good person

It wasnt impossible for Tony to be a supervillain in another universe.

Scott said, “How is that possible She fought Thanos with us.”

Luke said, “When she and Rhodes went to 2014, the other Nebula was still an elite fighter under Thanos, right”

Scott immediately got it.

“D*mn it! How did she get here”

Luke didnt have time to analyze this matter for Scott – wouldnt it be better to kill all the enemies and then analyze their bodies

He simply said, “Forget it for now.

Contact the Avengers first and tell them that Ill help out.

Also, have them send out a distress signal for whatever help they can get.”

If this was 2012, that was the first thing Luke wouldve done.

But here, he could only contact Scott.

Scott came back to his senses and immediately contacted the others.

Luke, on the other hand, was already relying on his Vibration ability to approach a particular location underground over 100 meters away.

Rhodes was stuck somewhere with an anxious expression.

His War Machine had been damaged in the attack and had lost power.

Thankfully, although he couldnt move, he was uninjured because of the armor.


Banner roared not far away, “Rhodes, take Rocket and get out of here.

I cant hold on for much longer.”

His right arm had turned into a roasted pork knuckle.

At that moment, he was using his left hand and body to stop the building from falling on them.

Rhodes was frantic.

“The armor is damaged.

I cant move and the communication system is down.”


Banners green face darkened.

“Is there anything good about your rotten armor”

Rhodes said bitterly, “Its waterproof”

“What” Stunned, Dr.

Banner followed Rhodess gaze and saw water flood one end of the ruins.

He couldnt help but curse.


If he had known, he wouldve persuaded Tony not to build the base next to a lake.

Rocket, who had the least defense, finally woke up.

He tried to move, but realized that he was stuck under a metal door.

“D*mn it, whats going on”

Just as he said that, there was a rumble, and the debris in front of him was pushed to the side.

A figure in dark gray armor walked out and looked into his eyes.

“Little friend, it seems you need a little help.”

Rocket: “Youre the little one.

Your whole family is little.

Im already an adult!”

Luke chuckled inwardly and didnt take his words seriously.

This little raccoon had a strange temper and an unforgiving mouth, and liked to mess around with big guns when he was bored.

However, for someone like Luke who had two symbiotes and an octopus baby at home, Rockets temper was still within expectations.

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