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A few minutes had passed since the transport drone had left the landing platform of the Seranthal building. Carol had already calmed down after she got too excited when she finally realized she had gotten out of that dangerous situation alive. Since Akira felt like Carol would keep hugging him if he just left her be, he quickly pulled himself away a bit forcefully when her hug relaxed a little.

Carol peeked at Akiras expression. He did not seem to be angry, as a matter of fact, it looked like he was in a rather good mood. But for someone who just got his face buried in between a beautiful girls wonderful b.r.e.a.s.ts, he did not seem too delighted.

As her side job, other than being a Hunter, Carol had slept with a lot of other Hunters. For the sake of her main job and her side-job, she enhanced her body with nanomachines and spent a large sum of money that could be used to buy multiple augmented suits just to enhance her beauty.

Carol had absolute confidence in her own beauty, after all, there were Hunters who went crazy after experiencing her beautiful body. But even so, Akira was not that interested in her body. She understood that very well after peeking at Akiras face and she felt a sense of defeat.

Carol smiled as to not show that in her face as she said to Akira.

“Geez, youre no fun. Theres nothing wrong with enjoying it a bit more, isnt it I dont mind if you want to do it later too, you know. And as I said, its free of charge.”

“No thank you. Moreover, you were the one who hugged me in the first place, not me. And Im still in the middle of a job too. Youre paying me to be your bodyguard, remember So dont get in my way when youre the one who gave me that request.”

“Youre so earnest, arent you”

“Do you prefer to have someone not earnest escorting you instead”

“You have a point there. Alright, I wont bother you again.”

Since it seemed that Akira would only get annoyed if she continued, Carol decided to back off there.

After getting himself away from Carol, Akira returned back looking outside from a small window. For him, the view from a flying drone was entertaining enough.

Carol kept looking at him. Akira, who was looking outside with sparkling eyes, looked like a small boy from her point of view. He did not seem like he was that powerful Hunter who showed such amazing skill inside the Seranthal building.

[When I look at him like this, he looks like nothing but just a young boy. But even so, hes not that young that he has no interest in girls, right]

Carol still had her fastener pulled down, showing her bountiful b.r.e.a.s.ts. Unless she was told otherwise, she kept her fastener down hoping that Akira would change his mind. Normally, her beautiful skin and valley peeking out from that opening would gather the attention of any healthy young boys.

But even so, Akira kept his eyes fixed on the views outside. It seemed that the views outside were way more interesting for Akira.

Carol who got hit by another sense of defeat then made a bit of a sharp remark.

“Is the view outside that amusing”

“It is.”

Akira answered back casually and instantly, there was no trace of hesitation at all.

Carol replied back, she sounded even more annoyed than before.

“…I see.”

Akira felt the faint pressure coming from Carol and realized that he gave a wrong answer just now. He then looked at Alpha who was smiling at him. So he decided to throw a different subject to change the mood there.

“Were heading to the landing platform in Mihazono ruins factory district, right How long until we get there”

“It should be around 15 minutes.”

“…Thats pretty long. This is an old-world transport drone, right So like, I think it should have been able to fly faster though.”

“That would be scary and dangerous, even if its possible, I hope that it wont go that fast.”

Akira, who felt that reply from Carol was rather weird, returned his gaze back at her and asked.

“Why is that We can get there faster, you know”

Carol thought that reaction was a bit unexpected, but she quickly realized the reason.

“Ahh, I see, you dont know about it, huh. By the way, what comes in your mind when I say Hunters transport vehicles”

“A car or maybe a tank. And if I remember it correctly, there are Hunters with powered suits if we go further to the east, right”

“All of them are ground transportations, right Didnt you ever think that its weird they dont use combat drones or combat helicopters Or why other than the Hunters, even the city defence squad and the corporate militaries dont use them too The cities also use trucks to trade and transport materials between them. Dont you think its weird that they dont use flying drones Why do you think that is”

“…Now that you mention it, thats kind of weird. Why is that”

Akira could not come up with any answers.

Carol then smiled smugly and explained.

“Its because the monsters would attack them. The higher and the faster you go, the more powerful the monsters that would attack you.”

Carol did not realize it herself that she was actually feeling happy that Akira was looking back at her again as she explained to him why people did not use airplanes in the eastern district.

There were all kinds of monsters living in all kinds of places in the eastern district, and according to the area where they lived, they posed different levels of danger. But they roughly had 2 common features.

First of all, their strength depended on whether they lived further to the west or to the east. In most cases, the closer they lived to the frontline bordering the unexplored area in the far east, the more powerful they were. And the closer they were to the western area bordering the Federation of Nations central district, the weaker they were.

The other indicator would be the height where they usually roamed. Of course, there were monsters who roamed the sky, and the higher they were, usually, the stronger they were.

There were many factors that affected the encounter rate with the monsters, the usual indicators were the bigger, faster, and higher you go, the higher the chance for you to meet monsters.

So in short, the faster they flew in the eastern districts sky, the higher the chance for them to meet such powerful monsters, which would be fatal. There were also cases where it might even attract stronger monsters that would not usually roam in a particular area. Because of that, it was prohibited to use any kind of flying vehicles around the city. And if there was anyone who did that without proper authorization, the defence squad would take them down without warning, suspecting that they were trying to attract strong monsters to attack the city. As a matter of fact, such a thing had actually happened a few times in the past.

Because of this, the main means of transportation in the eastern district were land transportations although, technology-wise, the eastern district had no problem building airplanes. And back when the Corporate Government had a huge war against the nationalist, they were normally using airplanes.

Akira, who was listening closely to Carols explanation, then applied that newly received information to the flying drone that they were riding.

“Wait Doesnt that mean this thing is dangerous”

“Thats why its equipped with sophisticated camouflaging features and is moving at a slow speed. As you said, it can fly way faster so that we can reach our destination way quicker, but its speed is mainly determined by an ignorable chance to meet any powerful monsters.”

“So thats why, huh.”

Akira nodded.

Carol was completely cheered up after seeing Akira listening closely to her explanation. And in order so that he would not start looking outside again, she tried to come up with a more interesting subject.

“By the way, Akira, do you know that the old-world ruins are not only located on or below the ground You can also find old-world ruins in the sky too, you know”

“In the sky Like, a floating ruin”

“There are many types though, like a floating fortress or just a flying ship. Its from those stories where Hunters sometimes notice that theres a huge shadow cast on the ground but they cant see anything in the sky when they look up, that might be because of the camouflaging features. There are also theories saying that the ever-present colourless mist in the eastern district is hiding all the floating structures that are already there since the old-world era. Other theory says that when the colourless mist suddenly thickens, thats because a floating object is passing through.”

“…I see. It sounds like we can find some amazing relics if we can somehow get to one of those floating ruins.”

“It seems that there are a lot of Hunters who are looking for floating ruins, you know. I heard that even the Corporate Government is sponsoring those Hunters. Moreover, its on a whole different level of difficulty and a lot of high ranking Hunters are actually doing exactly that… As I thought, it has some kind of romanticism in it.”

Carol was talking, filled with interest. Among the Hunters that she had slept with, one of them told her that he dreamt of finding a floating ruin. The last time she heard from that Hunter was when he was talking happily to her that he got recruited into the search squad through his connection. She never met that Hunter again since then, that Hunter might as well already be dead by now.

Although Akira was interested in that story of floating ruins, he still analyzed that information realistically.

“Romanticism, huh Honestly, I dont really get it. Its not like Im out in the ruin chasing renown after all.”

“Youll understand once youre older.”

“Is that so”


Akira tilted his head, Carol smiled at him.

As Akira and Carol were talking about Hunter stuff, they eventually arrived on a landing platform. After packing their stuff up, they then stood in front of the door of the storage room and the door automatically opened.

Carol remembered that she had not pulled up her fastener yet, so she pulled it back all the way up to her neck before stepping off the transport drone, Akira followed suit afterwards.

Once they boarded off, the door closed automatically. It then turned invisible again unless you got close enough. If anyone saw them, it would look like Akira and Carol just appeared out of nowhere.

The Mihazono ruins factory district was filled with factories and warehouses. Although most of them had already turned into rubble, some of them were still in operation. It was a dangerous area filled with security drones.

Basically, the landing platform where Akira and Carol were was clean of anything. There were only some cracks in the platform, nothing more. There might be other transport drones there too, but those were invisible to Akira and Carol.

Carol stretched out her body once and said.

“Well then, can you escort me to the Hunter Office, now”

“Sure… Which way is the Hunter Office”

It was Akiras first time coming there, so he had no idea which way to go. Fortunately enough, the landing platform was located in between the ruin and the wasteland, so if they followed that boundary, they should be able to find the Hunter Office sooner or later.

“This way.”

Carol smiled as she guided the way.

As Akira was walking the boundary between the ruin and the wasteland with Carol guiding him, Carol suddenly asked him a question.

“Akira, what are your plans after this Are you going to hunt for relics again”

“No, Im planning to stop for today and get a good rest. Im too tired after going through all that, so I have no power left to hunt for relics. So, dont ask me to extend the escort, okay”

“Dont worry. Im also planning to wrap up for today. So, basically, youre free after this, right”

“…Well, yeah, but I want to get a good rest. Im really tired, you know.”

“Want to take a rest with me”

Carol smiled mischievously at Akira. Even for someone as dense as Akira, he understood that she was inviting him.

“No. I want to rest.”

“Dont be that uptight, we both went through that dangerous situation together after all, right Although youre under my request to escort me, its true that you did save my life. So I want to repay it.”

“Youve already paid me for escorting you, and you said you would also pay for the relics that I lost, so I have no plans to ask you for any more reward. Well, if youre still bothered by it, you can buy me some meals. But I wont accept a cheap meal, okay”

There was a trace of irritation and frustration in Carols bitter smile, she then became a bit obstinate as she said.

“If you think that would be enough to reward someone who saved my life, it would hurt my pride.”

“Then treat me to a meal expensive enough so that it wont hurt your pride. For example, I dont mind going to one of those 1,000,000 Aurum per meal restaurants. Although I have no plans to eat there myself, I would be more than happy to go there if someone would pay for it. I did tell you, remember Im at the age where food is much more interesting than girls.”

Carol seemed a bit cheered up as she smiled.

“…Geez. It cant be helped then. If its in one of those facilities near the Hunter Office branch, I dont mind treating you to a meal.”

“Are you sure Well, Im glad I asked you to treat me.”

“I want to return my debt as soon as possible and I dont want to wait until youre interested in girls.”

“Alright then, we have a deal here. So lets hurry up and get back.”

“I dont mind if you want to pick up the pace, but make sure to properly escort me, okay”

“Of course.”

Akira then happily swung his legs toward the Mihazono ruins Hunter Office branch.

Carol just giggled and followed behind him when she saw him showing his child-like side befitting of his age to her.

There were restaurants built near the Hunter Office branch located on the outskirts of the Mihazono ruin. Hunters were allowed to bring in their heavy weapons inside those restaurants when they ate their meals, so as to be expected, those were not high-class restaurants.

But as if to betray their outer appearance, some of those restaurants were actually selling high-class meals. A full course meal in those restaurants could cost above 100,000 Aurum. Although those meals were pretty delicious, in the end, it was the wasteland price, so its price was rather swollen compared to if they were served in the city. It was understandable to be that pricey since they would have spent money to manage the place and transport the ingredients all the way there, but still, expensive things were expensive.

The restaurants in that place were roughly divided into 3 areas, then the customers who went to those restaurants were assigned to different seats depending on the price they pay for their meals. They were roughly categorized to the Hunters who paid 1,000 Aurum, 10,000 Aurum, and 100,000 Aurum for their meals. It was not like there was a strict ruling about it, so it was not compulsory, but if they took a different seat, they would feel a bit out of place and might feel uncomfortable, except for those people with steel-nerves.

It was an easy thing to identify the skill and the success of a Hunter depending on how much that Hunter would spend on his or her meal. Because of that, grouping Hunters seats like this would allow them to be seated together with the other Hunters with more or less the same skill level. So, it was not rare for the regulars of a restaurant to recognize the faces of the Hunters around them, although they did not know each others names. It was also common for them to strike a conversation with the other Hunters eating near them, and if they got along well, they might even form a team later.

But then, because of that, when someone new came in and ate in a seat for expensive meals, it would garner a lot of attention from the other Hunters. And that day, the new face was Akira.

Akira was sitting in front of an expensive-looking table and meals befitting for that table were lined up in front of him. That scene made Akira beam up as he gobbled up those meals while occasionally voicing out his amazement, he was in a really good mood there.

Carol was sitting across Akira. Although it was less than what was in front of Akira, her meal was worth about the same price as his.

Carol rested her palms on her cheeks as she smiled and asked Akira.

“Is it tasty”

“Yeah, its delicious.”

Akira happily nodded, after confirming which Carol smiled satisfied.

“Thats good to hear, it seems that my pride is safely salvaged.”

Carol, who was looking at Akira eating his meal for a few minutes, eventually started eating her own meal.

[But still, Akira looks like just a normal boy during times like this. He doesnt seem like a strong Hunter at all.]

Carols evaluation was correct. In all reality, Akira was not that strong of a Hunter in the first place. It was all thanks to Alphas support. If he relied on his own skill, it would still take a few years of training and hard work before he could sit on that seat.

“But still, you eat quite a lot, dont you I dont mind paying for all of it, but dont leave anything behind, okay”

“Dont worry, my appetite is growing bigger and bigger lately. So I wont have any trouble finishing all of this food.”

Akira just answered back casually. But after Carol pointed that out, a question popped up in his mind.

“Now that I think about it, I actually really start eating more and more lately.”

Alpha interjected.

“It might be because your body is trying to compensate for the nutrition that you didnt get when you were in your accelerated growth period.”

“What do you mean”

“Youve been living in the slum city for years, so youre in a constant malnutrition state. Because of that, you must have been stuck in a slowed growth rate for quite a long time. So in order to compensate for that, your body might be demanding a lot of food right now.”

“Is that really something that you can solve simply by eating a lot of food”

“I think youve gone through a special treatment so that you can solve that problem just by eating a lot of food. You have gone through that 60,000,000 Aurum treatment before, remember They might have identified your impeded growth was due to an unhealthy environment, and so they might have done something to your body which allows you to get you back to your optimal state just by eating a lot of food, though they might have also done that so that they can charge you more money too.”

Akira suddenly stopped eating his meal.

“…Its not like they did anything weird to me, right Im actually okay, right”

“Well, its true that youre getting back to your healthier body state, so its alright. Moreover, wounds and fatigue wont get properly recovered or healed unless you eat food and get ample rest. After all, theres a limit on how far the medicines can help you. Since it was a treatment to get you back to health, so it shouldnt have any bad side-effects. As long as you earn enough money to satiate your hunger, you should be fine.”

“I see, well, I guess its alright then. I also got that after going through an expensive treatment, so I guess it should be fine, huh”

Akira then continued eating without worrying about it anymore. Carol, who saw Akira pause momentarily, found it weird.

“Akira, whats wrong”

“No, its nothing.”

“Is that so By the way, theres something I want to ask you, I dont mind if you want to keep eating while answering my question. Is that okay”

“What is it I dont mind as long as its not a request in which youll refuse to pay for my meal if I dont accept it.”

Carol giggled lightly.

“Dont worry. Well, its indeed a request but Ill still pay for this meal even if you refuse it.”

Akira stopped eating. He could feel that it was something serious from the way Carol asked him, he then stared at her with a serious face.

“So, what is it”

“I dont mind if you want to continue eating, you know”

“Ill hear you first and if its something not that important, then Ill continue eating. So, go on, what do you want to ask of me”

Strictly speaking, Akira still seemed to be in a good mood, but there was a trace of cautiousness in his face. It was obvious that he was being paranoid. He looked at Carol with distrust, as if he was suspecting that she was going to bring more trouble to his plate. Although it was just a hunch, there was no mistaking it.

Carol had no idea if it was simply because there was a flicker in Akiras feeling and it was expressed in his eyes, or it was because Akira was actually suppressing his feeling and it was leaking out.

[…This situation… Its dangerous if I say anything wrong here.]

Carol intentionally changed into a more serious face before continuing.

“Ill say this straight. Akira, will you work together with me”

Akira did not reply immediately, he was just silently staring at her. He was trying to guess any possible meanings behind those words. Carol understood that very well when she looked back at him.

After a short silence, Akira finally opened his mouth.

“…Let me get this straight, do you mean working together with you as a team of Hunters”


“Sorry, but no thanks.”

Akira only said that and immediately returned back to eating. His tense aura was gone in a snap and the mood quickly returned to normal.

Carol sighed in relief when she noticed that Akira had lowered his guard, although she also regretted the fact that he refused her offer.

“Is that so Thats really unfortunate. Well, itll only cause trouble down the road if I force it, so Ill just give it up here. Would you at least please tell me the reason”

“Its simply because Im more comfortable moving alone. I am used to moving around out of whim or based on situational decisions. Now that I think about it, I can be a bit random most of the time. I wont be able to do that if I work together with another Hunter, you see. Even for today, I only decided to go to Mihazono ruin just this morning and its simply because I thought about it when I was visiting another place. So like, you know, I wont fit to work together in a team, right”

Most of the Hunters decided beforehand where to go and properly prepared themselves before actually heading there. And if Akira was in a team, then he should think about how to divide the reward and the profit too. Not to mention, when one of the team members was not feeling well, there was a chance that the expedition had to be cancelled too.

Akira always turned to Alpha and asked for her opinion before making any decision, and of course, he could not use that reason if he had to explain his decision to other people. If he worked with someone for a long time, it was almost completely guaranteed that he would be treated as a troublesome team member who always made sudden random decisions on his own.

Carol tried to guess Akiras way of thinking from his answer.

[Akira is the type of Hunter who focuses more on the downsides of working together in a team rather than the advantages that he can get from doing that. Hes one of those who get suspicious of people who stay together with them for long rather than feeling safe. Back then in the Seranthal building, he also seriously thought of moving separately from me; given that I know the layout of the building well, and that we were in such a dangerous situation. He might be thinking that Im planning to kill him since he knows about the backdoor now. But, on the other hand, if its out of a request, he would even shield me using his own body… This boy is broken… Or more like, seriously, what kind of moral value is this boy following]

Carol had experienced spending a night together with some Hunters with distorted personalities. Because of that, she knew how to handle these kinds of people very well. But the Akira in front of her was unlike any other Hunters that she had dealt with. So, in order to look for the right way to handle Akira, she made a friendly smile and asked him a question.

“So youre that kind of Hunter, huh Well, I tend to work alone too, so I can understand your argument. But like, were you always working alone until now”

“Not really. Its just that I never really worked together as a team. Ive explored ruins together with other Hunters too, I also accept requests that need me to work in a team. Is that not the case for you too”

“Me Well, I did a lot of stuff in the past. Ive formed a team together with the other Hunters, there were also times when I joined an already established team of Hunters. But at the moment, Im working alone. There were a few things that happened with my last team which caused the team to break down, you see.”

Carol said it as if it was none of her business. But in reality, the reason why that team broke up was because of her. The guys, who got roped into her side job, did a lot of bad stuff in order to get the money to buy her.

Some of them even sacrificed their equipment and ammo budget and became nothing but a burden to the team, some of them would cause a fight when dividing the reward money. Eventually, the mood in that team became so bad that they broke up in the middle of exploring a ruin.

It was not like Carol intentionally did that, but she also did not try to stop the situation from getting worse. She thought that it was all their own responsibilities.

“Even if I want to make another team, its not like I can do that with just any Hunters. After all, there are Hunters who are only interested in forming a team because of my side job, that in itself is fine though, the real problem is when they demand a discount or even demand it for free just because were on the same team. I just dont want to work together with those kinds of people neither for my real job nor for my side job.”

“That sounds rough. Oh, this one is also really tasty.”

Akira was at least properly listening to Carols story, but his attention was more focused on the food in front of him.

Carol was indirectly saying that she was interested in forming a team with Akira because she evaluated his skill highly. But since his attention was all on his tongue and stomach, it was rather vague whether Akira got it or not.

Carol smiled in resignation as she mumbled.

“…Hes really just a little boy.”

Akira, who was still gobbling the food in a good mood, flatly replied.

“Hm Isnt it obvious that Im just a boy Oh, this one is not bad at all…”

“…Well, youre not wrong about that.”

Carol regretfully mumbled as she thought that if only Akira was more of an a.d.u.l.t and his interest in food was shifted towards girls, he might have given a different answer there.


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