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Gu Qingchen sized up the grey-haired old man.

Although he was very old, from his mental state, he did not look like a patient.

Gu Qingchen was a little puzzled.

Why did Liu Lianzong bring him here From the code word that he had just knocked on the door, she knew that it was definitely not a simple visit.

But now, Liu Lianzong actually sat down quietly and drank tea, which was a little out of Gu Qingchens expectations.

However… since he came, he should just take it easy and see what Liu Lianzong wanted to do.

A cup of tea lasted for about half an hour.

During this time, Liu Lianzong and the old man chatted about some simple things.

After that, Liu Lianzong stood up and said goodbye to the old man.

Gu Qingchen was even more stunned.

He left just like that He had only been here for half an hour and he was going to leave just like that!

What exactly was Liu Lianzong trying to do

Gu Qingchen and Liu Lianzong really left.

The old man walked them to the door warmly and then closed the door gently.

Liu Lianzong looked around and then led Gu Qingchen to a room next door.

This time, he did not knock on the door but used the key to open the door.

He quickly entered the room and pulled Gu Qingchen in.

Gu Qingchen frowned slightly.

What was this about This Liu Lianzong was too weird today.

He was not as cold and calm as usual.


Liu, what do you mean”Although Gu Qingchen was not angry, she was still a little suspicious about Liu Lianzongs strange actions.

Liu Lianzong did not have to do this if it was just to save a patient.

In addition to Rong Yus words and behavior, Gu Qingchen had a strange feeling, it seemed that… saving a patient was not as simple as she thought.

Or perhaps, saving a patient was just an excuse.

Liu Lianzong also knew that no matter who it was, they would have doubts.

When Gu Qingchen was at the old mans house, she did not make a sound.

It was already very calm for her to wait until he brought Gu Qingchen to this room to ask.


Gu, dont worry.

This is not the place to talk yet.

I will tell you when its safe.

No matter what you see later, dont be surprised.

“Ive also thought it over carefully before I decided to bring you here.”.

“I dont know whether this decision is right or not, but since young master Rong didnt object to you coming here, it means that you have the right and ability to come here.”

It was probably very rare for Liu Lianzong to talk so much with Gu Qingchen, but Gu Qingchen knew that what she would see later would be something she had never experienced before.

No matter what it was, she was ready.

Gu Qingchen nodded at Liu Lianzong and said, “Mr.

Liu, lead the way.”

Liu Lianzong nodded.

He knew that Gu Qingchen was a special girl.

Liu Lianzong did not dawdle.

Instead, he walked to a wall and secretly pressed a button on the cabinet.

The picture frame on the wall slowly moved away.

A hole the size of a persons eye was revealed.

Liu Lianzong put his eyes close to it.

A blue light flashed.

It should be scanning Liu Lianzongs eyes.


Gu Qingchen saw that the floor in the living room had a crack.

It was a staircase that went down.

It should be a secret room.

Liu Lianzong closed the trap and brought Gu Qingchen down the stairs.

Gu Qingchen followed Liu Lianzong down without hesitation.

If Liu Lianzong really wanted to hurt her, Rong Yu would not let Gu Qingchen come over.

Therefore, rather than saying that Gu Qingchen trusted Liu Lianzong, it would be better to say that she trusted Rong Yu.

After walking down about one floor, there was flat land below.

The space was not very big, it was more like a storage room.

Gu Qingchen looked around.

There were indeed some things stored here.

Most of them were wine, more like a wine cellar.

Even if someone opened the mechanism on the top, they would only see these wine jars when they came down from the top.

From the smell of the wine from the wine jars, one could tell that the wine here was definitely treasured for many years.

Therefore, even if someone really came here, they would only find that there were many precious wine jars here.

However, Gu Qingchen knew that this was not just a wine jar.

The wine jar was more like a cover.

Liu Lianzong walked to one of the wine jars and moved it to another location.

Then, he moved another wine jar to another location.

He repeated this five times.

Suddenly, the wall in front of him sank and a modern facility appeared — an elevator.

After Liu Lianzong entered his fingerprint, the elevator door finally opened.

Liu Lianzong then turned around and looked at gu qingchen, saying, “Ms.

GU, please come in.”

Liu Lianzong turned to the side and made a gesture of “Please”.

Gu Qingchen looked at the elevator and walked in.

After the elevator door closed, it suddenly moved.

She could feel that the elevator was descending rapidly.

Liu Lianzong also held on to the handrails.

Gu Qingchen, on the other hand, stood there steadily.

Although her body was a little shaky, she still stood firm.

The speed of the descent was fast enough.

It took about half a minute for the elevator to reach the bottom and stop.

Before she got out of the elevator, Gu Qingchen felt a gust of cold air.

It seemed that this place was deeper underground.

Gu Qingchen was not unfamiliar with this kind of cold air and feeling.


The word “Laboratory”flashed across Gu Qingchens mind.

Gu Qingchen had only felt this kind of feeling in the laboratory.

She had agreed to participate in the experiment because the price she had offered made it impossible for her to refuse.

However, she did not know how she came to the laboratory.

It was because she was sent to the laboratory secretly after she had fainted.

When she woke up, she did not realize that she had already arrived at this kind of secret laboratory.

She thought that it was the room where the drug test subject was usually, but later, she realized that something was not right.

The doctors here were more professional.

The clothes they wore were specially made, and the equipment was much more sophisticated.

Everything around them looked so different.

At that time, Gu Qingchen realized that she might be in a place she had never been to before.

At that time, Gu Qingchen was terrified and uneasy.

However, she still had to face everything.

When she was in the laboratory, she was basically a guinea pig being studied by others.

She did not know how many experiments these people had done on her, nor did she know if she was also being experimented on when she was unconscious.

However, in the following days, her body did not show any abnormalities.

Until… she was injected with a newly developed drug, and she showed abnormalities.

The feeling that her entire body seemed to be burning, and the unbearable pain made her suffocate.

Therefore, to a certain extent, Gu Qingchen was still somewhat resistant to the laboratory.

Even though she was ready to set up the laboratory herself, she was still not ready to face the laboratory again.

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