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Su Wan was very angry.

After ending the call with Xia Jing, she called Lin Yu.

“Lin Yu, I already said that the person I love is Jing Chen.

I wont marry you.

The child in my stomach is also Jing Chens.

Do you still want your mother to tie me up in this way Let me tell you, no way! I wont marry you even if I die!”


“Miss Su.” Lin Yus tone was as calm as ever.

“Firstly, I didnt tell my mother about your pregnancy.

Secondly, I said that I wouldnt force you.

Its fine as long as youre happy.

Lastly, Im me, and my mother is my mother.

I only found out about what she did this morning.”

Lin Yu explained calmly, as if he was not afraid of Su Wans questioning and anger at all.

Su Wan was slightly stunned.

She did not expect Lin Yu to have such a reaction.

It was as if she had punched cotton and she did not feel anything.

However, Lin Yus attitude made Su Wan wonder if she had wronged him.

“But not many people know about my pregnancy.

Xia Jing said the last person to know is you.”

The only people who knew that Su Wan was pregnant were Jing Chen, Qin Lan, Grandpa, Xia Jing, and Xin Yue.

They wouldnt tell anyone.

The only thing was that Xia Jing accidentally told Lin Yu.

So she had reason to suspect Lin Yu.

After Su Wan finished speaking, Lin Yu remained silent for a long time.

Just as Su Wan thought that he wouldnt speak, a deep breath came from the other end of the line.

Then, Lin Yus voice sounded.

“Miss Su, my relationship with my mother isnt as good as you think, so I suggest you look for Mr.

Jing to find out whos behind this.

Of course, if you need my help, you can call me anytime.”

Lin Yus expression darkened and his heart tightened.

He thought that since he and Su Wan couldnt be lovers, they could at least be friends, but she didnt even trust him.

A trace of bitterness flashed in Lin Yus eyes.

Su Wan was stunned.

By the time she came back to her senses, Lin Yu had already hung up.

She had never understood Lin Yus family before, but she did not expect it to be like this.

Su Wan immediately got out of bed, tidied up briefly, and left.

She was going to look for Jing Chen.

When Jing Chen and Lin Yu first met, they seemed to know each other, so Jing Chen definitely knew a little about the Lin family.

Besides, she was afraid that this would make Jing Chen think too much.

She had to accompany Jing Chen.

Su Wan took a taxi and arrived at Jing Chens company in about ten minutes.

At this moment, Jing Chen was browsing the information on the Internet with a frown.

He had originally instructed Zhao Lin to think of a way to reduce the amount of attention it was getting, but this time, for some reason, once the trending search showed signs of decreasing, new netizens would immediately push it up.

Jing Chen pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Jing Chen…”

Su Wan opened the office door and looked at Jing Chen gloomily.

Seeing Jing Chen sitting at the table tiredly, her heart suddenly ached.

When Jing Chen saw that it was Su Wan, he immediately stood up and walked quickly to her.

He hugged her.

“Wan wan, let me handle this, okay”

Su Wan could hear the fatigue in Jing Chens words.

She patted Jing Chens back.

“Jing Chen, I came for this matter.

Lets face it together.

This matter started because of me.

I shouldnt have stayed out of it.”

“I dont want you to be so tired alone.” Su Wan rubbed against Jing Chen.

Jing Chen did not say anything and hugged her even tighter.

After a long while, Jing Chen let go of Su Wan, as if a hug could sweep away the fatigue on his face.

He looked a little better.

Su Wan looked up and met Jing Chens eyes.

“Jing Chen, can you tell me about the Lin family”

When Jing Chen heard that it was the Lin family, he frowned again.

“Why are you asking this”

He didnt want Su Wan and Lin Yu to get too close.

Su Wan could only explain, “When I found out about the trending search, the first person I suspected was Lin Yu.

I called him, but he said that his relationship with his mother isnt good.”

“I just want to ask you if this is true.

If it is, then there must be someone else behind the trending search.”

Su Wan had a vague guess in her heart, but because they had not met for a long time, she was not too sure.


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