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Chapter 1255: Chapter1253: Had to

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“It is a grand banquet the Yao Family, which has been a family for hundreds of years, has to hold.

Since the Yao Familys offspring are not in the court any more, the banquet at the Yao Family becomes especially important.

Everyone tries to get close to the Yao Family.

Although the Yao Family are not working in the court, they are still a huge family!”


“In the meantime, the Yao Family are Empress Dowager and my family clan, so the banquet will become even more important.”


“On that day, we can bring the Chu Family here again.

When the lady from the Yao Family asks the Elder Miss of the Chu Family to come, she has no reason to turn her down.”



“When we are in the Yao Family, we will be in control and can do whatever we want.

She has no reason to counter,” Honored Princess Jing said with a look of pride.

After all, Honored Princess Jing was a lady from the Yao Family.

Although Honored Princess Jing already had the plan of getting rid of the Yao Family, the Yao Family was still a huge useful family for the Crown Prince, so she was going to make use of it, and decided not to drop this great opportunity.

Also, it would be the Crown Prince that benefited if the Chu Family fell into their hands.

She was going to work hard on this matter.

She was going to continue with her plan, rather than give up.

Honored Princess Jing closed her eyes.

The Crown Prince was in an advantageous position but there was still a lot to pay attention to.

There was a long way to go before the throne was taken.

She could not allow the Crown Prince to get the best position at birth, but the further she went, the more she needed to make efforts to help him to get the best he desired.

Honored Princess Jing looked at Gu Ruxue and felt slightly assured.

They had the Phoenix Girl!

Gu Ruxue was still uncertain.

She frowned as she asked, “Many soldiers died in the chaos this time, will there still be a banquet held at the Yao Family”

The words had just been spoken when Honored Princess Jing could not help laughing so loudly that it made a cracking sound.

She looked at Gu Ruxue.

The Crown Prince Consort was indeed too young to be considerate.

Holding the cup in her hands, Honored Princess Jing heard the clicking sound of cups.

She said calmly, “Thanks to that, the Yao Family is going to hold the banquet no matter what!”


“The officers attending the banquet know well about the chaos in the court, but the civilians outside the court will not hear the news.

Therefore, the King would definitely let the Yao Family hold the banquet, and he is even going to let the Yao Family hold it ahead of time.

The King wants the officers to think that nothing is going on in the court through the banquet.”

Hearing that, Gu Ruxue was startled for a moment, but regained her understanding, then she smiled.

She felt very assured.

Everything was going as planned.

She wanted desperately to know what the Phoenix Girl could do, and she also expected to have the Elder Miss of the Chu Family settled.

In that case, nothing would make her feel worried.

After the deal was made… Honored Princess Jing sent her staff to walk Mrs.

Gu out of the court, whilst Gu Ruxue was asked to move to the palace she had arranged for her.

As she walked out of Huarong Palace…

Gu Ruxue saw some withered and broken plants as well as some blood traces that had yet to be cleaned.

As she looked down from the long corridor outside Huarong Palace…

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