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All the soldiers in Twilight City started to turn into sands when the skeleton knights launched their attack.

Richard also began to circulate the power in his body.

His body instantly turned into a state composed of countless grains of sand.

It was very magical.


With an order, the scorpion warriors in front immediately launched a counter-charge at the skeleton knights.

‘Ta! Ta!

‘Ta! Ta!

The longer the charge distance of the skeleton knight was, the more terrifying its momentum would be.

After more than ten breaths, the scorpion warriors at the front collided with the skeleton knights.


The scorpion warrior swung iron pincers, and the skeleton knight directly smashed them into pieces.

And his entire body was even scattered into the gravel on the ground.

‘Bang! Bang! Bang!

Horse hooves stomped on thousands of soldiers.

On the path of the skeleton knights charge, the body of the scorpion warrior exploded one after another.

The undead soldier, who held a tomahawk in its hand, took advantage of this opportunity and whistled out.

Both sides moved toward each other, and their speed was too fast.

During the charge, the skeleton knight did not have the time to dodge and was directly struck by the tomahawk.


The tomahawk pierced through the ribs and firmly embedded into the body.

The speed of a few skeleton knights was too fast and directly passed by the undead soldiers.

In an instant, the limit distance of the tomahawk chain was reached.

The undead soldier pulled hard, and the chains suddenly straightened.

Under the huge inertia, the skeleton knights pulled off their horses, and they crashed into the white bones, splashing up the bone fragments on the ground.

Two undead soldiers who thew tomahawks triggered the Soul Execution.

They directly extinguished the soul fire of the skeleton knights and their horses.


The soul fire of the skeleton knight exploded.

The long spear whistled out, and the undead soldier could not avoid it even if it wanted to.

Its body exploded, and sand flew everywhere.

The troops of Twilight City were unable to stop the terrifying skeleton knights.

Their bodies were crushed like sand balls.

But in the blink of an eye, their broken bodies quickly recovered.

After a round of charge, the skeletal knights paid the price of several casualties and murdered troops of Twilight City.

However, under the 99% immunity to physical damage, the troops of Twilight City did not die in battle.

Under the charge of the skeletal knights, Richard also experienced the magical feeling of quick recovery after he was smashed into pieces.

After the two sides crossed paths, the troops of Twilight City pounced on the skeleton mages who cast spells behind the skeletal knights.

There were too many of these mages.

If they were to cast spells without restraint, troops of Starlight City would not be able to hold on even if they activated Sand Transformation.

Before they got close, hundreds of Ghostly Fireballs covered the sky.

‘Whoosh! Whoosh!

They crashed down like a meteor shower.


The moment they exploded, the surrounding area burst into cold flames.

Fortunately, the enemy did not focus their fire on a few targets.

It covered the entire area, and the lethality was greatly reduced.

The Poisonous Scorpion Warrior and the Axe of the Dead that could quickly recover blood charged into the skeleton mages team which withstood the damage caused by the Ghostly Fireball.

Without the buffer in the front row, the skeleton mages heaven-defying abilities could not be displayed.

The troop that attacked with anger immediately made these skeletons taste what true death meant.

‘Ta! Ta!

At this moment, the skeleton knights charged back with their spears and they wanted to stop the scorpion warriors and the undead soldiers.

However, the troop that had activated the Sand Transformation completely ignored the skeleton knights.

The only ones who could pose a threat to them were the skeleton mages.

“Cursed pharaoh, use your body to stop the skeleton knights!”

Richard ordered coldly.

The skeleton knights were immune to curses.

A cursed pharaoh would not be effective even if it cast a spell at this moment.

It would be better to use its body to block it.

With the sand, they would not die.

The cursed pharaoh immediately charged at the skeletal knights.


They exploded into gravel under the terrifying impact…

Then, their bodies quickly condensed…

This suicidal attack bought precious time for the troop.

Under the frenzied attacks of the undead soldiers and the scorpion warriors, the skeletal mages were quickly annihilated…

When the only threat on the ground was eliminated, the troop immediately turned around and pointed their spears at the tough skeleton knights.

They charged forward.

The rare-level skeleton knights were still easy to deal with, but the rare-level Bone Knight Commander made Richard suffer a lot.

Every time the skeleton knights charged forward, they would cause a huge amount of damage to the scorpion warriors in the front row.

When they thrust their spears forward, the enemies bodies would explode.

The scorpion warriors could not block at all under the terrifying speed and impact.

It was even more tragic when trampled by a horse.

They could be kicked seven to eight meters away.

The scene of their bodies shattered into fine sand could be seen from time to time.

Fortunately, the Sand Transformation skill had been greatly strengthened before the battle.

This was the first case of death while Sand Transformation is turned on.

Richard had high hopes for the Axe of the Dead.

Their great killing weapon — Soul Execution.

The chance that this Soul Execution skill is triggered on the skeletal knight had also decreased a lot.

In the end, they had no choice but to mobilize the cursed pharaoh and the scorpion warrior to use their bodies to restrict the charge of the skeletal knights.

Under the concentrated attacks of the Axe of the Dead, this rare troop of 10 was finally killed by the horse.

During the entire process, the scorpion warriors were sent flying on average seven or eight times.

If not for the sandstorm, three lives would not have been enough to kill them.

When the last skeleton knight fell, Richard looked at the troop that had less than a minute left in the sandstorm and let out a long sigh.

This battle that lasted less than ten minutes was much more difficult than clearing out a few large groups of skeleton soldiers.

If it was someone else, even if the troop was several times more powerful than him, they might not be able to take down those skeleton knight commanders.

The rare troop was too powerful.

Sand Transformation, the eternal god.

[Ding~ The army you led has eliminated a group of undead units and obtained victory in a mini battle.

You have obtained 1,000 experience points.]

[Ding~ Curse Pharaoh, Poisonous Scorpion Warrior, Axe of the Dead.

After a lot of battles, their levels have increased.

Current Level: 6]

Richard looked at the troop that had all their skills refreshed after they leveled up and their aura had returned to their peak states.

He was in a great mood.

After Richard came out, the troop had already leveled up twice in a row.

And their strength had increased by a large margin.

He was elated.

He looked at the black coffin on the bone hill.

His heart palpitated.

This undead force was surely the most difficult enemy he had ever fought.

If he dragged them out to the sandy ground to fight a tough battle, he would have no choice but to retreat.

Even with the advantage of geography, he had to fight for several hours before he could win this war.

The fruits of their hard work became especially sweet at this moment.

To protect this with so many soldiers, what was hidden in this coffin

The bones were piled up on a mountain, and the black coffin was engraved with countless dark skull patterns.

Against such a background, it was scary but also extremely noble.

Richard was in high spirits., He opened his status panel with full anticipation after he led the army to a certain distance.

But what surprised him was that the attribute panel didnt show anything.

It was as if the coffin was just an ordinary stone and gravel.

Something must have gone wrong.

He didnt rush forward.

With a wave of his hand, he asked a cursed pharaoh to explore.

‘Crack! Crack!

The cursed pharaoh stepped on the white bones and went to the top of the mountain.

“Open the coffin!”

This cursed pharaoh carried a withered wooden scepter and wore a colorful crown on its head.

Two ribbons hung from its ears to its neck.

It stretched out its shriveled hand and slowly opened the coffin but did not succeed during the first attempt because it was too heavy.

Then, it bent down and inserted the withered wooden scepter into the gap between the bandages on its waist.

It used its two hands to exert force.


The stone coffin made a series of sounds and was slowly moved away.


An extremely dark light burst out from the coffin as if there was a bottomless abyss hidden inside.

In an instant, the dark light condensed into countless twisted hands and pulled the cursed pharaoh directly into the coffin.


The stone lid of the coffin let out a muffled sound of collision and returned to its initial position.

It was as if nothing had happened.

Everything happened too quickly.

The troop, who stood dozens of meters away and kept a watch, had no time to react at all.

Richards heart skipped a beat when he witnessed this scene.

“Whats inside the coffin Is there a living thing”


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