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Liu Yan was satisfied after counting his loot from the [ Moonshine Qilin ].

He then checked his new attribute panel.

[ Liu Yan ]

[ level: 43 (5000/41000)

[ Class: Dark Ranger (second transition), Law Warlock (third transition inactive) ]

[ Strength (attack): 22902 ]

[ Vitality (defense): 24092 ]

[ Agility (speed): 14303 ]

[ Spirit (mana): 12293 ]

[ Adaptability (magic resistance): 12293 ]

[ Luck (probability): 89 ]

[ Bow and arrow: Flying Cloud Mystic Bow (S-grade) ]

[ Traps: none ]

[ Familiars: Ice and Fire Two-headed Wolf, Purple Wind Falcon, Treasure Pangolin ]

[ Allocatable attribute points: 1789 ]


Divine Extraction (SSS-grade, tier 3): 356/410 (recovers every hour)

Extraordinary Five Senses (SS )

Superior Elemental Affinity (SS )

Skills: Omniscient Insight (S-grade), Fog (B-grade), Ultimate Aim (A-grade), Poison Control (A-grade), Traceless Silence (A-grade), Poison Immunity (B-grade), Animal Affinity (B-grade), Flame Blast (SS-grade), Frost Control (A-grade), Wind control (C-grade), Plunder(A-grade), Split (A-grade), Track (A-grade), Electrocution (A-grade), Supersonic Speed (S-grade), Shadow Cloak (A-grade), Backstab (B-grade), Dragonification (S-grade), Perfect Trickery (A-grade), Fire Scythe Dance (S-grade), Treasure Hunting (A-grade), Absolute Unrivaled (S-grade), Pure Body (A-grade), Domination (S-grade), Power of the Earth (S-grade), Soul Snatching (SS-grade), Prison of Giant Trees (S-grade), Qilin Revival (SS-grade)

Items: Soft Blade Boxing Gloves (A-grade), Blade of The Night (S-grade), Flying Cloud Mystic Bow (S-grade), Turin Assassination Set (A-grade), intermediate storage ring (B-grade), Blue Flame Gloves (grade SS), Gale boots (grade SS), wings of wind god (grade SSS)(sealed) ]

Elemental laws: Gold Secret Art (SS-grade), Wood Secret Art (SS-grade), Fire Secret Art (SS-grade) ]

With the boost in attributes, Liu Yans current thought attribute was terrifying, especially his strength and vitality.

They had already crossed the 20000 mark, and his strength was terrifying.

Apart from that, there were two new SS-grade skills, both of which were extremely powerful.

Any one of them was a tremendous gain for Liu Yan.

These three gains also caused Liu Yans combat strength to increase significantly.

Moonshine Qilin was a powerful SS-grade fierce beast.

The benefits it had brought Liu Yan were too much.

Liu Yan then looked at the corpse of Moonshine Qilin.

After Liu Yans Divine Extraction, the corpse of Moonshine Qilin had withered a lot.

However, some parts of his body were still dazzling.

They were Moonshine Qilin beasts scales, two horns, a tail, and four hooves.

Liu Yan knew that the entire body of Moonshine Qilin was a treasure.

After Divine Extraction, these few body parts were still in good condition.

They must be extraordinary.

Liu Yan stepped forward and took out these parts.

After an examination, he found that they were all S-grade or even SS-grade treasures.

If they were used in the right way, they would have a great effect.

Among them, Liu Yan had a pretty good way of using the scale.

He could use it with SS-grade origin stones to create powerful enchanted puppets.

Liu Yan could make third or fourth-tier enchanted puppets if he used the high-grade origin stone with some other rare materials.

Their combat power would be at least level 60 or 70, or even higher!

Liu Yan did not have that much time at the moment.

He could only put these rare materials into his intermediate storage ring for the time being.

He would see how to use these rare materials when he had the time.

Liu Yan then took the SSS-grade special equipment, Wings of the Wind God, from his intermediate storage ring.

[ Wings of the Wind God ] (sealed)

[ Grade: SSS ]

[ Description: The Wings of Wind God created by a divine level expert.

It is filled with mystery and has terrifying effects.


[ Sealed effect: Flying speed 10000, wind attribute skills increase by 50% ]

[ Gods Effects: Gale Force (passive skill, terrifying wind-type cutting effect can be emitted wherever it flies, causing terrifying damage), Whisper of the Wind (active skill.

After activation, it can detonate the wind element in a large area, causing a terrifying area of damage!) ]

SSS-grade equipment could only be equipped after it recognized its owner.

Liu Yan cut his finger and dripped a few drops of blood.

The Wings of the Wind God glowed with a green light, and Liu Yan could feel massive wind elemental fluctuations in the surroundings.

After the master recognition was completed, Liu Yan immediately equipped the wings of the wind god.

Even though the Wings of Wind God were sealed and could not display their true strength, the current effect was already powerful.

With a gentle flap of Wings of Wind God, Liu Yan reappeared in the sky in the next moment, surrounded by a terrifying fluctuation of wind elements.


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