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The corpse of Moonshine Qilin beast had shriveled up after Divine Extraction.

Liu Yan was looking at his gains with anticipation.

Flame Blast

[ Grade: SS ]

[ Effect: Condenses a large amount of fire element.

When attacking, it will explode and produce a terrifying power! ]

It was a simple introduction, but Liu Yan knew Flame Blast was extraordinary.

During the battle with Moonshine Qilin, Liu Yan used Gods Effect of his SS-grade Blue Flame Gloves to activate the terrifyingly powerful Blue Flame Strike.

It instantly killed the half-recovered Moonshine Qilin.

The principle of Blue Flame Strike was to store and compress the fire attribute energy in Blue Flame Gloves.

Then, it would burst out in one fell swoop and produce terrifying power in a battle.

Such a principle was undoubtedly similar to Flame Blast.

Blue Flame Gloves continuously gathered, stored, and compressed a large amount of fire attribute energy to feed Blue Flame Strike.

On the other hand, Flame Blast did not have powerful equipment to boost itself.

It required the condensation and attack of fire elements on the spot.

The fire element was originally a violent element.

After being condensed, it produced a terrifying power.

Liu Yan had already experienced it in the previous battle.

To be able to kill such a powerful Moonshine Qilin with a single Blue Flame Strike, it was clear how powerful it was!

It was a combat power that completely surpassed his current level!

This Flame Blast must have extraordinary power too.

It did not have a carrier and could not accumulate a large amount of fire attribute energy.

Hence, its power might not be comparable to Blue Flame Strike.

However, it was still an SS-grade skill.

Liu Yan believed that the power of Flame Blast would be extraordinary.

In addition, it was extremely troublesome to use Blue Flame Attack.

It required a large amount of fire attribute energy.

It could only be used as a trump card and could only be used once.

Earlier, Liu Yan had used Blue Flame Strike to attack Moonshine Qilin, so he could not use it again.

He had to accumulate fire attribute energy for a long time before using it again.

However, Flame Blast was different.

It was condensed on the spot.

Its disadvantage was that it did not gather as much fire attribute energy as Blue Flame Strike.

Its power was also not as terrifying as gray Fire Strike.

However, it had the advantage of being able to release continuously, which would be of major help to Liu Yan.

Obtaining the SS-grade Flame Blast undoubtedly raised Liu Yans attack power to a new level.

On the other hand, Flame Blast could also greatly enhance the Blue Flame Strike of the Blue Flame Gloves.

Previously, Liu Yan used his A-grade Flame Control to store fire attribute energy continuously.

Yet, this Blue Flame Strike was already so terrifying.

In the future, if Liu Yan used the higher-grade Flame Blast to store fire elements, his attack would become more powerful.

It was the same as condensing more fire elements.

The condensed fire attribute energy of the Flame Burst had condensed again through Blue Flame Gloves.

Under the second condensation, it would bring about a qualitative improvement!

Liu Yan couldnt help but look forward to the new Blue Flame Strike and see how terrifying its power would be.

He still needed to store it slowly, so he could only think about it later.

Blue Flame Strike would undoubtedly become an even more powerful killing weapon for Liu Yan, an even more powerful ultimate skill!

After looking at the first two rewards, Liu Yan looked at the remaining rewards from Moonshine Qilin.

One of them was an SS-grade origin stone that contained a terrifying amount of energy.

There was a wide range of uses for origin stones, especially for high-grade origin stones.

Liu Yan remembered that the core origin energy of the central rest platform on the third-and-a-half level of the Tower seemed to be a high-grade origin stone.

However, Liu Yan didnt know how high its level was, but he estimated that it was at least SSS-grade, or even higher.

An origin stone was enough to supply all the energy needed for the entire three-and-a-half-level central resting platform.

It was clear how terrifying a high-grade origin stone was.

The SS-grade origin stone in front of Liu Yan was not weak either, and he believed it would be of great use in the future.

If Liu Yan used the SS-grade origin stone to create an enchanted puppet, it would be a powerful combat force that surpassed his current level.

Liu Yan wondered if he created an enchanted puppet using an SS-grade origin stone as its energy source.

It was very likely that even he wouldnt be a match for it.

Of course, Liu Yan could use this origin stone to produce an enchanted puppet.

However, the other materials required were also high-grade and rare.

Liu Yan could not gather all of them in a short time.

He could only wait and see if he could do so on the sixth level of the Tower.

He would not have the opportunity to do so on the fifth level.

Liu Yan kept the precious SS-grade origin stone and looked at his last harvest.

It was an SS-grade skill, Qilin Revival!

It was also the second SS-grade skill that Liu Yan had obtained.

Liu Yan immediately looked at it with great anticipation.

[ Qilin Revival ]

[ Grade: SS ]

[ Effect: Passive skill.

It cannot be activated.

After entering a heavily injured state, the Qilins power in the bloodline will be activated.

It will absorb a large amount of fire attribute energy in the surroundings to quickly recover from injuries and stamina.

During the recovery process, the user can move and fight until the user is fully recovered.

] (Current usage: 1/1, recovers once a month)

Liu Yans eyes lit up when he saw the Qilin Revival.

Wasnt that the powerful passive skill of the Moonshine Qilin

That terrifying recovery ability was still fresh in Liu Yans mind.

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