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At this time, Ye Feng still had a trump card that he had not used yet.

That was naturally the power of the Dragon race!

If Ye Fengs Dragon bloodline power was used, it would become an instant-kill type of power, Ye Feng planned to save this trump card for later on, he might be able to obtain a surprise.

Of course, the prerequisite was that he had to be able to hold on until then.

From the looks of it now, the other partys attacks were still stronger than his.

If this continued, Ye Fengs strength would be depleted sooner or later.

Ye Fengs body burst out, pulling a distance away from Evil Spirit.

At this time, he was still standing, there was no fluctuation in his heart.

“Eh Whats going on What” Evil Spirit frowned, a hint of doubt in his eyes.

But very quickly, his expression returned to normal, and he let out an arrogant laugh.

“Haha, I didnt expect that your physical strength could be on par with mine.

Although this degree of injury is nothing, it also proves that you are indeed worthy of my serious battle!”


Hearing this, Ye Feng snorted coldly.

He stepped lightly on the ground with the tip of his foot and shot toward Evil Spirit like a cannonball!

Ye Fengs speed was extremely fast, in the blink of an eye, he had already arrived beside Evil Spirit.

His right hand clenched into a fist and punched toward Evil Spirits body!

This punch, Ye Feng used almost all of his strength.

His fist howled and the fist force rumbled!

However, Evil Spirit just sneered and dodged the punch.

But Ye Fengs reaction was extremely fast, he did not give him any chance to dodge.

After his attack missed, he swept his left leg out!

Evil Spirit dodged again.

With a loud bang, Ye Fengs left leg kicked the wall, leaving a deep mark.

Ye Feng took this chance, he turned around and aimed his right leg at Evil Spirits stomach, wanting to send him flying.

However, Evil Spirits body moved swiftly and dodged again!

The two of them exchanged blows rapidly, and Ye Fengs fists collided with the Ghost Sickle, causing sparks to fly!

Boom! Boom! Boom-!!

The short exchange of blows made Ye Feng and Evil Spirit feel a sense of familiarity.

This was like a battle between a warrior and a knight.

No matter who it was, as long as one side was slightly inferior, they would definitely lose!

“Hehe, youre no match for me, so kneel down and wait for your death!”

Evil Spirit laughed coldly.

He slashed at Ye Fengs shoulder.

Ye Fengs body trembled slightly, but he did not suffer any serious injuries.

Instead, he used this force to soar into the sky!


At the next moment, a cloud of black fog suddenly appeared around Ye Feng!

The black fog spread, blocking Ye Fengs vision.

Evil Spirits figure disappeared!


A mocking smile appeared on Ye Fengs face.

He had already sensed Evil Spirits scheme, so he was already prepared and stepped into the darkness.

Ye Feng knew that the moment he entered the black fog region, Evil Spirits sneak attack had already arrived!

Sure enough, at the next moment, Ye Feng heard a gust of wind.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Rays of blade rays shot out and blocked all of Ye Fengs escape routes, enveloping him within.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Ye Fengs body flipped and dodged most of the blade rays!

But there were still a few blade rays that slashed at Ye Fengs back.

He was in great pain.

“Hehehe, how is it How do you feel now”

Evil Spirits smile was filled with ridicule.

“This black fog region contains a dense dark energy.

This dark energy can corrode your body and increase my strength at the same time!”

Hearing this, Ye Fengs heart sank.

Dark energy

This thing was even more terrifying than darkness-type spiritual energy!

If he could not solve this problem, it would be very difficult for Ye Feng to win!

Ye Feng took in a deep breath.

He activated the water elemental energy in his body and covered his entire body!

Zi! Zi! Zi!

Under Ye Fengs control, the water elemental energy formed a defensive armor that covered Ye Fengs body, forming a thick and solid armor!

“Oh You actually know how to use external protection.

However, its useless to rely on these things!”Evil Spirit said coldly.

Holding the Ghost Sickle, he continued to charge toward Ye Feng.

His attacks became more and more violent, and the power released by the Ghost Sickle was also increasing!

Ye Feng was already being suppressed by Evil Spirit.

He waved his fists, creating a series of afterimages.

One punch after another, dense and fast!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ye Fengs fist technique looked ordinary, but every time he attacked, it would cause a series of explosions.

The power of each of Ye Fengs attacks was shocking, but he could not break Evil Spirits attack!

“Hehe! Youve completely infuriated me!”

Evil Spirit laughed coldly.

He raised his arm and a black sword shadow suddenly condensed.

“Since your defense is so strong, Ill let you try a truly powerful skill!”

Chi la–

The moment he finished speaking, Evil Spirit waved his Ghost Sickle.

Sharp black blade rays tore through the air and appeared in front of Ye Feng!

“D*mn it!” Ye Fengs pupils shrunk.

He quickly activated the water elements in his body, forming a water shield!

Pfft! Pfft! Pfft!

But the black blade rays were extremely sharp.

In just three seconds, Ye Feng had to endure seven to eight black blade rays.

His clothes were torn apart and his skin was covered in injuries.

“Hehehe, thisMad Nine Decapitations of mine is a modified version of the sect leaders saber technique.

Its specially used for bloodthirsty battles!”

“Now, its your turn to taste it!”

Evil Spirit laughed sinisterly.

He then clapped his hands and the pitch-black Ghost Sickle flew out of his hands, shooting toward Ye Feng with a dark light!


Ye Fengs expression changed.

He quickly dodged, but that black Ghost Sickle seemed to have a mind of its own, it chased after him and continued to stab at his chest!

But right at this time, a cold glint shot out from Ye Fengs eyes and instantly hit the Ghost Sickle, causing it to fly out and fall to the side!

“Whats the situation” Evil Spirit was stunned.

He clearly felt that his Ghost Sickle had already stabbed into Ye Fengs chest, but it was off course!

“Hmph! How can such a small trick do anything to me”

Ye Fengs lips curled up.

He showed a mocking expression.

“Youre indeed special, but that doesnt mean you can defeat me!” Evil Spiritsneered.

He stomped his feet and his figure flashed.

The Ghost Sickle in his hand slashed out again!


The speed of the Ghost Sickle was extremely fast.

It even exceeded Ye Fengs reaction time.

In the blink of an eye, the Ghost Sickle had already arrived in front of Ye Feng.

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