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Hearing that Fang Heng had a plan, Chen Yu immediately felt at ease.

Most of Fang Hengs plans were quite whimsical, but they had never failed!

“Elite team, prepare for battle with me.

Everyone else, stay here and wait for orders.

Xu Hongtao, you will be in charge of commanding.”


Chen Yu had always trusted Fang Heng without reservation.

He immediately called the players in his elite team to board the truck and follow Fang Heng to the main base of the vampires.

Zhong Lei, who was on the team, also led more than 20 players from Leftway Gaming Guild to board the truck loaded with materials and followed behind.

“Lets go!”

Soon, dozens of large trucks rumbled in a straight line on the wide main road.

Players from the Northern Federation followed at the back of the team.

Xie Junhao sat in the front passenger seat of a large truck and his brows were tightly knitted.

What was Fang Heng up to this time

Was it really alright to attack the headquarters of the vampires just like that

Such an irresponsible formation…

If they were to be attacked by the vampires at this time, they would have almost no ability to resist!

Could it be that Fang Heng had become arrogant after obtaining the Angetas

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Or did Fang Heng have some unique method that could ensure that his party would not be attacked by the vampires

What Xie Junhao could not understand was in the dozen large trucks traveling in the middle was nothing else but a large number of mechanical parts and materials that Chen Yu had ordered people to prepare in a hurry not long ago.

This was just strange! Why did Fang Heng need so many mechanical parts and materials

Was he going to use them to fight the vampires head-on

He had never heard of a saying that mechanical parts could restrain the vampires though…

Chen Yu was also puzzled, but he had always trusted Fang Heng.

It was a trust that had been established since their time together in the sewer.

Chen Yu believed that Fang Heng must have some strange method to help them win.

“Officer, were almost there.”

Looking out of the window, a corner of the vampires shelter was in sight.

Xie Junhaos frown deepened.

Werent they going to stop

Did they treat the vampires as nothing

What was even stranger was that the headquarters of the vampires looked calm and peaceful.

At first glance, there didnt seem to be any defense or watchmen.

Along the way, the team of Federation players was not subject to any attacks.

The moving trucks gradually slowed down, until the trucks at the front stopped in front of the shelter.

Fang Heng jumped down from the truck.

A few Tyrants fusion forms that had been following behind the team strode forward and walked to the shelter.

Together, they pushed open the tightly shut iron door of the shelter.

What was going on

Why was there no reaction from the vampires headquarters shelter

Following that, the federation elites got down from the trucks.

The player teams all assumed battle positions and maintained formation as they raised their guns and coordinated with each other to move forward cautiously.

Soon, they occupied the entrance of the shelter.

Fang Heng stood at the entrance of the vampires shelter casually.

He gathered all the captains of the elite teams to tell them the battle plans, “Everyone, the mission target this time is to infiltrate the target location.

Equip all weapons with silencers, and bring along your equipment and battle materials.

Chen Yu, bring your men and follow me.

Dont run around.

If you see any vampires during the journey, shoot them dead!”


“Xie Junhao.

Your men will assist the team at the rear.

Dont attack unless you have no other choice.”


Fang Heng then looked at Zhong Lei who was beside him.

Without needing to explain, Zhong Lei understood.

He nodded at Fang Heng and gave him a thumbs up to show that he understood.

According to his previous discussion with Fang Heng, Zhong Lei brought the players from Leftway Gaming Guild to move the boxes of high-tier parts from the truck.

Then, they carried the boxes and stood in the middle part of the team.

After the preparations were done, Fang Heng took the lead and led the players into the headquarters of the vampires.

He brought them in the direction of the fifth basement as if he knew the place like the back of his hand.

Xie Junhao gestured for his team to remain vigilant and continued to move forward.

They sneaked into the vampires shelter and never stopped moving forward.

Xie Junhao thought to himself, “This is really strange!”

The interior of the shelter was too quiet!

It was already extremely strange for them to have not been attacked by the vampires while they had been in the periphery of the shelter just now.

Now that they had invaded the lair of the vampires, they still could not find even find a hint of a vampires shadow.

Were the vampires using the empty city strategy

Chen Yu also found it strange.

He even wondered if Fang Heng had long slaughtered the vampires in the headquarters shelter.

Thinking carefully, Chen Yu shook his head.

He felt that the idea was too ridiculous.

After passing through the long passage, Fang Heng led the players back to the fifth basement of the shelter.

At the end of the team, Xie Junhao led the Wasteland Worlds Northern Federation players into the cave as well.

“This is where the Angetas are stored”

“Yes,” Fang Heng nodded and looked around, “Lets begin.

Well set up an ambush here.

Later, Ill lure the vampires here in batches.

Prepare the magic arrays, injections, beam weapons, and the sort.

Wait for my command at any time and take care of them batch by batch.

Chen Yu, Ill leave this place to you.”

What did he mean

Did they come here to ambush the vampires in the latters headquarters

Xie Junhao felt dizzy just listening to it.

He had read some basic military tactics, but he had never heard of such a strategy.

Since he was already here, he might as well do as told.

Chen Yu knew that Fang Heng had many tricks up his sleeve, so as usual, he didnt think too much about it.

He simply nodded quickly and said, “Okay, Ill arrange the place immediately.”

Fang Heng waved his hand again and said to Zhong Lei and Lin Hanzheng, “Lets go, follow me.”

While Chen Yu was leading the federation elites to set up an ambush, Fang Heng led Zhong Lei and the other players from the Leftway Gaming Guild to transport all the boxes containing machinery and construction materials to the fourth basement.

“Boss, its done!” Zhong Lei rubbed his hands excitedly.

“Okay, go.

Let Chen Yu get ready.”

“No problem.

Boss, you be careful too,” Zhong Lei nodded at Fang Heng and waved at the players behind him, “Lets go! Lets get back to work!”

“Crack, crack, crack…”

After Zhong Lei and the other players left, a series of cracking sounds as if rocks were rubbing against each other could be heard.

On the ceiling, the zombie clones, which had been tightly wrapped with vines, put away the vines.

One by one, they fell to the ground and stood up shakily again.

Under Fang Hengs guidance, the zombie clones opened the toolboxes on the ground and equipped themselves with a wrench each.

Then, they worked together to lift the dozens of boxes.

After that, they staggered into a few rows and followed behind Fang Heng.


After finishing all this, Fang Heng returned to the teleportation hall in the second basement alone.

“Lord Marquis!” In the teleportation hall, the vampires were still faithfully carrying out the orders that Fang Heng had given before he left.

They were doing their best to protect the second basement and did not allow any outsiders to come near.

Fang Heng licked his lips lightly.

Very good.

This group of vampires was still in a “tricked” state.

A high-tier vampire walked to Fang Heng and knelt on one knee.

He reported, “Lord Marquis, we sensed that there might be some problems with Angetas.

Should we…”

“Theres no need to be nervous,” Fang Heng raised his hand to stop the vampire from continuing, “Angetas has encountered a small problem, but his Highness the Prince is personally handling this matter.

I believe it will be resolved soon.”



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