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Perfected Immortal Fei Yun released his full strength this time round!

The sound of a tsunami echoed from his body as he channeled his blood qi to its limits.

Every single flying saber contained his True Essence!

Even so, his saber could not break through the obstruction of the Startling Evil Spear!

“Your Highness, run!”

Perfected Immortal Jing Yue took advantage of the moment when he joined forces with Perfected Immortal Fei Yun to hold back the Thunder Emperor temporarily and suddenly shouted.

He had already sensed that the situation was bad and wanted Yuan Zuo to leave first.

On the surface, the two of them held back the Thunder Emperor and it was difficult to determine the victor.

However, as time passed by, the medicinal effects of the Seven Glow Immortal Ginseng were gradually refined in the Thunder Emperors body.

His injuries healed continuously and his combat strength would increase as well!

At that time, both of them would definitely lose!

“Im not leaving!”

In the end, Prince Yuan Zuo was indignant and turned around.

He looked at Feng Ziyi at the side and suddenly reached out to grab her.

“Feng Cantian, your granddaughter is in my hands.

Hurry and surrender!”

Prince Yuan Zuo laughed sinisterly.

Feng Ziyi was suppressed by the spirit consciousness of the Heaven Execution Guard, Lone Star, the entire time and could not escape.

At that moment, she did not even have the strength to resist when Prince Yuan Zuo attacked her.

The Thunder Emperor was enraged when he saw that.

However, he was held back by Perfected Immortal Jing Yue and Perfected Immortal Fei Yun.

Indeed, he could not split himself and could not save Feng Ziyi.

Although Perfected Immortal Burial Night was not dead, his heart was shattered and he was severely injured.

His combat strength was almost completely gone and he was helpless as well.

If Feng Ziyi were to fall into the hands of Prince Yuan Zuo, the Thunder Emperor would definitely be wary and the outcome of todays battle would be unpredictable.


Right then, a tremendous might descended and an incomparably gigantic beast appeared in front of Feng Ziyi!

The gigantic beast had two heads, a turtle and snake coiling around one another.

Carrying a shell on its back, its four legs were like heavenly-piercing pillars and it roared into the skies with a dignified gaze!

Prince Yuan Zuos palm did not manage to grab Feng Ziyi.

Instead, it landed on the shell on the turtle and snakes back.


When his fingertip collided with the tough and rough turtle shell, he felt a sharp pain and Prince Yuan Zuo could not help but gasp.


There were complicated marks on the turtle shell, as though it contained the secrets and true meaning of the universe, emitting rays of light.

Prince Yuan Zuo could not dodge in time and his palm was pierced by the light, dripping with blood!


Prince Yuan Zuo cried out in pain and retreated.

The Heaven Execution Guard commander, Lone Star, hurried forward and looked at the gigantic beast beneath him with a grim expression.

Prince Yuan Zuo flung his palm.

He was a Grade 9 Heaven Immortal.

Although his palm was pierced, it was only a superficial wound.

His blood qi surged and he recovered in the blink of an eye.

“Where did this beast come from!”

Prince Yuan Zuo cursed.

“That looks like the sacred beast, the Black Tortoise!”

Lone Star said slowly.


Prince Yuan Zuo was shocked.

Sacred beasts were living beings that only existed in legends.

Even his father, King Jin, might not have seen them before, let alone him.

The Black Tortoise came from the third tripod wall of the Hell Suppression Tripod.

When Su Zimo saw that Feng Ziyi was in danger, he summoned the Black Tortoise Sacred Soul without hesitation.

Under Su Zimos control, the Black Tortoise Sacred Soul was initially only blocking in front of Feng Ziyi.

However, when it heard the wordsbeast, its eyes suddenly revealed a killing intent and the light on its turtle shell became even more blinding!

The Black Tortoise was enraged!

What was the bloodline and existence of a sacred beast

Even the Dragon and Phoenix races, the leaders of all living beings in the upper world, had to bow down to them!

But now, someone called it a beast!

Even if it was only a Sacred Soul and was not a true sacred beast, its dignity was not to be challenged!


The Black Tortoise Sacred Soul moved its limbs and a large mist surrounded it, forming a deep blue sea.

It crossed the sea and charged towards Prince Yuan Zuo!

“Protect His Highness!”

Lone Star shouted hurriedly and attacked first.

The other cultivators in the surroundings, be it Earth Immortals or Heaven Immortals, attacked the Black Tortoise Sacred Soul as well.

In the chaos, no one cared about Feng Ziyi anymore.

Su Zimo made use of the True Dragon Nine Flashes and flashed twice in succession, bringing Feng Ziyi away from the spot and running behind the Thunder Emperor.

When he saw that, the Thunder Emperor was relieved.

“Flying Cloud Strike!”

Suddenly, Perfected Immortal Fei Yun hollered and channeled his spirit consciousness.

His glabella shone and an Essence Spirit secret skill burst forth, attacking the Thunder Emperor.

On the other side, Perfected Immortal Jing Yue released his Essence Spirit secret skill as well.

When the two Essence Spirit secret skills descended, the Thunder Emperor did not dodge or avoid.

In fact, he did not even activate his Essence Spirit secret skill to retaliate.

Instead, he allowed the two Essence Spirit secret skills to surge into his consciousness!

“We did it!”

Perfected Immortal Fei Yun was ecstatic when he saw that.

As long as the Thunder Emperors Essence Spirit was injured, his strength would decrease significantly and he would definitely die!

However, Perfected Immortal Jing Yue had a grim expression and did not smile at all.

He had witnessed the Thunder Emperors methods in Absolute Thunder City.

The Thunder Emperor was not stupid or crazy.

Since he dared to endure their Essence Spirit secret skills with his consciousness, he definitely had a way of dispelling them!

In reality, Perfected Immortal Jing Yue was not wrong.

In the Thunder Emperors consciousness, because his Dao Fruit was shattered, he took advantage of the situation for the past hundreds of thousands of years and condensed a sea of lightning!

He would replace the position of the Dao Fruit with the sea of lightning and rebuild after it was destroyed!

His injuries had yet to recover.

However, if he could recover completely, he would be much stronger than his combat strength hundreds of thousands of years ago with the power of the sea of lightning!

The sea of lightning in his consciousness had many uses.

One of them was to devour Essence Spirit secret skills and absorb and refine the power of the other partys Essence Spirit to strengthen the sea of lightning.

Therefore, when the two Essence Spirit secret skills of Perfected Immortal Jing Yue and Su Zimo entered the Thunder Emperors glabella, they were devoured by the sea of lightning!

Not only was the Thunder Emperor not injured, his spirit consciousness expanded instead!

“Spirit Vanquishing Whip!”

The Thunder Emperor touched his glabella gently with one hand and withdrew a whip that was surrounded by lightning in his consciousness, whipping Perfected Immortal Jing Yue and Perfected Immortal Fei Yun!

The two of them were shocked and dodged hurriedly.

The Thunder Emperors blood qi intensified and he broke free from the restraints of the golden gourd in midair instantly.

As for Perfected Immortal Fei Yun, he was slightly distracted when the Thunder Emperor seized the opportunity to release his blood qi and endless lightning burst forth from the Startling Evil Spear!


There was a loud bang!

The 10,800 sabers were dispersed by the Startling Evil Spear instantly!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Dao cracks appeared on the blades of every flying saber.

Without a saber formation, a Grade 6 spirit treasure could not defend against the Nine Tribulations Pure Yang Startling Evil Spear.

With a single spear strike, 10,800 sabers shattered into countless shards that scattered on the ground.

Perfected Immortal Fei Yun shuddered and his face turned pale as his gaze dimmed.

The Destiny Dharmic treasures that he had painstakingly refined were all crippled by the Thunder Emperor.

His mind was implicated and he suffered a huge blow as well.

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