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Yaqing, why dont you not sleep next to your mother tonight Li Hao will sleep in your room with you…

These words were said by Qin Lie.

It was already night and he did not want to sleep in the study again.

Moreover, where could they find a good man like Li Hao First, he saved the old mans life, and now he had given them an abundance of fresh hundred-year-old spirit tea leaves.

Moreover, Li Hao was someone valued by the big shots and was so rich and good-looking.

Such a perfect man was really not easy to find.

Therefore, Qin Lie could not wait for Qin Yaqing and Li Hao to tie the knots.

“Huh Dad, what are you talking about”

When Qin Yaqing heard Qin Lies words, she widened her eyes and looked at him in disbelief.

Initially, he told her to treat Li Hao better in the future, and now, he was chasing her into Li Haos arms.

Qin Yaqing blushed and felt ashamed.

“Um… I am good with anything!” At this moment, Li Hao said weakly.

He did not care if he slept alone or with someone else.


Qin Yaqing looked at Li Hao in shock, not knowing what to say.

Her face turned even redder, and even her neck turned red.

She was so beautiful.

“Im ignoring you!” Qin Yaqing said again before running into her room.


Then, with a sharp click, the door closed.

The crowd was left smiling at each other.

“Look, this girl is shy.

Were both young and in a relationship.

What does it matter! Li Hao, dont mind her.

You can just go in later.

I have the key here…” At this moment, Ye Rong said to Li Hao.

Li Hao was speechless.

Just as Li Hao was thinking about sneaking into the room, Li Haos phone rang.

It was a WeChat message.

“Li Hao, arent you coming back today”

This message was from Ye Shiyun.

At this moment, Ye Shiyun was lying on the bed in her room, but she could not fall asleep no matter how hard she tossed and turned.

She had huge dark eye circles.

Last night, she had waited all night, but Li Hao had not returned.

Ye Shiyun could guess where Li Hao was sleeping.

Could it be that the two of them had already developed to that point

For some reason, this made her feel uncomfortable and complicated.

She felt as if something that should have been hers had been snatched away.

Even during the day, she would be distracted from time to time in class.

After class, Ye Shiyun rushed back immediately.

However, Li Hao still did not return.

She continued to wait.

Until now, Li Hao still had not returned.

Hence, Ye Shiyun finally could not help but send a WeChat message to Li Hao.

She did not know what she was doing…

“Uh, I encountered something, so Im staying here.

I still have to go to the Southwest Town tomorrow and might not be back…”

Li Hao typed the message and sent it to Ye Shiyun.

“Oh, okay.”

However, Ye Shiyun only replied with two words.

There was nothing else.

Li Hao did not pay much attention to it and prepared to go to his room to sleep.

Li Hao quietly tried to open the door to Qin Yaqings room.

The door was unlocked and Li Hao opened it.

In the room, Qin Yaqing lay on her side on the bed and looked like she was asleep.

Although the lights were not on, the scene in the room was almost the same as during the day.

Such a beautiful woman in bed.

It was so damn tempting.

Li Hao did not say anything.

He slowly walked in and came to the bed.

At this moment, click!

The lights came on.

“What are you doing” Qin Yaqing turned around and glared at Li Hao.

Li Hao was speechless.

“Sleep, of course.

What else” said Li Hao bluntly.

“Dont come to bed.

If you want to sleep, sleep on the floor.

There are blankets in the closet,” Qin Yaqing said coldly again, turning into an ice goddess.

Her mother had told her not to let a man have it too quickly or too easily.

She had to keep her distance from Li Hao and not let him come to bed.

Moreover, their relationship was still fake.

To share the same bed would require them to at least confirm their relationship.

Moreover, Li Hao had yet to confess to her.

Little did she know that her mother had sold her out when she came in.

Seeing Qin Yaqings cold expression, Li Hao was stunned again.

“Um, the floor is uncomfortable, and this bed is quite big.

Ill just take a little bit, okay” Li Hao said weakly again, trying to fight for it.

“No way!”

Qin Yaqing decisively rejected him, and her face turned red.

It was already the first time she was in the same room as a man.

If she still wanted to sleep in the same bed, who knew what would happen

“Just a little, really, dont worry.

Dont you believe me” Li Hao said shamelessly again, his eyes pitiful.

When Qin Yaqing saw Li Haos expression, she began to hesitate.

There was hope.

“Sigh… Can you bear to let me sleep on the ground I just climbed Mount Laojun today, and my back and legs are still aching…” Li Hao sighed again and spoke disconsolately.


You can come up and sleep, but dont move!”

In the end, Qin Yaqing compromised.

Li Hao was delighted.

Then he prepared to take off his clothes and go to bed.

“Huh” Qin Yaqing immediately screamed again in panic.

“What are you doing”

“To sleep.

Dont you take off your clothes when you sleep”

Li Hao was stunned.

“Youre not allowed to take it off.

Sleep like this…” Qin Yaqing said directly.

Finally, Li Hao lay down on the bed.

Qin Yaqing was also lying on the bed, but she was separated from Li Hao.

Neither of them spoke.

For a moment, the atmosphere in the room was awkward.

They could even feel each others breathing.

Qin Yaqings breathing seemed to be a little rapid, and her heart was beating faster.

It lasted for an unknown period of time.

Perhaps because he was too tired today, Li Hao noticed that Qin Yaqings breathing had calmed down and she fell asleep first.

Li Hao was quite an honest man, but he could not help but feel restless.


Congratulations, host.

You have completed the mission.

Reward: Divine-level medical skills, a set of Nine Needles of Mystic Heaven…]

At this moment, the system notification suddenly sounded.

It turned out that his reward for saving the old man and completing the mission had arrived.

The reward might be late, but it would definitely come.

In an instant, a powerful message surged into Li Haos mind.

Divine-level medical skills!

At this moment, Li Hao felt like he had become a medical grandmaster.

All kinds of illnesses were in his mind, and all kinds of medical techniques were under his control.


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