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Chapter 1042: [Soul Taking]

Tiffany did not resist the power ofdeath.

She completely let go of her soul and felt that she seemed to become a special existence.

The consciousness, that she thought would be forever blurred, unexpectedly became clear.

What greeted her vision was a vast galaxy, which was completely different from the starry sky at night.

It was the first time that Tiffany had seen such a magnificent universe, let alone be in it.

Under the impact of that vast feeling, it seemed that even her mind and soul had become open.

“Are you surprised” The familiar voice made Tiffany conscious move.

She had appeared in a magnificent hall.

This hall seemed to be suspended above all the stars.

It could see everything in the entire universe from an incredible full angle.

“Welcome to the Galaxy Divinity Temple.”

Looking at Chen Rui in the hall, Tiffany felt a strange feeling in her mind, as if he was a god to be worshipped, but this feeling soon disappeared.

Tiffanys mouth moved as she finally asked, “Am I dead”

“I have separated your soul from the body using a secret technique and projected it into this world,” Chen Rui spread his hands, “Your body has lost your soul, so it is actually no different from death.”

Tiffanys expression was calm; she obviously did not care about life and death.

“Very good, since you already have become indifferent to life and death, then even if you really die here, you can accept it calmly.”

Tiffany didnt speak.

She just stared blankly at the starry sky ahead.

“Look at this universe.” Chen Rui walked to her side and extended her perception to the entire Galaxy Territory with his mind.

“Its actually a big galaxy territory.

As you can see, theres a lot of solar systems in it with all shapes and sizes.

It looks beautiful.

That kind of star that glows like the sun is called stellar with many planets around it.

The stellar is the core of life in the solar system.

Generally speaking, there is life in the solar system with the stellar.

You see those planets The world we usually live in… So, the Demon Realm and the human world, or the main plane, is equivalent to only 1 planet.

A planet is so small in the solar system.

The galaxy you see now has nearly a trillion stellars.

In the real universe, there are countless such galaxies.”

Although Tiffanys expression was still dull, her gaze flashed with amazement.

She could feel that the universe she saw was real.

Chen Rui was not lying to her, and there was no need to lie to her.

“There is no eternity in the universe, including the universe itself.

If there is anything that is constant, it is the 2 basic laws of creation and destruction.

Everything in creation has its time of destruction: You, me… including the entire universe.

The life of an ordinary person is 100 years or a few hundred years.

Trainers like us can reach thousands of years, tens of thousands of years or even longer.

The lifespan of ordinary planets or suns is in units of hundreds of millions, and the longevity can reach trillions or hundreds of millions of years or even longer.

Once the life span ended, it will annihilate and die just like humans.

However, for the vast universe, a trillion-year solar system going from creation to death is only a blink of an eye.

For us, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of years of life seem long, yet for the universe, it is only a drop in the ocean.”

In such a great universe, even the birth and death of a planet was only a moment.

Life and life experiences were even more insignificant.

Tiffany looked at the vast galaxy.

She seemed to understand something in her mind, but she hadnt really comprehended it.

While pondering about it, a gentle female voice sounded beside him.

“Chen Rui, is this the new partner you brought me”

It was a woman.

Her appearance and temperament made her a peerless beauty.

The most impressive were those eyes which were as deep as the sea.

This woman should be a soul entity like herself.

For some reason, Tiffany felt very at ease beside this woman.

The feeling of the soul was the most real.

“Partner… You can say so.” Chen Rui spread his hands, “Let me introduce you to each other first, Veronica, Tiffany.”

“Tiffany, a very nice name.” Veronica looked at Tiffany with a blank expression, “It seems that my new friend doesnt seem to like talking much.”

“Its not just that she doesnt like talking.

She doesnt even have the strength to live.” Chen Rui sighed.

Veronica looked at Tiffany carefully and nodded slowly, “Numbness, despair, pain, loss of purpose in life… just living like withered grass.

Even if it turns to ashes one day, its just a relief.”

“I didnt expect you to be so powerful.

You can see so much at a glance.

” Chen Rui shrugged, “It seems that I dont need to explain further.”

Veronicas gaze contained a deeper meaning, “Because seeing her now is like seeing my past self in the mirror.”

Chen Rui was slightly shocked and whispered, “Im sorry, Veronica, I…”

“Its thepast me.” Veronica shook her head slightly while staring at him deeply, “Now Ive left that mirror and really found a meaningful life.”

Chen Rui stared at the fluctuations in those sea-blue eyes.

This time she didnt evade, “7 days.

She only has 7 days at most.

Otherwise, she will truly die.”

Although Chen Rui didnt explain further, Veronica knew exactly what he meant, “Got it.”

In 7 days, help Tiffany out of the trauma.

“Veronica…” Chen Rui pondered a little, and he didnt say anything.

He just nodded to her.

“Im very happy that you didnt saythank you.” Veronica showed a gentle smile and said to Tiffany, “Tiffany, come with me.

Since you are not afraid of death, there is no need to hesitate anymore.”

Tiffany didnt move at first, but after hearing the last sentence, she silently followed Veronicas footsteps.

Chen Rui watched the 2 figures go away.

That gentle smile that seemed to tolerate everything was kept in his mind.

In those beautiful blue eyes, he clearly saw a feeling.

No reluctance or pretense.

No need to hide; just a natural feeling.

Gratitude Siblings Confidants Or something else

For some reason, Chen Rui suddenly remembered 2 sentences that might be unrelated.

Thank you for holding my hand at that time.

A sunny day is when you are doing well.

The feeling brought by these 2 sentences faintly lingered in his mind.

When his mind moved, he had already left the Super System.

Appearing in front of him was Tiffany who was lying on the ground.

Her eyes were empty with no breathing as if she was dead, but the function of her body temporarily maintained the signs ofalive.

[Soul Transfer] could combine his own power to attack the enemys soul, and he could activate the power of [Soul Taking] to extract the soul from ones body.

The success rate depended on the opponents strength and soul strength.

This extraction was a one-off.

The longest effective time was 7 days.

After 7 days, if she could not return to the body with the power of [Soul Returning], her soul would be completely annihilated.

This ability was acquired after the Super System advancement.

However, it was not the ability of the Super System, but… the Bloody Ring.

This was actually an accident.

Since the Bloody Ring was not assimilated by Chen Rui and could not be included in the space equipment nor the storage warehouse of the Super System, Chen Rui made a necklace and hung the ring on his chest.

As a result, in the final battle with Python at the Light Divinity Temple on the top of the Holy Light Mountain, he launched the [Analytical Eyes] with all his strength.

Under the qualitative change of the realm and the wonderful power of the Super System advancement, not only the power of the Tower of Glory was completely turned to his belonging, even the bloody ring was successfully assimilated automatically.

After the God-Eating Mask, Demon Shield, Sword of Fallen Angel and the Wrath King Armor, it became the 5 out of 7 artifacts with the surnameChen (To be precise, 4.5).

7 artifacts were the highest artifact of the 7 royal families in the Demon Realm.

It was only equivalent to the level of quasi-artifact individually.

However, from the intel obtained in the past, the 7 artifacts should be a part of a supreme artifact.

No one knew what would happen after gathering all the artifacts.

There were still 2.5 pieces of the remaining 7 artifacts.

The IIlusive Shield was in Delias hands, the Breeze Shadow Boots was in Isabellas hands, and the Dark Shadow Cape was in Catherines hands.

It was possible for him to possess them all if it was necessary, but Chen Rui didnt dare to mess around until something was clarified.

Once they were assimilated, they couldnt be returned to the original owner, so it must be carefully considered.

At present, the most practical insider was the powerhouse Python, who came from the same era as Satan and Michael.

At that time, Pythons soul was severely damaged and almost collapsed.

Therefore, she finally chose to surrender and gained the power of Quillianas avatar.

After absorbing this power, Python had been in a state of recovery from a deep sleep.

I should wait for her to wake up before asking for relevant secrets in detail.

Not only the 7 artifacts, but Chen Rui also had many questions that needed answers.

Just now Tiffany was taken by Chen Rui with the power of [Soul Taking].

Since she completely gave up resistance, it was quite successful.

This skill was actually used for slavery or torture to read memory.

Of course, Chen Rui wouldnt do that.

He just kept her soul into the Super System.

With a precedent like Veronica, after Chen Rui did related experiments upon returning to the Demon Realm, he found that he could directly convert the souls that lost their power or resistance into the servants of the temple, so Tiffany temporarily became anoracle.

Tiffanys current situation was like walking dead.

In fact, Isabella could understand her feelings.

The usual intentional cynicism was also to stimulate her to cheer up again, but it had little effect.

Veronica also had a similar experience, and now she successfully found a new life, so Chen Rui hoped she could help Tiffany out of the trauma.

[Soul Taking] could only be used once.

These 7 days were crucial to Tiffany.

He really had no extra thoughts toward Tiffany besides sympathy, but now he hadseized” the Bloody Ring.

Even if there was no marriage contract, he had to help her no matter what.

If Tiffany still couldnt get out of the haze by then, Chen Rui didnt know whether to choose to free her or activate [Soul Returning] to turn her into the living dead again.

In any case, the key was still Tiffany herself.

7 days.

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