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Chapter 1943 Far, far away

Fay was having the same problem, the part about not having found her \'path\' yet.

The difference was that she truly felt concerned about that.

In Alen\'s case, he was fine as long as he was free to do whatever he wanted.

But for Fay, being stuck in the Peak Stage of the Nascent Soul Realm was far from optimal.

She did take her training very seriously, after all.

In fact, one of the reasons why she spent a lot of time on formations helping Rean was that cultivating didn\'t have use for her either.

Unsurprisingly, Qia also reached the same conclusion as Calina.

She believed that Fay should go out and experience life until she found her spark.

It\'s just that Rean was too worried to let her go in the demon beasts\' territory.

First of all, he was worried that someone might try to capture her and use Fay in the future against him.

After a few extra days, Rean received a message from Roan.

\'Did Qia talk to you about our kids\' cultivation\'

Rean was taken aback for a moment but quickly replied, \'She did.

She mentioned it with Calina, right Otherwise, you wouldn\'t be contacting to ask about what she did.\'

Roan didn\'t deny that.

\'Indeed, Calina and Qia seem to have talked about this issue already.

With the Divine Energy of the Realm of Gods, especially a place with so much of it like the Dragon Race and our Dimensional Realm, they\'re supposed to be far above the Nascent Soul Realm.\'

\'Not to mention that we have a lot of Divine Stones in case it was necessary.

In any case, it\'s all useless if they can\'t find their path.

That\'s when I had an idea.

You know how your nephew is.

He won\'t focus on his other training routines if I let him out to experience life.

On the other hand, Fay is different.

She would definitely follow it to the letter.

I would like to let these cousins go out together so that Fay would keep an eye on him.\'

Rean didn\'t find that a good idea.

\'So you\'re saying we should let them out in the demon beasts\' territory I think it\'s too risky.

Also, so what if Fay goes out with Alen She\'s stronger due to her diligence, but not to the point she can lock him down, so Alen would be able to escape Fay anytime he wanted.\'

Rean continued.

\'If you really want to make sure he\'ll train, just make him sign a Soul Binding Contract.

You know my contracts can\'t be rejected, right Of course, write something like he has to train if the situation permits to avoid a meaningless death.\'

Roan immediately shook his head after hearing his suggestion.

\'The idiot is still my kid, you know Would you force Fay to sign a Soul Binding Contract\' Sure enough, he recognized that Fay was stronger because of their difference in personalities.

It\'s not like he had a Divine Demon Beast Bloodline like Kentucky to make up for that.

He was just a human.

Also, his talent was only a Blue Color, which wasn\'t anything that impressive in the Realm of Gods.

\'That\'s true...\' Rean didn\'t deny that, although he found it unusual that Roan would care.

\'But what difference would it make if Fay decided to go out and Alen followed her Would he really train just because Fay\'s there I don\'t think so...\'

\'That\'s not a problem,\' Roan answered.

\'This guy is truly a copy of Kentucky, after all.

After he reached puberty, he always tried to look good in front of the other girls in the sect.

Once released into the demon beasts\' territories, they\'ll have to rely on each other to survive.

If he sees that he\'s being protected all the time by a woman, it\'ll hurt his pride.

It\'s not guaranteed, but it\'s quite possible that it\'ll make him take things more seriously.

If it doesn\'t work...

well, just tell Fay before she leaves that she can abandon him if he becomes nothing but a burden.\'

\'Oh!\' Rean recognized those last words.

\'Now, that\'s a lot more like you.

If they can\'t follow up, then leave them to fend for themselves.

I\'ll be honest.

You were a lot more lenient on Alen than you were on your two disciples since he was born.\'

Roan didn\'t want to agree.

\'That\'s because Calina often intervened.

Sometimes I had to let it go.\'

Rean faintly smiled as he knew that wasn\'t entirely true.

But then again, compared to a normal parent, Roan was indeed many times harsher.

\'I see...

it was Calina.

Yes, it had to be her.

No doubt.

So, are you fine with letting the two traverse the demon beasts\' territory alone Or are you going to have someone follow them in secret to protect them\'

That\'s the part where Roan was at a crossroads.

His normal reasoning said that such a thing would not really be an experience.

However, his heart was worried, which was something pretty new for him.

The guy was helpless, but he was still his kid.

Well, he would never tell Rean about that.

That\'s why he took this long to arrive at this decision.

\'There will be no protectors.

In the first life and death situation, the protector would act and save them even if they didn\'t know someone was following their steps.

At some point, they would notice this point, and everything would be useless.

If they go away, they have to be on their own.\'

Well, Rean would be lying if he said that he didn\'t have the same worries.

\'I don\'t know...

I don\'t feel like letting Fay leave my sight.

Besides, I told you already.

What if they\'re captured by the demon beasts or someone else that know about us Everyone knows about our kids, after all.\'

\'Oh, there\'s no need to worry about that.

No one will find out they left until they\'re far, far away,\' Roan answered.

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