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Seeing Xiao Yuanshis attitude, the old master was slightly satisfied.

“Second Son Xiao, we are your parents.

We wont harm you.

“Your daughter-in-law has a mean and indifferent look on her face.

“She can even jinx father and mother to death.

Think about it carefully.

“After marrying her, have things become more and more difficult for you

“You used to be an ordinary peasant in the village.

After you met Mdm Kong, not only did you learn martial arts and have a smart son, but you also made many contributions on the battlefield and were finally conferred the title of a senior general.

“However, ever since you divorced Mdm Kong and married Mdm Ge, you broke off your relationship with your promising son.

“Mdm Ge caused trouble and lost two of your children and caused you to break off your relationship with your legitimate children.

“So what if you can have another illegitimate son

“In the future when your illegitimate son inherits your family business, outsiders will laugh at your family.

“After that, your reputation in the capital will be completely ruined and laughed at by others behind your back.

Even your position in the capital, which you had a hard time getting back after returning to the capital, will be ruined because of your relationship with your niece.

“The money and items you earned from the battlefield were mostly used by Mdm Ge to finance her younger brother and sister.

“Your official career has continuously been going downhill.”

“Its not that your mother is angry and scolding you.

Its just that your wife is really a jinx.”

He sighed and said, “Second Son Xiao, you should marry a virtuous wife!

“Look at Zhenger.

After he married Mdm Shi, not only did he wake up from his coma, his life is getting better and better.

He even became the first top scholar in the entire Daliang country to clinch the first place in three exams.

“Although he is only a county magistrate now, even I, a village man, know that he is valued by the emperor and has a promising future.

“Youve married a jinx.

In the future, theres an 80 – 90% chance that you wont be as good as Zhenger.”

This wasnt the old masters provocation, but rather his heartfelt words.

He didnt think so before, but when he heard Shi Qingluo and the old woman saying that Ge Chunru was a jinx, he felt that it was indeed the case.

Ever since this daughter-in-law entered the family, she had been a troublemaker.

She had ruined the bright future of his second son.

Although he had returned to the northern border as a deputy governor, from Shi Qingluos words, it was similar to being banished.

It would be many times more difficult to return to the capital and reach the epicenter for power.

Second Son Xiao was also his son, so how could he not wish for his son to become better

When his son didnt listen to him and insisted on cutting ties with his grandson, he felt that Mdm Ge was not good.

However, his son liked her very much and was afraid that they would comment too much.

Second Son Xiao took her back to the capital after putting her name on the genealogy.

From the looks of it now, she was indeed not a good person.

Previously, the old lady and Shi Qingluo had emphasized that Ge Chunru was a jinx and had bad facial features.

Xiao Yuanshi was a little hesitant.

After hearing his fathers sincere words, his heart couldnt help but skip a beat.

It seemed to be true.

After marrying Mdm Kong, his life at home was better than before.

He had avoided several life-threatening situations on the battlefield.

He was also very lucky to make contributions time and time again, and he slowly climbed up to the position of general.

His sworn brother was more unlucky.

His wife suddenly fell into the river when she went out and was washed away by the river, while his sworn brother died on the battlefield.

He had investigated Ge Chunyis broken leg and found that it wasnt Xi Ruis doing.

No matter how he investigated the matter and judged it, the root cause of this was an argument between them.

Could it be that Ge Chunrus life was really filled with bad luck, so she jinxed the Ge family and things started to go wrong after he married her

After all, if it wasnt for Ge Chunru, he wouldnt have cut off ties with his own children, and Xiao Hanzheng and his wife wouldnt have been watching him all day.

Even if his parents went to the capital, they wouldnt make a scene every day and let the people outside see them as a joke.

Liu Ru got along well with the old lady and the others.

Why couldnt Ge Chunru get along with his mother

The more he thought about it, the more shocked he became.

Seeing Xiao Yuanshis expression constantly changing, how could Ge Chunru, his bedmate, not know what he was thinking.

Her face paled.

Shi Qingluo and the two old fogeys were more vicious at getting rid of her.

She didnt care whether Xiao Yuanshi was happy or not, and immediately grabbed his arm, “General, Im not a jinx.

My mother once had someone read my fortune and said that Im destined to be rich.”

“Misfortune is in your life.

If you are destined to be rich, you wont need to absorb other peoples luck,” Shi Qingluo said.

“Your husbands future, your brothers leg, and the death of your parents are the best proof, right

“Only when your father is dead can you marry a senior general with a bright future and become the generals wife.

“Otherwise, would your father tolerate you two being together

“Your younger brother broke his leg.

Although you made the general a cuckold, not only did you not get punished, but you also became the wife of the deputy governor.

“In Northern City, other than King Jins family, you have the highest status among all the ladies.

“The richer you are, the more unlucky Deputy Governor Xiao will be in the future.”

Xiao Yuanshi uttered under his breath, you can curse someone like this

He didnt want to believe it, but he felt that it did make sense.

Because of this, he couldnt help but feel even more disgusted with the woman he had once doted on.

Old Lady Xiao and the other members of the Xiao family felt that it made more sense.

As expected of the old immortals disciple, she was really accurate in judging people.

Ge Chunru was a jinx, one that specialized in absorbing the luck of others around her.

In the future, they would all have to stay far away from this jinx.

Not to mention Xiao Yuanshi and the Xiao family, even Ge Chunyi was looking at Ge Chunru with suspicion.

Back then, when his mother had taken his sister to the river to wash clothes, she had slipped and was washed away by the water.

Then, when his sister looked for his mother, she accidentally picked up a purse by the river.


There were a few gold ingots inside.

Because of this money, their family bought a courtyard in the county town.

Their life gradually improved, and his sister raised more water spirits.

His father had suddenly died, and the one who benefited the most was his sister.

With no one to stop her, she began to mingle with his fathers sworn brother.

Previously, his brother-in-law had emphasized that Xi Rui wasnt the one who had cut off his leg.

He had questioned Xi Rui before, but he had refused to admit it.

Based on Xi Ruis personality, he wouldnt deny something he had done.

In other words, was his broken leg actually his sisters fault

If he didnt think about it, he wouldnt feel it, but once he thought about it, he couldnt help but think more and more.

Ge Chunyis face became uglier.

Shi Qingluo scanned the expressions of the people present and accidentally noticed Ge Chunyis expression.

She was surprised.

She was just spouting nonsense with a straight face to mislead the old Xiao family and that scumbag father.

She did not expect Ge Chunyi to believe her.

This was really an unexpected gain!

Ge Chunru, this bad woman, was not far from betraying her family.

Ge Chunru did not notice her brothers expression.

She only wanted to tear Shi Qingluo apart.

This wretched girl was too vicious.

She had actually described her as a jinx.

At this moment, she only wanted to scratch Shi Qingluos face and gag her mouth.

She was too despicable.

Thus, she couldnt hold back and pounced towards Shi Qingluo, wanting to slap her face.

“Shi Qingluo, you b * tch! Why did you do this to me Im going to kill you!”

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